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The Style Symphony in funatic tee

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] fabulous brand to flatter fitness freaks, specializes in quirky motivational one-liner T-shirts for your workouts! Some of their innovative and quite popular slogans include “[highlight]Know Pain Know Gain[/highlight]”, “[highlight]When in Doubt, Work Out[/highlight]”, “[highlight]Your Workout is my Warmup[/highlight]”! is an online workout retail therapy which amalgamates fun elements in their products meant for the true fitness loyalists.

Conceptualized for the sports enthusiasts across the nation, [highlight][/highlight] was started in mid 2011 to envisage a supreme sense of cheer and excitement amongst their customers while watching their favorite sportsmen thrash it out on the field. With a primary representation of sportswear, offers an extensive assortment of designer T-shirts for men and women in India.

Their designs are far off the mere logos and team colors and way beyond just the team jerseys but a concept that portrays your optimum love and passion for your team. From Nadal to Manchester United, they bestow hard core sports fanatics with the craziest designs possible where their support to the choicest sport sensation is pretty loud and clear.

funatic tees

Funatic  T-shirts are made up of from high quality fine combed yarn further polished with silicon for that smooth touch, feel and finish. Despite being snug-fit, they are quite absorbent and give ample breathability to your skin and suitable for your heavy perspiration. And the best part is that they are available at such at reasonable rate of Rs. 499/- giving you the best of both worlds in quality and affordability.

The Style Symphony in funatic teeFrom funky graphics to wacky messages, you get quite a wow and witty range of tees on like that of the cupcake designs. Moreover, a complete section of T-shirts is dedicated to the legendary sports stars. From crazy to classy, has an unlimited plethora of T-shirt designs to offer.

Right from the popular team sports such as, Tennis, Football, Basketball and Cricket to leisure sports like swimming to fitness categories like gym/training, you have a wide array of tees with all the sports themes and moods to choose from.

Not just that, but a whole new category for both women and kids is attributed to the site where tees of various styles and sizes are available for all age-groups. Trendy tees from some other miscellaneous sports include mixed bag, Formula 1, gaming, WWE, chess, etc.

Apart from those chic sporty tees, also features a fabulous range of sports accessories which includes some super cool stuff like scarves, posters, wrist bands, button badges, stickers, laptop skins, framed art, fridge magnets, sipper bottles, and more.

And this is not all the website offers you some great deals and discounts where customers can shop with much ease while carrying their favorite sports stars on the sleeves. And the cherry on the cake is the promo code “[highlight]FUN50[/highlight]” through which you can avail Rs.50 discount on the purchase of Funatic goodies.

Here’s our share of awesomeness that we bought from the fabulous website, [highlight][/highlight]! 🙂

funatic tees

Safe mode of payments, esteemed courier partners and free shipping are an added advantage to make your shopping experience all the more pleasurable. Also, do not forget to splurge into their ongoing summer clearance sale to make the most of their amazing offers. Shop now right here! 🙂

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  • Now this is my kinda Tee shirts , esp with the motivational lines :). It reminds me of an episode from simpsons where bart starts his own line of Tee shirts. Real cool 🙂

    • Yeah! So was I reminded of you and your blog when I was writing this post and after checking out those motivational one-liner tees. I’m glad you like them Vinay 🙂

  • Funatic seems to be a fun place to buy tees ! iam going to show this to my fitness-freak bro! Plus you look absolutely gorgeous in that tee 😀

    • Very well said dear and I’m sure your bro would love it too. And thank you so much for the compliment! <3

  • Like the message on your tee. 🙂

  • It is a very interesting idea to wear these tees one liners for workouts

    • Indeed true that Sadhvi. 🙂 They make you look chic while you say fit. 😀

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    Interesting Tees! Love your OOTD! 🙂 Would love to own one of these chick Ts!

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    Ahaa! Excellent tees with Adrenalin pumping one-liners. I love to wear one of those.

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    100% cotton tshirts.
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