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This picture is of one of the highest peaks of Himalayas. It was clicked four years ago from the valleys of Kedarnath. We were fortunate enough to visit the Himalayan valleys a year before the disaster and destruction of the Uttarakhand Himalayan region. It is one of those memorable clicks, my family will always cherish.


~ Haiku ~                                                                      ~ Haiku ~

The gossamer glaze

Peeking from sun-kissed apex

Speaketh God factor

Sangeeta Mishra

  • Very nice. Beautiful picture.

  • Thank you so much Kiran. Glad that you liked the post. Welcome to TSS. 🙂

  • You’ll be surprised to know that things have been changed there a lot. Now the place is quite easy to expedite. Even my 63 years old mother had visited there and enjoyed her ‘char-dham yatra’ like a youngster. You should go there again for your love of mountains.
    Thank you so much for liking the Haiku. 🙂

  • bushra

    Lovely words and pic! 🙂
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    • Thank you so much Bushra. Glad that you liked the post. 🙂

  • Beautiful haiku, beautiful picture…

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Divinely beautiful 🙂
    Loved the picture <3

    • Thank you so much Purba. Glad that you liked the post. Means a lot 🙂 <3

  • Fantastic shot Maitreni..and lovely lines too 🙂

    • Thank you so much Bushra. Glad that you liked the post. 🙂

  • Beautiful picture Maitreni, this is one place which I have always procrastinated visiting. The northern mountain range is a sheer beauty without any doubt.

    • Well said about the beauty of Himalayas Vinay. You should make plans to visit the place without any further delay. Thank you so much.

  • Lovely pic and the words

    • Thank you so much Swati. Glad that you liked the post. 🙂

  • Jyothi D’mello

    Beautiful pic and a fitting Haiku for it. Beautiful words as always x

    • Thank you so much Jyothi. Your appreciation means much.Glad that you liked the post. 🙂 <3

  • Lovely haiku to compliment the pic.

    • Thank you so much Indrani. Glad that you liked the post. 🙂

  • sunita

    This is one pic that will adorn your album forever…beautiful verses in the Haiku ..

    • Thank you so much Sunita. Well said about the pic. Glad that you liked the Haiku.:)

  • Rakesh Pandey

    Beautiful haiku! Loved the ‘God factor’ concept! You are lucky to have visited Kedarnath!

    • Truly said Rakesh ji. I’m indeed lucky that I could get a glimpse of that ‘God Factor’. Thank you so much Glad that you liked the Haiku. Appreciation means a lot when comes from you !

  • lovely… the pic and the little verse 🙂 <3

    • Thank you so much Archana. Glad that you liked the post. 🙂 <3

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Ise Khuda ka karishma kahoon yah kudrat ka kaamal…lovely pic.
    again a nice haiku from you…tell me the secret hw you write so nice Haikus every time?

    • Haha… the secret is my valuable readers, who praise my petty efforts more than their worth. This is indeed special Jyotirmoy. Your presence on TSS is surly uplifting. Means a lot. Thank you so much. 🙂