Day 2 of Amazon Fashion Squad: #KyaPehnu Dilemma on air!

#kyapehnu the style symphony

The day 1 of #KyaPehnu ended on an awesome note, and when I reached to my social do, I got lots of appreciation and applaud for my look. While my short hemline fetched attentions ( 😛 ), my classic outfit made me worth appreciation. This is what I expected from the Amazon Fashion Squad. The best part of the show was that I was called by them, the very next day to share my experiences of getting that all new makeover with Mandira Bedi, the noted personality and Bollywood style icon.

#kyapehnu the style symphony

And guess what! I was not at all in my #KyaPehnu dressing dilemma on Day 2 when I came to meet Mandira. The fashion blogger, the style siren was all awaken that day, out of that clumsy girl-next-door. So my dressing dilemma was sorted, all thanks to the day 1 experience of Amazon fashion squad.

#kyapehnu the style symphony

I was dressed in my best winter wear, a Persian blue pure wool tulle coat with fur trims along with my classic LBD teamed up with black winter stockings and a pair of classic black pumps. And I was all decked up to rub shoulder with Mandira with my chic yet classy style quotient. And voila! I did that! I was looking no less than her and even we draped our scarves in the same manner. 😀

#kyapehnu the style symphony

At the venue, I was clueless as to whom I had to share my experiences with… And suddenly the surprise was revealed by the Amazon Fashion Squad, that I had to go on air that very moment to share my #kyapehnu moment with the Delhi audiences. A special radio station setup was created near the Amazon SOS crew van for the people out there at Gurgaon Cyber City Hub.

#kyapehnu the style symphony

To my utter surprise, I found Khurafati Nitin of Fever 104 fm to host the live on air show specially sponsored by Amazon fashion squad to sort the #KyaPehnu queries and dilemmas of guys and girls out there. I was the one to share my experience on the live show about my #KyaPehnu moment and how it was sorted by Amazon fashion squad.

Conversing with Khurafati Nitin was quite fun as he’s damn entertaining and jovial person who ended up being my friend.

#kyapehnu the style symphony

And as every good thing comes to an end so quick, that afternoon turned out to be evening in mere seconds it seemed. And my damn glam dressing dilemma was completely sorted, all thanks to the Amazon Fashion Squad, and the SOS crew van.

#kyapehnu the style symphony

Here’s me being aired on Fever 104 sharing my #kyapehnu moment with Nitin! 🙂

So Symphonites, if you too face dressing dilemmas like I did, you very well know now where to head towards. has all the solutions of your fashion queries and then you will never ever ask that “ #KyaPehnu ?” 😉

  • Very good! You will soon be a celebrity I am sure!
    All the best!

  • You look super cool sweetie 🙂

  • Rajeev Moothedath

    Congrats! That you had a great time is obvious….

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Wow! This is so cool. A very interesting post dear 🙂
    And royal blue suits you a lot.

  • Looking so cheerful and chic in this outfit..(y)…

  • You are so bold and multi talented Maitreni! A singer, a fashion blogger and now going on air! You are just fab and I see that you enjoyed a lot!!! 😀 Lovely outfit btw 🙂

  • I read your previous post of the make over.
    But this is much more interesting.
    Some great clicks and it’s great to see TSS on air..
    Great going you stylish queen..
    I always say Keep flying higher and higher..
    And you took it that seriously that you went on air. 😛 😀

    Hope you had an amazing time there. 😉

  • I just read the part 1 of this post and another post hit my mailbox ��. And wow you’ve a new friend now, it is good to see the rush of posts from TSS.
    Nice post Maitreni, hopefully this will took away the #KyaPehnu from many brains. ��