FSF Part II: The Princess,the seductive charmer & the incomplete story!

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Firstly I thank all my readers for their love and response on the Part I of my incomplete story (FSF). The way it grabbed attention of all the learned people on TSS makes me humbling. So, the part II of the story is quite influenced by the views shared by you all, in which, the righteous frog prince emerges victorious over all and was clearly proved the winner. Though the frog prince was the favourite of all, the evil seductive charmer was indeed the most discussed one. And the ‘glam factor of evil’ definitely influenced the second part. So, the FSF goes on like this…

Five Sentence Fiction (FSF)

The favorite of the king, the Prince Charming, though didn’t love the princess yet direly wanted to marry her because she complimented his class and suited his status.

But it was the queen who wanted the Frog Prince to be the groom of her princess as she strongly believed in virtues, true love and his golden heart.

But the princess eloped with the seductive charmer along with all the portable property of her share, so the king disowned her and she got married to the charmer.

The queen died of utter agony, the king went insane and nomad due to the shock of losing his family, so the Charmer annexed the entire kingdom where the couple lived ‘happily’, but certainly not ‘ever after’.

The evil strongly appeared out of the Charmer when he became the king, as he wooed her-seduced her, used her-abused her, molested her – betrayed her, and then loved her again, proclaiming his love for her was damn genuine.

fsf five sentence fiction
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My story is still incomplete! By now, you all must have understood that the characters of this story are symbolic.

The Prince Charming symbolizes negligence and ignorance.

The Frog Prince symbolizes virtue and righteousness.

The Seductive Charmer symbolizes evil and destruction.

And the Princess symbolizes innocence and trust.

So, the question of today for my readers is:

If the charmer’s love was genuine, then why the innocence of the princess was molested?

Please do come up with your valuable comments/answers and help me frame the third and concluding part of this Five Sentence Fiction (FSF) which would turn out to be the Fifteen Sentence Fiction (FSF) at the end and it wouldn’t be possible without your kind help. (It might be a shocking and unexpected climax 😛 )

Sangeeta Mishra

  • Ramesh Chandramowli

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  • It’s really strange that despite reading this story (that too in mere 5 sentences), you still are unable to get the message I wanted to
    convey. How could you justify crime against women? If a person is torturing a woman, how can he be her good choice? In our civilized society, it’s more important for a girl to live a dignified and graceful life than to be loved.

    If using, abusing and molesting a girl in the name of love is right, then “Nirbhaya/Damini” incident can also be justified. May be the girl has done something wrong? May be some of the rapist fell in love with her? May be this… may be that… and a girl’s dignity is destroyed….pathetic. Please do read the post carefully Mr. Parashar. It’s not at all about love-shove. It’s a serious issue. “CRIME AGAINST WOMEN”!

    And after all her sufferings, can you still see happiness in her eyes? Wait for the third part. You’ll find the real consequences, reasons and results.

    Every story doesn’t have happy ending, and a creator never punishes his/her protagonist. The Princess is my protagonist and she’s being punished of her mistakes, for believing in a wrong person, eloping with her property, betraying parents, and above all not differentiating between good and bad.

    Still, if you feel that you shouldn’t comment here, please feel free to delete your comment, as Disqus allows you to do that.

    Thank you so much for your detailed comment. 🙂

  • So very true Sunaina ! So, the story turned out to be your way. And believe in me dear, your’s was the most powerful influence framing the second part. But let me confess before you that the third part is already written the very same day. And coincidentally it has turned out to be “your wish, my command” 😉
    How beautifully you have assessed the Seductive Charmer’s character. Narcissist and daunting. But still we are on a verge of revealing some unexpected aspects of his personality.
    Your have given a new aspect to this story, but still there is something interesting hidden which you might like.
    Thank you so much dear for your time and support. Do visit again for the third part. 🙂 <3

    • Great minds think alike….:)…..haha….jokes apart, the narrative hooked me the first day Sangeeta. I am glad I could be of some help. Will eagerly look forward to the third part. And I hope the connection we have made through this story will stay for a long time…:)

      • Yes, indeed Sunaina. 🙂 This discussion gets more enjoyable than the story itself. Wish this journey continues and I could know more of you through our connect.
        Wait for the third part, it will be up soon. 🙂
        Thanks once again. 🙂

      • Hey Sunaina,
        Please read the third part of this fiction here
        Hope I have not disappointed you. 🙂

  • I was not in favor of the Charmer in Part 1.
    Still the princess decided to live her life with her favorite person.
    Let me think the girl’s perspective now.

