Dhoni ki #No1Yaari: Celebrate Friendship the Mahi-Way!

dhoni ki no.1 yaari

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We were Montessori friends! From our broken milk teeth as toddlers to that first pimple in the teenage; from the first trophy in the spelling contest to that hiding of our report cards from parents for those falling grades, we shared all those priceless moments together. We shared all those moments together, sweet or sour, happiness or sorrow. Those were the moments stolen from my true and worth cherishing friendship with my childhood friends. We hardly meet today being apart since years and staying miles away. But whenever we meet, those memorable moments come alive before us. We discuss that cheap yet lip-smacking chat from our college canteen and wonder how that taste is impossible to find even in 5-star hotels. That is called the gist of Asli Yaari we are going to discuss today. And you can find its spirit alive in a short film by M.S. Dhoni. It’s a true life story of Dhoni with his genuine, real life friends.

dhoni ki no.1 yaari

This video is all about the liveliness and effervescence of friendship that survives against all odds and sustains despite all the differences, distance, age or inequality. The #No1Yaari video exudes M.S. Dhoni’s efforts to cross all the bridges and bars to reach towards the hearts of his Asli Yaars. This video portays the Asli Yaari of Dhoni with his Asli friends with whom he still shares that bygone part of his life that is fresh in a corner of his heart.

Dhoni ki #No1Yaari Contest

This real life story is picturized by McDowell’s No1 Soda to mark the true friendship of Mahi with 2 of his childhood friends from his hometown Ranchi. The motto of this #No1Yaari short film is to enlighten those bonds that persist through all thick and thin. To bring out such brotherhood from real people like us, McDowell’s No1 Soda is running a contest on their Facebook Page where you can participate to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Dhoni along with his Asli Yaars. And in additional to that asli fun, there is something more for your friends too. Yes! You can take them along too. Just tag 2 of your Asli Yaars below the contest post containing the video and voila! You are eligible to win and good to go! It’s time to explore what is called #No1Yaari 🙂

So Symphonites, what are you waiting for? Go, go, go, participate here to find the core of Asli Yaari with your Asli Yaars! 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Such a fun contest! Will check it out.
    And a lovely post dear. It reminded me of my bestie 🙂

    • Aww thank u my dear. I’m glad you’re reminded of Priyam 🙂

  • Nicely done, Maitreni. Best of luck… 🙂

  • Not a cricket fan but this was well written. 🙂

  • sunita

    Sidekicks, the first guides, philosophers and what not..loved the intro part!