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[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ife is a race and everyone is striving hard to sail on the boat of fame. Gone are the days when achieving recognition was a rigorous affair. Today, Liv Your Fame has made your ticket to glory such easy that it’s just an app away. Yes, install, pick genre, beam, interact and that’s it to nail it! 😀

The #fame app completed 1 million downloads in just about three months from it’s launch in the digital medium. The ever-growing #fame app is no less than a hot cake creating its buzz throughout the nation among all those who long for a star status at some point of time in their lives. #fame is thus basically a live video streaming app that provides young talents a promising platform to showcase their creativity to the world.

All you gotta have is a proper internet connection and do is to “Go Live” on the app! Your live video would be seen by a multitude of active #fame viewers available on the app at that particular time. You can not only perform in front of them but also interact with your viewers through the comments section.

They can vote on your beam with a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ button, send you quirky doodles, and follow you as well on the app to have an engaging fan base. The beams can even be scheduled for later and your followers can subscribe to them and catch you once they get a notification of you going live. Absolute awesomeness, isn’t it? 😀

#famestarsLive Delhi

In lieu of this innovation par excellence, #fame organized a lovely event in New Delhi on 30th August at Strikers Pub and Kitchen, Vasant Kunj. An innovative LIVE entertainment channel, #fame boasts 200,000+ subscribers and users. This was to raise a toast to their newly launched mobile application, #fame that allows you to explicitly beam your hidden talent to the world.

Video is the next big thing and #fame gives talent a whole new definition in the digital arena. #fame is your stage and all the users of the app, your live audiences. This event was to exclusively bring Delhi’s top 50 influencers under a single roof to have ‘learn and unlearn’ session about how live streaming is set to embark a new journey of #famestars towards stardom.

The entire event was broadcasted live on the #fame app itself between 12 pm to 3 pm. The live beam was being hosted by a fellow #famestar Ratnika Vyas who let us have a roller-coaster ride with the happenings at the venue with her live updates. There were fruitful sessions to let the #famestars have a peek-a-boo with the prospects of beaming live and how innovating in this space could make an impact upon their followers. Ankit aka @gadgetwala was the one to host the event.


The event was moderated by an engaging panel discussion on The Power of Live Video Beam your Brand in Delhi with top-notch influencers like cricket columnist Ayaz Memon aka Cricketwallah, film critic Raja Sen and Pavleen Gujral, one of #fame’s featured talents from delhi. They talked about how #fame could play a platform to market one’s brand in the digital sphere.

Moreover, a number of case studies were presented by #fame to showcase the power of live video. These included 200 hours of live IIFA coverage, actor Shahid Kapoor’s wedding reception, various Bollywood events such as trailer launches and celebrity live chats along with #fame featured talents with a base of 10000+ on the app. Furthermore, the representatives were also made to download the app for experiencing the live streaming then-and-there.

One of #fames most promising singing sensation, #famestar Abhiruchi was also beaming her show Music on Demand on the #fame app simultaneously while attending the event.  The audiences made live song requests to the singer on the app and Abhiruchi sung them while the discussion was on. Later on, she joined the stage to share her journey of being a #famestar.


She shared her personal experience of live video and how she has been getting collaboration proposals with other artists on the app itself. The event also witnessed Abhiruchi’s live performance of the song Ud Chali which is an original composition of #fame for this star. Thus, it was an afternoon braced with numerous fun activities throughout the event followed by a sumptuous lunch and networking session.


Reach and response are the prime essentials to sustain your business and #fame showers the much needed dimension for its expansion. #fame app is indeed bliss for fame aspirants that been bestowed upon us by the virtue of technology. With over one million downloads, 15,000+ unique Performers and more than 35,000 live sessions of programming, #fame has emerged as India’s No.1 live video entertainment app.

So, Symphonites if becoming famous had been your earnest desire but you were living in the notion “fame is not my cup of tea”, then #fame app is conceptualized to cut the crap. It is right an installation away to wrap you into its glory.

Install the [highlight]#fame app[/highlight] and claim it here: http://dl.livfame.com/social 🙂

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