Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Review: A Tale of Emotions

Do Lafzon ki Kahani

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After his mesmerizing performance in Sarbjit, Randeep Hooda hits the theatres with Do Lafzon ki Kahani, today on 10th June, 2016. The movie is an official adaptation of the South Korean flick “Always” which has also been remade in Kannada. Let’s see what this mushy romantic tale of eternal love by Deepak Tijori has in store for the audiences.

Do Lafzon ki Kahani

Star Cast

  • Randeep Hooda as Suraj
  • Kajal Aggarwal as Jenny
  • Mamik Singh as Om
  • Yuri Suri

Movie Plot:-

A heavily bruised Randeep Hooda manages his way out of a dockyard. He murmurs about something being safe on the phone. The call is followed by Hooda being knocked over by a car. Do Lafzon Ki Kahani begins with a bang where the story is picturized six months prior to this incident.

An introvert, Suraj aka Randeep Hooda performs odd jobs in Kuala Lumpur to earn as much as he can to clear his debts. Soon he takes place of an old night guard. While he’s hooked into an interesting fight on T.V.., a girl enters and starts blabbering away. Suraj realizes that she had mistaken him to be ‘Osman Uncle’ and so he clears the air. Jenny aka Kajal Aggarwal is blind and a crappy daily soap maniac. This is followed by regular visits by Jenny where a couple of conversations strike between Suraj and Jenny and gradually the inevitable binds them together.

There’s a history behind Suraj’s reticence, he being a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, had excited the ring three years ago. He was almost invincible until the opponent put him into an emotional trap because of which he gave up. Later realizing that he was deceived, he’s outraged and puts up an evil front to avenge his morality. He also comes to know that the reason behind Jenny’s accident and her parent’s demise was none other than his misdeeds. He is crestfallen and now wants to resume his fighting to get back Jenny’s eyesight.

But life is not a bed of roses! Jenny’s eyesight is revived but Suraj had to pay the price. To repay the amount that went into Jenny’s cornea transplant, Suraj got involved into an illegal fight where life took a toll on him. Six months later, Jenny works as a physiotherapist in a private hospital where Suraj is admitted but unfortunately she fails to identify him. Finally, the story ends on a favorable note when she realizes that the patient is none other than Suraj where she gets back her lost love.

Do Lafzon ki Kahani

Bollywood Inspiration behind Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

The sacrifices projected by the protagonist of the movie remind us to that of the 1972 film Shor with the timeless track ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’. Randeep Hooda’s character is conceptualized in the very same manner as Manoj Kumar’s in Shor. In the 70’s flick, Manoj Kumar struggled hard to get his son’s voice back, but the dramatic irony at the end was when his son became able to speak, he lost his hearing power. Similarly, Randeep suffers to get Kajal’s vision back but when it happens, he is no longer in front of her so that she could see him first which has been her wish.

TSS Take on Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

The best part of Do Lafzon Ki Kahani is that the movie is shot in Kuala Lumpur, a city Bollywood hasn’t much hit around to. Despite the rough and tough looks of Randeep Hooda and the fighting sequences demonstrated in the movie, Randeep exudes ample dose of emotional quotient in the movie. There are certain scenes between Randeep and Kajal that will actually melt your heart away. On the contrary, though the story-line is brimming with poignancy, yet the first half of the movie has oodles of comic touch to it. Thanks to the daily soap ‘Main Bindiya Tere Mathe Ki’ angle by Kajal which adds fun factor to the movie. The lovely locales of Malaysia are pleasing to the eyes. The intricately choreographed MMA sequences of Hooda are worth accolades.

Both the leads, Randeep and Kajal have done absolute justice to their characters by delivering their acting skills with optimum perfection. Do Lafzon Ki Kahani dates back to the ‘90s era when dialogues like “Haath mila rahi hu, maang nahi rahi” seemed cute. The movie also has a handful of soul-stirring tracks which makes us give a big thumbs-up to the music. The song ‘Jeena Marna’ in both male and female versions is creating waves as Chart-busters. With a heart-wrenching tagline “[highlight]Love never hurts… love heals[/highlight]”, the film primarily focuses on the ideology of selfless love and sacrifice, loss and redemption. Unlike few critics who have called it a ‘boring’ love story, we, at The Style Symphony would heartily proclaim it to be a much ‘engaging’ fairy-tale kinda movie.

TSS Rating:- 4.5/5

  • This is an amazing review Maitreni. Thanks for reviewing so wonderfully :))

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    Wow! Looks like an amazing story. thank you for the review sweetum 😀

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Though i am a big fan of Randeep Hooda still i avoided the movie Sarbjit, i cant watch such movies,it hurts a lot. But this time i will surely watch this new one. got interested after reading your review.

  • Thanks fr review

  • Well, it’s more than a review. It’s a complete analysis. Beautifully done, TSS. Only one piece of friendly advice, please do not reveal the end in your reviews. If you’re going to reveal it, please put a spoiler indication before.

  • Purba Chakraborty

    The story is so heart touching. I would surely watch it. Very well reviewed TSS 🙂