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‘FAN’- SRK’s first movie in 2016 which is fully packed with Action, Thrill, Emotion, Love & Passion.

Stay tuned with me for the next 5 minutes then you will get to know the real verdict of the movie.

Fan Star Cast:

  • Shahrukh Khan, IN and AS Aryan Khanna & Gaurav Chandna
  • Deepika Amin
  • Walusca De Sousa
  • Director: Maneesh Sharma

I got FAN movie ticket from my boss which was booked for the First Day First Show at RDB Cinema, Salt Lake, Sector- 5, Kolkata. I was very excited for the movie, of course I’d be after all it was the movie of SRK.

FAN Movie Ticket
FAN Movie Ticket. RDB Cinema, #FirstDayFirstShow

When it comes to SRK, he is the master mind in marketing his movies. He created the buzz all around the media for this movie. Viewers became very curious to watch this movie because of his double role, SRK himself 50 years old, played the challenging role of Gaurav who is exactly half the age of real SRK ie., 25 years old. It was very interesting to watch his show- #SRKvsSRK on Aaj Tak; we can say it was the innovative idea to launch this special show one day before the release of the movie. It really appealed the great mass to visit the theater and watch the movie (Fan).

Now coming to the plot of the movie Fan:

Fan- Movie Plot:

It is the story of Aryan Khanna and his die-hard fan, Gaurav Chandna. There is quite a similarity between these two, like both of them belong to Delhi, they have similar facial features, similar style, etc. If there is a difference then that’s Gaurav who tries to fill the difference by adapting the style of his idol Aryan Khanna.

Avinash Mishra at Fan the Movie First day show
Avinash Mishra @ RDB, Cinema

Gaurav Chandna (SRK) belongs to Indra Vihar, Delhi. He is a hard-core fan of Aryan Khanna (SRK) from his early childhood. He is simply the Copy – Cat of the star. From his very childhood he started collecting pictures of Aryan and decorated his room with collage of him. He was simply addicted to Aryan Khanna that he even didn’t care about his study and failed the school exams. Then, his parents finally interrupted and started helping Gaurav to fulfill his passion to meet Aryan Khanna.

Gaurav wins “Sitara” contest in his colony. He designed his performance by adopting styles, music and romance from Aryan’s movie. He won a cash prize worth Rs. 20,000 and a trophy. His Colony’s people were crazy for Gaurav while he was crazy for Aryan. He dedicated his trophy to Aryan and decided to meet him on his birthday. Though he had money, he didn’t book ticket in train and decided to go Mumbai without ticket by Rajdhani Express. Anyhow he reached Mumbai without ticket, then he booked Room no 205 in the same hotel in which Aryan Khanna stayed first time during struggle period of his life. He simply wanted to live the moment like his inspiration.

fan movie

Gaurv slaps Sid Kapoor who was the rival of Aryan and shot a video in which Sid was asking for an apology and this video went viral. Aryan didn’t like the way Gaurav chose to meet him. So he asked the cop to put Gaurav behind bars for his un-lawful behaviour. Now from here, we can see a twist in the movie. Great Fan becomes a great enemy now. Gaurav only wanted for 5 minutes from the life of Aryan, but Aryan couldn’t make it.

At the end Aryan losses his die-hard fan, because he was not ready to say sorry to Gaurav. Movie ends in very sorrowful moment, Gaurav commits suicide by jumping from terrace and Aryan khanna was unable to save him.

The Style Symphony Fan Movie Review
Avinash Mishra- Team TSS

Famous Dialogues of Fan:

  • Connection bhi na kamal ki chiz hai…bas ho gya to ho gya, Mat pucho kaise
  • Style marne ke chakkar mein maine agar kabhi…Hath khol diya to Beta ho jati hai..Kutai
  • Ab yhi to hota hai..Connection aur kya? Wifi, Bluetooth se bhi jyada strong hai Hamara connection
  • Bas thoda sa hi fark hai, Vo star hai aur main Uska Fan
  • Bhagwan ne bhi na sahi Gugli maari…Aryan ko banane ke bad jo mitti bachi na..Usne mere ko bana diya
  • Pahle fan star ke piche bhagta tha…Ab star fan ke piche bhagega
  • Gaurav hai toh Aryan hai…Gaurav nahi toh Aryan kuch bhi nahi


  • A must watch for SRK fans.
  • Good acting.
  • Emotional Connection.


