Navratri Special: Flaunt a flawless back these festivals

navratri back tattoo

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Longing to have that smooth, sculpted back before the festivities hit town? Come Navratri, and it’s time to don your sensual backless ‘cholis’ and strappy sizzlers to show off your oh-so-cool tattoos! But before you bare that back, make sure it has head-turning shine and smoothness. Here are few secrets we share at The Style Symphony to make you shine this Navratri! 🙂

navratri back tattoo

Go the natural way!

Your back is probably the most neglected part of your body because other people usually never see it and most of the time, neither do you. So you make little effort to take care of it. However, today women are more conscious about the way they dress and of the current fashion trends because of which they treat their body well. Earlier, it was only about taking care of those parts that were visible, but today, it’s about making sure that you look great from head-to-toe.
Sure, it’s difficult to maintain a beautiful back, especially with the hectic routines that we have. It’s also easy to put way that red halter you wanted to wear only because your back is not at its best. But you don’t need to anymore. After discussions with eminent beauty therapists, we have identified a few rampant back problems with some useful tips to solve them.


The problem: These are usually caused by dandruff, constipation, hormonal changes, greasy skin, allergies to synthetic materials, and of course, neglect.

Solution: The best one is to scrub your back well daily. You can also try this recipe that is easy to make at home and very effective. Take a cup of green gram and grind it well. To this, add two teaspoons each of sandalwood paste, ‘tulsi’ paste and marigold paste. Then add a teaspoon of wild turmeric powder. Mix well and apply the paste on your back like a mask. Wait till it dries before you rinse off. To get rid of your acne, spots and blemishes, you need to apply this regularly and you’ll see quick results.


The problem: This is usually caused by hormonal changes, health issues like liver disorders, hereditary and extensive bleaching.
Solution: Here’s a simple way to tackle this problem. Take half a cup of almond powder. Add quarter cup each of oatmeal powder, papaya paste and cucumber juice to it. Mix well and apply on your back. If you do this regularly, it will help keep the pigmentation under control. Herbal treatments are better than just scrubbing your back with soap because the natural elements create an acid mantle, which wards off all kinds of bacterial attacks. However, it’s best to visit a dermatologist before you try any treatments for your back.

Flaunt the back you want!

Another way to get your back ready to be bared is to avail of a skin polishing treatment, which addresses common problems like pigmentation and acne scars to reveal fresher, healthier, glowing skin. The treatment focuses on the upper and lower back. At the outset, the back is cleaned with warm water. This is followed by skin polishing and brightening at a deeper level to remove the dead layers of skin. The application of a sunscreen completes the treatment. A session usually takes about 45 minutes and the number of sessions required to achieve the perfect shine may vary from person to person. And although the results are immediately visible, it is advisable that you take this treatment at least a few days before any special occasion, just in case your skin is sensitive.

With all these treatments at hand, it’s only a matter of buying the right clothes and making those jaws drop. You can never go wrong with our experts, advice!