Elite Matrimony Review: How My Friend Plans to Tie the Knot in a Classy Way!

Elite Matrimony

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Being part of a matrimonial search for a close friend of mine, I thought I should share the experience with you.

In India the search for a life partner is as interesting as the wedding itself. I was involved in a matrimonial search for a friend and therefore share my experiences and a complaint (is the price high?). She signed up with Elite Matrimony where she paid about one lakh rupees. Like you I too thought it was high, until I saw what they offer. My friend was the daughter of a businessman and she and her mother were interviewed by elite matrimony to understand their preferences and what kind of a groom and family they wanted.

Every week she was called by their relationship manager who shared a few matching profiles and she would call me over to share the news. When they indicated they’d like to know more about any person, the manager gave more details about the boy, family, culture, business background etc. The ones she wanted to meet, the manager arranged for family meetings and discussion over phone. My friend and I were impressed with the understanding and care of elite matrimony, considering my friend was very demanding. Psst: Hope she’s not watching this video.

She said that you will be invited as a member only if you’re a high networth individual, successful professional, entrepreneur, industrialist or a celebrity in your field.

All the while things were confidential. Now, she’s keen on going forward with one match very soon she said. I wonder where all the pandits and relatives have vanished in this new age of matchmaking.

Watch my Elite Matrimony Review and Complaints video here! 🙂

  • The video has come out really well.

  • Hey, Maitreni, you could be a good anchor. Though sometimes it does look like you’re reading it, I liked it, especially your confidence. 🙂