I Didn’t listen To You Maa

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I gazed into her seasoned eyes,
She said, “A quick glance should suffice.
But never-ever do this to anyone,
Co’z your quietude isn’t meant to be gone.
All you are deemed to behold down,
So that you can ignore all frowns.”
But I didn’t listen to my Maa
I dared, stared all eyes and got stigma.

She said, “You’re born to live for others,
The one who only cares and mothers,
Don’t dare ever think of yourself,
But bend your knees and pose as an elf.”
She burnished all my flaws and flab,
Ensured my mettle was of malleable slab,
But I didn’t listen to my Maa,
I unbarred doors and breached all dogma.

She said, “You’ll learn after being a mother,
Only you’d fathom me when birth a daughter,
You’ll decipher my worries, when she’ll grow up,
That endurance is might and the rest is showoff.
You’ll recall my advice for that tide to suppress,
To curtail her strength, if she’d become relentless.”
But I didn’t listen to my Maa
I raised Fearless Daughters to sort her dilemma.

— Sangeeta Mishra

Mother’s day is long gone, the festivities are over, but irrespective of any specific day, every mother has to say something to her daughter. A worried mother, who wants to keep her daughter safe from this cruel chauvinist world, wishes her to lead a life that is free of all fears. This poem is a tribute to all the caring mothers and their carefree, courageous daughters.

  • Rakesh Pandey

    It’s actually a very dicey situation, which can be interpreted and argued in contradiction. There is psychological term for this emotion, in which a person argues both the sides of an issue, which currently eludes my mind.

    Don’t be so hard on the mother, who tries to bring her daughters under her protective wings, while mentally conjuring up demons in each dark shadow! It’s her human nature of being protective, which caused her to thus dictate, according to her lights, forgetting that there’s a fine line between modesty and subservience.

    However, what you did in the end is commendable. Wish other parents have the guts to do that! Breaking the shackles of dogma isn’t given to everyone. It requires a steely nerve and a brave heart.

  • Trayee

    Beautiful coining of words…Such a great tribute to Ma.

  • A lovely poem indeed. I can so relate to it.

  • Beautiful poem, Sangeeta Ji. I was nodding my head in no until I saw poetess name. I was wondering how Maitreni could write such thing about you! But when I saw your name, I smiled and nodded my head in yes. 🙂

    • Only you can express so beautifully and can make a grave situation so light.Thank you so much Ravish! You liked it, and that matters. 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    A beautifully written poem. A great tribute to all the caring mothers and their courageous daughters <3

    • Thank you so much Purba! You liked it, and that’s so important for me. 🙂 <3