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fantastico gifts

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Special occasion or not, gifts are always welcome. But gifting a present is not an easy task. It entails a lot of imagination to choose the fantastico thing at the right time for the right person.

Birthday, Wedding day, Diwali, New Year — occasion or no occasion — fantastico gifts would be always loved! If a gift gladdens the heart, and brightens up the face and evokes a wide smile from the receiver, then the giver also discovers a joy in giving.

fantastico gifts

Though it looks simple, gifting is no easy job. One has to learn to present the right thing at the right time. The following guidelines by The Style Symphony will prove enlightening to all of you.

  • Make a list of the people you intend to buy gifts for and plan your budget for each one. Plan ahead for shopping so as to avoid both the crowd and disappointments. Fantastico gifts are available for both low and high prices but it all depends on the occasion for which you want to make the present.
  • Gifts that you buy should be useful, no doubt, but do not look at the utilitarian value alone and end up buying a soap or a comb. These basic necessities do not count as gift item. The item should be a little more fanciful.
  • Similarly, do not look for glamour alone and go in for cut-glass or some other extremely delicate stuff.
  • The receiver should have enough space to preserve your present and he should take all care and caution to display your fantastico gift. At no time should your gift cause worry, but it should give him all the pleasure.
  • Do not get carried away by the price or size either. If presenting something huge and expensive is your only criterion, then you might as well present an elephant. Again, you will be doing more harm than good to your friend.
  • The intrinsic value of anything is more related to the person than to its price. An avid reader would be happy receiving a book, a music lover a CD or DVD, a salesman, a diary, and so on.
  • Before you buy anything, keep in mind the receiver’s age, taste, customs, habits, complexion, etc. Do not buy something because you like it immensely. By your thoughtlessness you may be presenting a hairdryer for a bald man or a perfume for someone who is allergic to fragrances.
  • And do take into account the economic status of the receiver. If that lady or man is stinking rich, never make the mistake of gifting a jewellery piece. She might be possessing a pearl or a ruby set for her pet pig or dog too. In that case, all your efforts would go down the drain leaving you totally frustrated. A simple bouquet or a pack or dry fruits will be more appropriate.
  • It is always best in such cases to access your affordability. By your gesture you clearly indicate that your affection and friendship are invaluable. It is not necessary to spend more than you can afford to show your affection.
  • All the same, do not treat gifting with indifference. Since your gift can make or mar your relationship, take enough time and full interest to select things. Do not treat such occasions as an opportunity to dispose of your unwanted collection! And do not gift away things that you have used for a while.
  • Once you have finished presenting, just leave it at that. You do not have to remind the receiver about it at every opportunity expecting gratefulness.
  • And most important, do not engrave your name and address all over the gifted article just to be remembered!
  • A gift accepted with a smile or even an appreciative glance would indicate to you all the thankfulness and satisfaction of the receiver.

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  • Anjali Sengar

    Nice idea.. Going to help alot 🙂

  • very well composed… the tips are great!!

  • bushra

    I think the most important thing is to gift something which is useful..loved the post and totally agree on the points about not writing and engraving your name all over the gift 😛

  • The last two points very important. Very well written.