  • No songs in the movie, except “Jabra” promotional song.
  • A bit boring.

TSS Rating: 3.5/5

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  • Dheeraj

    A nice movie to watch in theatre here in Delhi.

    • Avinash Mishra

      Yes..You can go..It is one time watch

  • I am not sure I want to watch it :-p I am not too fond of SRK… I know that may come as a surprise… but 🙁

    • Avinash Mishra

      If you are feeling bored, have nothing to do, need some change then you can hangout with your friends at your nearest theater. 😛

      It is just one time watch. You will love it.

      I went for that Jabra song but it is not in the movie.

      Thanks Archana

      Stay Tuned

  • Excited to watch FAN today ( 17th April ) Jabra FAN

    • Avinash Mishra

      Cool… 🙂
      But you won’t get that JABRA song in the movie. 😛

      • Watched FAN, Loved the film. SRK as Gaurav brilliant. Thanks 🙂

        • Avinash Mishra

          Yes,, I did like the SRK as Gaurav and I was emotionally attached with the character. Its climax really disappoints.

          You welcome… Stay Tuned 🙂


  • Purba Chakraborty

    I have to watch it…as I am a huge SRK fan…but knowing the ending makes me sad 🙁

    • Avinash Mishra

      Yes Purba…. Its ending disappoints us, but I believe you will enjoy the movie. It’s full of entertainment. (Y)

  • Not a fan of SRK but I’m looking forward to watch this movie. Thanks for the review. 🙂

    • Avinash Mishra

      You welcome Dipti… I’d say to share this post in your social circle. 😛

      You can go for the movie as it is packed with good entertainment.

  • Not sure if I will like that kind of ending… but looks like a good plot.

    • Avinash Mishra

      Yes Indrani I am also disappointed with sad climax. But you will like the movie.

      Share this review post in your social media circle to create a huge buzz all around.

  • superb movie, a must watch for every fan

    • Avinash Mishra


      It is really entertaining movie… Don’t forget to share this review post in your social circle. 🙂

      Stay Tuned bro 🙂

  • I’m a big fan of SRK. Going to watch the movie today. Looking forward to it 🙂

    • Avinash Mishra

      Sounds good, Kalpanaa. 🙂

      Don’t forget to share this review post on social media. Let’s create a buzz for SRK :p 😉


      Stay Tuned

  • Rakesh Pandey

    I’m not exactly a fan of SRK, but love his charisma and his movies. The review was awesome and has ensured that I’ll certainly watch this. After all, that’s what reviews are for! 🙂

    • Avinash Mishra

      Cool… You can watch it once just for entertainment.

      Thank you for writing comment. Kindly share this review post on social media to get more buzz. 🙂

      Stay Tuned

      • Rakesh Pandey

        Sure. I’m sure to watch it. I don’t think that I’ve ever missed any of SRK movie. Even though I grumble all the way. My son is a huge fan. So was I, in my college days. 😀

        • Avinash Mishra

          During college life mostly students are crazy for SRK just to learn romance from him… Each & every students could have tried that open arm style in front of his girl friend, at least once in life. 😛

          Glad that your son is also the huge fan of SRK….

          I can’t forget this dialogue from Darr-
          I love you K…k.aa..kkk..k…Kiran LOL…
          I am going crazy 😀 😀

          Glad you replied back..Stay connected.

          Thanks Rakesh 🙂

  • Gowthama Rajavelu

    Nicely reviewed. Seems like a decent flick unlike happy new year. Got to see this movie soon.

    • Avinash Mishra

      Yes..It is nice movie. Go and watch it.