DOWRY: A Social Issue to Worry, be Sorry and to Bury!

Despite all the restrains, dowry system still exists in our society no matter how educated the men and women are. We wonder why money matters in an impetuous bond called marriage! If we would be given a chance to make a change, we’d like to change the age-old social scenario which is prevalent in the ‘mindset of Indian male’ where men treat themselves as commodities in the market of marriage.

say no to dowry

Here’s the expression of a woman being dragged to this social evil; DOWRY

Dowry is today’s most persistent social evil,
All initiatives to triumph over it fail.

We are the women of wisdom; educated and sophisticated.
We are an embodiment of feminism, with confidence regenerated.

Inside us blossoms a little bud that turns into a matured flower.
Our parents support and blessings, is even beyond the love that they shower.

Thousands of such flowers, shrivel everyday
Those shriveled flowers burn in agony and dismay

The burnt stench suffocates in the society every single way
What else? It’s us whom Dowry makes its prey!

A true combo of grace and beauty along with brains
Then why this nasty world is after us to refrain?

Today’s civilized era of women empowerment and modernization
Calls for a change by making us overcome our inhibitions

We the women of substance can make that change happen,
We can open our road to freedom, from a life so stagnant.

Should utilize our education, realize our freedom and identify rights
Only then can the flower inside us blossom again and fight.

We need to face all the challenges with sheer grin and confidence
Say “[highlight]No to their Demands[/highlight]” with utmost zest and exuberance.

So, to show the uncivilized world that we are equally strong,
Is the Best way to Say “[highlight]NO TO DOWRY[/highlight]“, for its absolutely [highlight]WRONG[/highlight]!

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  • A very nice poem Maitreni. You’ll find one more poem on dowry system on my blog too. This is truly the mother of all evils.

    • Indeed Mr. Fayaz. And I loved your in-depth article on Dowry. Cheers!

  • Very rightly said.