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Indian women love traditional attires, and salwar kameez is one of the most popular Indian dresses that is also favourite among women of other Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. But now this women’s wear has gained more adoration in the recent decades and both young and old women now like to wear this comfortable dress in their daily life. At Craftsvilla, you can find numerous designs of this convenient attire that you can wear on various occasions.

Varieties in the designs and styles of salwar kameez provided by Craftsvilla

Normally, the salwar kameez suit consists of three parts; namely the lower part or salwar, upper part or kameez and the dupatta that is lightly passed over the shoulders. There are many styles of this three-piece dress, which can suit the tastes of women from all walks of life residing in different regions of this country.

  • Anarkali salwar suit – It is a traditional style salwar suit that was known to be a favourite style during the Muslim rule in medieval period. The kameez of this suit is delicately cut and elaborately embroidered to make it extraordinarily elegant. It can be worn on all types of social and religious occasions.

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  • Bridal salwar suit – The brides of Punjab and some adjoining areas traditionally wear designer red salwar suits, grandly adorned with extensive golden zari embroideries. Usually, expensive fabrics like silk, satin or velvet are used for creating these wedding suits.

bridal salwar kameez craftsvilla

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  • Short kameez – Nowadays, working women prefer to wear comfortable short kameez that is easy to handle and very fashionable in appearance. Slim women look better wearing the trendy short kameez with normal salwar.  Both cotton and chiffon are the best fabrics used for creating this short type of kameez.

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  • Knee-length salwar suit – The most commonly used type of salwar suit is the knee-length kameez that is widely bought by both urban and rural women of any age and having any type of body figure. Usually, this kind of kameez is seen to be widely used by the college-going girls and housewives. These suits are made of cotton, polyester or silk and available in all colours in the online store of Craftsvilla.
  • Pakistani salwar suit – The Indian fashion designers are highly competent in creating the typical Pakistani style salwar suits that are preferred by many fashionable Indian women due to their stylish looks, as well as by the women from the conservative Indian families who prefer the traditional style.

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  • Extensively embroidered neckline – The neckline is the most prominently visible part of any dress and the fashion designers these days are highly efficient in adorning the round, v-shaped, high neck and square cut necklines with elaborate mirror-works and gorgeous embroideries, which make the dresses more beautiful and exclusive. But the neckline of a dress should be chosen according to the body figure and the personality of the wearer.

embroidered neckline craftsvilla

  • Different sizes of sleeves in kameezes – The fashion designers create different sleeves sizes in the kameez or shirt of the salwar suits. Many modern women prefer to wear sleeveless or short-sleeved kameez in any informal party during outings; while the elbow-length sleeves are preferred as office wear and the full-sleeved kameez is used in the religious festivals of India. The designers create fine embroideries and laces on the sleeves of the kameezes to make them more attractive. The net sleeves are also high favourites among all the young women.
  • Dupatta – Though dupatta is not often considered so important, a gorgeously decorated dupatta or odhni makes a salwar kameez and its wearer more attractive. The designers decorate the dupattas with mirror-works, embroideries and bright laces, to match the salwar suits.

Buy gorgeous salwar suits in various fabrics, colours and designs from Craftsvilla. They come in stitched, semi-stitched and unstitched varieties.


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