    Every girl is princess.
    Every girl (Not necessary that she should be daughter of a king or queen) in her childhood had some stories with her doll where she starts dreaming about her guy. She fascinates herself in that doll and treat it like she wanted to be treated. She too must have cried for a toy/teddy of her choice which the parents must have bought for seeing her in tears.

    Why the King and Queen die here? It means they were just obsessed with their social image only and wanted their girl to pick one from their choice.

    If the princess would have chosen the 1st, then the queen alone would have died as her choice was 2nd one.
    If princess would have chosen the 2nd guy then the king would have died feeling the same.

    Why didn’t they accept the guy of their princess’s choice? Why couldn’t they see what the princess has seen in him?
    Why the kingdom is destroyed?
    If the princess wanted to be with the charmer, it doesn’t mean she wanted to loose her family because of this decision.

    May be the charmer just want the princess, not the kingdom.
    If somewhere he gets the blessings of that King and Queen, he would have done better. The guy is failing in compensating the loss the princess had, yes the loss of loosing her parents.

    Still waiting for the next part!

    • So, now you have changed your verdict!

      Well, let me begin with you “choosing a life partner like buying a toy” syndrome! Don’t you think that these decisions are to be made with maturity?

      And The King and queen died not just the sake of their social image, but because of the care and concern for their daughter. How could they accept the Seducer, who was a clear evil they very well knew from the beginning. And it was proved at the end too when he destroyed the Princess’ life. Seems you haven’t read my story till the end and jumped to the conclusion in between. Read the last line once again——

      “The evil strongly appeared out of the charmer when he became the king, as he wooed her-seduced her, used her-abused her, molested her – betrayed her, and then loved her again,proclaiming his love for her was damn genuine”

      You have to express your views on this evil deed and answer my question that “despite doing all the crime, how come his love was genuine??

      But it seems you are trying to endorse and justify evil. Wrong deeds can’t be justified, no matter who did it. If the princess did that, then also it was crime. And by destroying her life along with her family, she even can’t prove her love ‘Just’ and ‘True’.So, no point proving the Evil’s sin true love.

      Thank you so much Mr. Parashar for expressing your views. Stay tuned for the third part. It might be shocking for you.

  • Chaitali Bhattacharjee

    That was a realistic take. Well done.

  • saket kalikar

    I am not disappointed at all. Only only because My favourite character won the princess, but because I got to read a thrilling story, and have found a nice blog.

    My answer is very simple- rather than the seductor’s evil nature, its princess’ innocence which made her suffer. The innocent always gets exploited, by all, by the evil, by not so evil, by anyone who is less innocent. This is how the universe operates….. 🙁

    I believe, not just the seductor, but the frog and the prince charming would have acted the same way after a few years once they knew they have won over the princess, and it’s the princess who needs them more than they need her.

    And something about the ‘genuine love’. It’s a hypothetical concept. Especially love between two adults of opposite gender can anything but genuine. The type of love which is closer to being ‘genuine’ is a mother’s for her infant. All other types can never be ‘genuinely’ genuine, even if we label them as.

    Great piece of fiction, Sangeeta.

    • First of all, thank you Mr. Saket for keeping me involved in such an intriguing discussion. Do I need to tell you how much your opinions have influenced me while framing the Evil’s character. LARGER THAN LIFE !
      And yes, you are absolutely right. The girl fails to survive in her struggle for existence, while the Evil proves to be the fittest. As you liked it.
      Well, here I agree to your concept of ‘Genuine Love’. It becomes the power play between two humans, where one has to loose over the other.
      But the question is ‘up to what extend’? When this power play of seduction turns out to be inhuman, it leads to destruction ( read molestation and other crimes related).
      What if the Princess is not only innocent, but also too weak…. then is she meant to be destroyed. ???
      Think about it. And wait for the third part. It might be disturbing. 🙁

    • Hello Mr. Saket

      Please read the third part of this fiction here
      Hope I have not disappointed you. 🙂

  • I was afraid to say this end, but seems it reached to you without my disclosure. I preferred this because he loved her and she thought her infatuation as love. Infatuation is the first step of love. And love has the power to change someone drastically. 🙂

    For long lasting effect, somethings have to be learned the hard way. Greater the reward, so is the sacrifice. Both learned from their mistakes in this way – the charmer and the princess.

