Dress to Impress at the Office: Style Tips for Work Wear

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Dressing appropriately at the office isn’t easy for everyone and sometimes, depending on where you work, it can actually be tricky to maintain a balance between professional and playful. After all, dressing to impress at work doesn’t have to mean suits and pencil skirts every day – though obviously those are fantastic options. Dressing well at work also doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy super expensive brands. It’s not like your boss is going to be checking the label on your cashmere sweater to see if it’s Chanel. No matter what you choose to wear, remember that the advice of dressing for the job you want still holds very true. So, here are some tips on how to make the best impression at work no matter what your personal style is.

office wear style tips corporate wear fashion tips teaming ideas work

Consider Your Office Environment

When figuring out the perfect wardrobe, you need to make sure that you choose pieces that make sense for the office environment you will find yourself in. For instance, if you work at a law firm, it probably isn’t a good idea to show up in worn-in jeans – no matter how on-trend they may be. However, if your firm is alright with dark blue jeans and you’ll be at your desk all day, that is totally fine. BUT, always make sure to dress for the day ahead. Meaning that if you know that you will be having a meeting one day, you should definitely pull out something a little nicer than a pair of jeans.

Figure Out Your Size

While this may seem obvious, it can actually be tricky – especially for men. So guys, if you’re opting for suits, you should definitely find a good tailor, because you need those pants to boast the perfect length. Even shirts and sweaters can hugely benefit from being tailored to your body. Translation: keep those baggy pants at home! And women, don’t wear anything unnecessarily tight. If your outfit looks great in a club, it certainly does not belong in the office. Stay away from anything too low cut or any skirts that fall above the knee.

office wear style tips corporate wear fashion tips teaming ideas work

Take Care of Your Clothes

You need to think about the state of your clothes as well. While not all materials require ironing, plenty do and there is nothing worse than showing up in a fantastic outfit that is totally killing by a wrinkled shirt. You also need to regularly wash your clothes and dry clean them when necessary. And please, if you have pets, keep lint rollers at home, in your car and in your office. We are willing to bet that being covered in cat hair is not going to impress your boss very much – especially if they happen to be allergic!

Accessorize like a Pro

An otherwise drab outfit can be taken to the next level with the right accessories. This could mean a statement necklace that will show off your unique style or the perfect handbag or some monogrammed cufflinks. One great accessory that is equally important for men and women to get right is a watch. Consider looking into MVMT when picking something out for your new office wardrobe. MVMT watches come in a wide array of styles, from different colors (like rose gold and gunmetal grey) to different strap materials (like nylon, leather or stainless steel) to different watch faces (like simple watch hands to various subdials). You can find both women’s and male watches, so find the perfect timepiece to complement your new office look.

Don’t Forget the Details

Looking your best at work doesn’t just stop at the clothes that you wear or the watch on your wrist, it also extends to your hair, fingernails and makeup. No matter how amazing your outfit is, the entire look will be ruined if you have grubby nails or if you put on way too much makeup in the morning. Make sure your hair is brushed and styled every morning, and check in a mirror throughout the day to make sure you continue to look good. For the men, maintaining a shaven appearance is always a good bet (and an easy one), but if you have a beard, make sure it is well maintained. That may mean going to a barber to get your neck shaved and the shape spruced up and trimmed or investing in a kit from The Art of Shaving.


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