*Your Eyes Did The Talking* 👀

eyes contact


Wish I could profusely deep dive in them

How I wish I could calm them in the mayhem

Wished to caress them with my coy lashes

And rise with that sight beyond the ashes…

Your glittering gaze made me blush and smile

And my gypsy soul wandered a million miles

Wanted to rendezvous them with my razzmatazz…

But brimmed with trepidation while expressing my whims

And look your glance shook my nerves and made you win ♥


  • Nice to read

  • Ah… Romantic!

  • So romantic !

  • Jayanthi

    “my Gypsy soul wandered a million miles ” – too beautifully written

  • When eyes do the talking, so much chemistry! 🙂

  • Beautifully written!

  • Rajeev Moothedath

    Lovely. I also found the line quoted by Bushra particularly appealing….

  • Bushra Muzaffar

    “…my Gypsy soul wandered a million miles…” beautifully penned 👌👌