    • Yes, Ravish. Your views were telepathic. 😀
      And I sensed your sensibility so very well, despite your being so politically correct by avoiding the answer, though you commented so well 🙂
      So do you think that after doing all the bad with the Princess (almost destroyed) the evil still deserves to be corrected with love, keeping her life at stake??
      Please specify……
      And thanks a lot for your insightful comment. 🙂

      • As I see, Sangeeta Ji, Marriage and Love are two different things. Marriage is an agreement between two individuals who mutually give their consent to secure each other in good and bad times. It’s about compatibility and sharing mutual goals in life. They are like business partners, who have come together to achieve something, jointly.

        On the other hand, as said, “Love is unconditional.” It doesn’t depend on anything. If it depends on the returning love, can it be called unconditional?

        Love doesn’t try to correct or change someone; it’s other thing that change happens due to love. As far as your concern, regarding her life at stake, Rahim said:

        Rahim, does not praise the give and take of love,
        Put your life at stake whether victory or defeat.

        No one knows what’s going to happen in future. Did Janaka know that despite marrying his daughter to the crown prince, she had to live in forest? Also Maryada Puroshayattam Ram abandoned Sita even after passing through Agni Pariksha.

        Despite being loved by Pandavas, Draupadi was wagered in gamble by them. All her husbands, who happened to be great warriors, were mute spectators when she was being disrobed. Was it not abuse, molestation, and betrayal?

        Both, Sita and Draupadi were married to most eligible candidates. On the other hand, Savitri married a dying man and changed his destiny.

        Why sacrifice your present happiness, for hoping the happiness in future, about which nothing can be said with certainty?

        As far as transforming ability of love is concerned, in Fifty Shades Trilogy, love of heroine changed a sadist into a loving father.

        Good and evil are two sides of the coin. You cannot keep one side of a coin and throw away other. You cannot rid of evil without getting rid of good also; that is why, transcendence means going beyond both, good and evil. Love is a way to transcendence.

        Moreover, it’s very difficult to enjoy little things in life without going through a major setback in life. Misery makes a person mature.

        • Very insightful Ravish. But Rahim has also stated in one of his dohas

          ” Rahiman dhaga prem ka mat todo chatkay
          Jode se fir naa jude, jude ganth pad jaye”

          than even pure love dies, if not treated and protected well. Still I agree with you that unconditional love never expects any returns.

          While coming to Kings, Janaka and Dhrupada, both of them set difficult tasks of as ‘Swayambars’ for their daughters, despite all the candidates being princes. So, both the kings tried to plan secure futures for their daughters, still they had to suffer. But Savitri was destined to marry Satyawan, without knowing the fact, so fought. So, it was destiny, which played the key role, neither love, nor parents planning.

          When Ram abandoned Sita, she too was deeply hurt and felt the betrayal. That’s why she refused returning back to Ayodhya despite Ram’s request and even chose to die. (acording to Valmiki & Kamban Ramayana).
          Draupadi’s molestation led to the greatest destruction of civilization , “Mahabharata”.

          So, ultimately destiny wins, or should we say these epics were written to make us feel cathartic. Even Shakespeare said so, when his great and mighty hero falls.

          As you say, we shouldn’t sacrifice our present happiness for uncertain future, still we make plans to protect our future, take precautions, save, try to earn big– all for the sake of our future.

          So. to me, life comes prior to any thing, be it pure love or any other precious emotion.
          Well, it’s my privilege to discuss all these complexities of life with such a learned person like you Ravish. The third part of the fiction is already posted. Please have a look and do provide your precious opinion about it. 🙂

  • Well, the love was not genuine. Evil always finds a way to exist and justify itself, but the love was never true 😀

  • Uh-oh the princess is in trouble?!

