Disciplinarian Dad V/S. Dirt-free Diwali #CleanUpCashOut

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Having a disciplinarian dad does take a toll over some of your dreams. 😉 One such is mine who admitted me in an ‘only-girls’ engineering college where phones were a strict ‘No-No!’ to avoid any kind of distractions in studies. What they only offered for some basic communication with our family, was an intercom facility in our rooms that too working once in a week. And despite of that, the mischievous minds of the students couldn’t be satiated and our gang decided to discreetly keep a handset in our hostel that we would only use when our rooms were locked. I was able to convince my father too, (assuring that I would study hard) to give me a cheap Nokia model of the then times that I could of course not flaunt but use according to my own time and needs.

A month passed by with optimum ease when suddenly flew the news about a raid, that‘s going to happen in our hostel by the Godzilla warden who suspects on some students carrying phones. We had only a few days time to dispose-off our gadgets, thus all of us started thinking about appropriate means to get out of the upcoming mess. And an idea struck my mind, when I decided to bribe our hostel mess guy to keep my phone with him for a night in exchange of my pocket money. Happily he agreed, and did the same when we underwent the strict checking procedure which included even our bodies for assurance. :/

I was so happy being rescued as many girls in my hostel were caught with phones under their bed-sheets, cupboard, A.C. vents and what not and were suspended for 20 days with a warning. But all my elation was transformed into agitation when the mess guy denied to have kept any phone from me the next day. Damn! I was devoid of all my pocket money for that month along with the phone and the worst part being that I couldn’t complain about it to anyone. 😭

I was left excruciated wondering how would I convince my dad to give me another phone. And what only I could do after coming home for vacations was to lie that my old Nokia phone is safely lying in my hostel cupboard. And to my utter surprise he was so glad and proud of me that there no complain calls to him from the warden unlike the other parents who were immediately informed and disgusted about their act after the raid.

And guess what? It was coincidentally by birthday week and my super happy dad gifted me a brand new Sony Ericsson which wasn’t although a Smartphone, but more than smart, ahead of time. And as expected I was overjoyed to carry it back to my hostel and I did so. 5 months calmly passed by and I was obsessed with my baby Ericsson more than anything else. And just like life isn’t so rosy every time, one fine night in our hostel turned into sheer nightmaire! The warden was again on an inspection spree! Unfortunately, this time we had no ultimatums or warnings and I was into serious trouble.

Like everybody else, I was super panicky, and out of nervousness I took the handset and locked myself in the washroom. But even this wasn’t a solution as the warden’s job was almost over and she was actually in search of me. The more the door of the washroom was being knocked louder, the greater I was sweating and shivering on my toes. And I found no better solution than to stop the water supply in the cistern of the toilet. I unwind the faucet, emptied it by flushing and hid the phone inside and then, came out to my room! While the rigorous examination of my body and belongings was going on, I suddenly heard that gushing sound from the washroom and found my roommate missing! 😩  Damn! I was finished with that flushing sound coming out of the washroom. Later, I mourned over the dead body of my baby Ericsson which was floating in the cistern. All thanks to the sudden nature’s call of my only partner in crime, my roomie!

After coming back home from college, I requested dad to get that phone repaired. However, my dad decided not to get that done or even gift me another one ever in my life as he was too upset with me for being so careless about that Axe-pensive phone.  The next phone I possessed was a Smartphone I bought from my earnings. Though the Sony Ericsson is passé, it still lies in my cupboard, though dead but my first love. 😉

Ever since those incidents to the current times, I feel, had I been aware of a platform such as Cashify, I could have easily sold off both my phones instead of being cheated and at loss.  So, Symphonites, you guys needn’t worry like I did as Cashify is here at your rescue to #CleanUpCashOut this Diwali endowing you with an organized and clutter-free home.  And to top it up, here’s a Coupon Code (CLEANCASH) exclusively for you. By applying this code, you will get an additional 250 INR on the sale of your gadgets. Isn’t it cool enough? 😀

  • Rajeev Moothedath

    Nicely written!

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Its really very tough to forget the “first love”.
    Very nicely penned, sorry to know about the Ericsson and glad to know you did not throw it away.
    Will visit the site.

  • Purba Chakraborty

    ha ha 😀 How happy we were in those days with our simple, non-smart phones when smart phones haven’t made us crazy. Anyways, Cashify sounds like a boon to people like us who want to sell off their old gadgets. Thanks for sharing your college memories dear 🙂