How to enhance the power of perfumes?


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The Olfactory construction of NOA, the prodigious fragrance from CACHAREL, starts with WHITE PEONY, and goes on to the CORIANDER and a bed of WHITE MUSKS, TEARDROPS OF BENZOIN and THE WARMTH OF COFFEE. The fragrance speaks of femininity, wisdom, truth and hope.

Make the Most of Scent 

  • PICK a signature style, preferably a light floral and stick with it. It’s the nicest way to be identified.
  • Layer your fragrance, with deo, talc, eau de cologne and perfume all belonging to the same family.
  • Tuck little cotton wool balls sprayed with scent into your handbag, down your cleavage, in your lingerie drawer.
  • Great way to smell sensuous: Try spritzing your fave scent into your freshly shampooed hair.
  • The pulse spots to spray perfume on remain the nape of the neck, the hollow of the collarbone, at the temples, behind the ears, on the wrist, in the crook of the elbows, the cleavage, the navel, in the hollows of the knees, on the anklebone.
  • Don’t store unused perfume for too long, the top notes settle and the fragrance changes scent.
  • Spray scent directly onto skin, never onto your clothes or hankies, where they will leave a stain. However, if your scent is available in just one formulation, you could switch to a perfumed body lotion from the range, or find an alternative way to wear it. Try putting a dab of fragrance on to your clothes or even comb a little through your hair.


8 things you should know about perfumes!   

  • Don’t rub your wrists together after spraying on perfume. Experts say this bruises a perfume, changing the scent and staying power.
  • Perfume will spoil so don’t save it for a special occasion. Enjoy it daily.
  • What you eat— garlic, onions, spices— changes the skin’s odor and will affect the way scent smells.
  • Heat and perspiration seriously rev up a scent, so either go easy on a heavy scent or use a light one.
  • If you want your fragrance to last for long, buy body oil instead of a perfume. The body oil clings well to skin.
  • Worst place to store a perfume: The bathroom. The humidity kills your scent. Best place: The fridge. Cold preserves scents better.
  • Buy small bottles of perfume rather than that one huge bottle. It will stay fresher for longer.


My secret tip to store a perfume so that it could last longer and smell heavenly is that I always keep my expensive perfume bottles in refrigerator in an upside down position. Turn the spray nozzle downwards, wrap the bottle in a bubble wrap and store it in the dairy/egg rack of your refrigerator. This would stop the evaporation and restrict your scent to get spoilt in the long run. This is my tried and tested formula and I have restrained my perfume collection from getting spoilt for years.

  • Himalayan Wanderer

    Do the same rules apply for men? Would love to read some refreshing mannerism and sensibilities for men as well 🙂

    • Yes, of course! These tips are ” pour eau de homme and femme” ( for both men and women). So you can surely try them out while applying your perfumes or while taking care of them. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Thanks for sharing your secret tip, i rarely need perfume but i will share this with my closed ones.

    • Thank you Jyotirmoy. Your closed ones would surely find these tips quite useful.

  • Nice tips. It true that perfume becomes waste after sometime without taking precautions, but I never knew those details you’ve listed out.

    • These all are tried out and time-tested tips Mr. Kishor. You’ll surely find them helpful while applying. Thanks much.

  • So much about perfumes!!! I never knew!

    • Thank you Indrani. Glad that you find useful stuff here. 🙂