    Are we in the age of couples-therapy yet? To try and make it work, maybe?
    Or maybe now’s when the trusting innocent princess puts the naivete behind, and takes charge of her life; their lives. 🙂

    • No, not yet. No couples therapy for today. Still….. Rather than compromising with an abusive partner, she should stood against the odd and evil. But yes, this is life (well in the fiction, of course), where poor girls are being abused and molested in the name of love. Here she needs to break the spell and stand out strong.
      The girl is weak, you would come to know in part III. But up to what extend???
      Do take out your precious time to read it.
      Thank you so much Ms. Namdiar. 🙂

    • Hello Ms. Nambiar,
      Please read the third part of this fiction here
      Hope I have not disappointed you. 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Wow! Beautifully weaved Ma’am and heart wrenching too. Feeling bad for the innocent princess 🙁
    True to his nature, the evil side loomed up and caused in the destruction.
    May be love for him was doing anything and everything with the person he loves, which includes abusing, betraying and then again loving. May be he loved the princess like one loves a property or a thing.
    Love alone is not enough always as the meaning of it differs from person to person. The nature of the person who loves matters the most. That’s what I feel.
    Looking forward to the third part 🙂

    • Thank you so much Purba.
      Can’t agree more. You said exactly the same I believe in. Treating a person like commodity or property, is not love. The evil portrayed here believes in “obsessive compulsive syndrome” of loving someone where people go up to any extend and say “It’s Love”.
      Loved your answer to the core dear girl <3
      Wait for the the third part . It's going to be quite intuitive and intriguing. Thanks for your insightful comment dear. 🙂

  • Because love can never survive in oppression and distrust…true love goes hand in hand with trust.

    • Well said Maniparna. Your views would definitely help me frame the third part. Thank you for being a part of this discussion 🙂

  • Avinash Mishra

    Now I suggest prince charming. Because he is favorite of King and he is perfectly perfect for princesses & her family. Princesses is also attracted towards him and so attached with him.
    Queen is not liking him because he is not talking to her. If he is not talking then at least queen should take step ahead and talk to him just for the sake of happiness of her princesses.

    Just think- can frog prince awake again after letting his moral down?
    Can frog prince get back his feelings & emotions that has been died? Frog prince is more or less live dead from inside.

    Ignorance is not at all reason of disliking. If he had no ignorance attribute then damn sure prince charming would be favorite of all, even favorite of queen. Imagine prince charming without ignorance attribute then he is well & good prince and in front of that no frog prince, insect prince or prince of any other creature type exists.

    • Hehe… interesting Avinash. But your time for selecting the groom for the princess is now up. Now the princess has chosen her fate herself. So no point of coming either of the princes to her life ( at least at this point of time).
      Let her emerge out of her trauma.
      And a correction again, she never ever loved Prince Charming, it was their like-mindedness. And we can’t implement our rules on her.
      May be she’s still under influence ( spell ) of the Charmer.
      Well your frog story seems quite long. Let’s wait of the part III of this this story. May be it gets influenced with your verdict 🙂

  • A lesson to learn here. Very well written.

    • Thank you so much Indrani. But the story is still to be told. Stay connected to know more.:)

  • oh.. so finally it was the seductive prince…
    well, evil has to manifest in some way if it is innate and thats why he did what he did :'(

    • Rightly said Archana. Evil in him was intrinsic, that’s why shown it’s true colors. But..but but… Is evil really evil???
      Stay connected to know that unknown facet of him. 😉

  • Being evil and destructive, charmer got all the power in his hands now. He is the king, unleashed all the evil in him with all the authority and power.
    He calls his love is genuine, because he may got some true love hidden for the princess. But, his kingship and uncontrolled power in his hand may be burying it.

    Innocent princess may have the problem to live with the charmer. She may feel abandoned and may perform a search for caring and loving prince.

    She is molested by charmer, because he feels all right in his evil mind. Since it’s evil, his goodness is expressed in the form of evil too.

    I’m eagerly waiting for the second part Sangeetha ji and here it comes in an unpredictable way.
    I loved reading it all, waiting for your astonishing conclusion. Thank you for giving a good story with all twist in it ����

    • Well said Mr. Dasari.
      You have accessed his character with quite maturity. Only a wise person like you can understand that even an evil person can have a loving heart, which could fall in love. I like your opinion and its surely going to influence the concluding part.
      Thank you so much for your insightful reply.
      Please wait for part III. Hope, I would come up to your expectations. 🙂