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In olden times when even money was not invented, humanity discovered the first business sense. And then came, the sense of exchanging goods to their convenience. Giving what is not requited and receiving what is was called barter system which later became the best medium of commerce among humans. Eventually, this system died when money was invented and added more convenience to commerce. But gone are the days and the era of digitalization, has made us return to our roots and barter system has got a new meaning with Faida.com.


What is Faida.com?          

Faida.com is an online portal that facilitates the exchange of commodities where no money is involved and instead you get a better value of goods in kind. As its tagline ‘[highlight]Bina Cash, Karo Aish[/highlight]’ suggests, it is a platform for all those people out there who want new things in their home without the hassles of money. From mobiles and tablets with great mobile exchange offer to office and stationary including used furniture for sale to electronics and appliances to second hand books online to sports and fitness like used sports equipment to clothing, luggage and accessories, you just name it and they have each and every category available to satiate your exchange cravings.


How it works?

All you gotta do is select your city, add items in your list that you want to exchange. Then there comes the category in which you wish the exchange to happen. Once, you have selected the desired category of the good you want, you can pick your choicest product available for exchange in the gallery. You can further easily contact the person in charge of the listing, discuss and settle on a point where you both can exchange your goods from each other.


Personal Feedback:

faida.comI had ordered a dress from a shopping site that was unfortunately not in my size. Due to some unavoidable reasons the time for its return lapsed and I had to keep the dress. I tried listing that dress on Faida.com where a girl applied to my listing in a few days only. She offered a lovely watch (again not of her fit) in exchange of that dress and I was super happy to receive it when we met as it fit me well. On the other hand, even she was delighted to get that pretty dress in her size. That ways, faida.com sorted both our dilemmas. 🙂


So Symphonites, if you wish to exchange your old goods or those that are not worth your utility, you better know now where to head towards to get that newness or something that is way more useful.

  • Now I know something new, again 🙂

  • Such an interesting concept! The fit thing happens with me a lot 🙁 going to check this site out now, thanks!

    xx http://www.sartorialsecrets.com

    • You too might get sorted here Nandini. Do give it a try! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • Chaitali Bhattacharjee

    That’s a nice review

  • Indrani

    Thanks for introducing and explaining.

  • this is super cool… i wish i could use it…

  • Nice to read about faida.com, Thanks for sharing

  • This is cool, kinda reminds me of reading about the era where barter system was in practice :). But it can be a very good initiative if advertised well and people participate.

    • Thanks for stopping by Vinay. 🙂 Indeed resembles the barter system like I mentioned too. And yes! It can go great heights if executed well for sure.

  • This is very much helpful for the young generation as they always have problem of money shortage. And this will keep help them in getting new things by just exchanging. 🙂
    Great concept!:))

    • Yes, we in our childhood would have craved for such a service as we left with minimal pocket money to buy something. Instead, exchange would have been better.

  • This reminds me of the barter system, exchanging goods is really great. This is a worthy informative post Maitreni, i loved reading all the information. Thank you for sharing. :))

    • Thank you so much Prasanna. Glad it was some piece of information for you. :))