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Fuschia Day Cream Garden Lavender & Lip Balm Pomegranate Pink Review

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Monsoons are here and everyone wants to get drenched in rains but rains bring in lots of problems along as skin rashes, itching, freckles, black-heads and what not! In our last blog post for fuschia products, we discussed about fuschia cinnamon and spearmint soaps. After using them throughout these summers, we have built a strong relation and confidence with fuschia by Vkare.

fushcia by vkare

Not only these luxurious, hydrating and enriching soaps, but also, we have used two more wonderful fuschia products these summers that are;

  1. Fuschia Day Cream with SPF 15 Garden Lavender

  2. Fuschia Lip Balm Pomegranate Pink

Fuschia Day Cream with SPF15 Garden Lavender:

No girl would ever like her face look oily and sticky no matter how dry her skin is. My skin texture is normal with a slightly oily ‘T’-zone. So, it provides a perfect background or canvas for any kind of creams and lotions as it stays almost unaffected.

fuschia by Vkare

Non greasy & lightweight cream

My skin hardly reacts abruptly or faces breakouts with any kind of formulations. So, the biggest role Fuschia Day Cream with SPF 15 Garden Lavender plays for my skin is to provide an adequate moisturizing and nourishment along with optimum sun protection.

And after using it for a month, I can vouch for this day cream’s benefits. It has a wondrous after-effect on skin as its light weight non-greasy and a non-sticky formula. So it works wonders as under-makeup use.

fuschia by Vkare


Fuschia claims this day cream to contain lavender extracts. But, surprisingly its fragrance is quite close to jasmine than lavender. And that’s even wonderful because this aroma is though, quite not that subtle yet lingering and it soothes your senses.

fuschia by Vkare


Priced at Rs. 525/-, fuschia day cream SPF 15 Garden Lavender seems a bit expensive for the quantity of a mere 50 gm. But, seeing its benefits and wonderful effects on my skin, I won’t mind buying it again and again.

fuschia by Vkare

TSS Rating: 4.5/5

Fuschia Lip Balm Pomegranate Pink:

This little pot of pretty smiles is perfect for those dry west-wind days when you are craving for moistened lips but find it hard to wear heavy and sticky pouts. Fuschia Lip Balm Pomegranate Pink, one of those 5 handmade lip balms formulated by Vkare biosciences with which Fuschia claims optimum lip care for your soft and supple pouts.

fuschia by Vkare

This lip balm is a smooth formulation over a bee-wax base enriched with natural oils, vitamins and shea butter. Vkare claims it to be free of paraban, chemicals, artificial flavors and colors. Infused with natural ingredients, it is purely vegan and created without any animal testing.

fuschia by Vkare


It has a subtle fruity fragrance that is quite close to strawberry and gives a feel-good-factor to your mouth for longer hours.


Lips remain softer and tinted for hours after usage of Fuschia Lip Balm Pomegranate Pink. You even don’t need any lip gloss for day wear as it sufficiently tints your lips with a baby pink glow.


Priced at Rs. 225/-, it seems to be a bit expensive for a small pot of 8 gm, still it’s worth buying.

fuschia by Vkare

TSS Rating: 4/5


  • U K

    Very detailed review..Like your style of reviewing.. Good going Matts.. 🙂

  • Nice review, Maitreni. Sounds like good products..will try them out… 🙂

    • Thanks Mani, indeed you should try them.. I’m sure you’d fall for them like I did! 🙂

  • Gonna try it since you recommend it sweetie… 😉 xx

    • Awww… that’s great Archana… I’m sure you’d love it! <3

  • A very thorough review. Well, you mentioned about lip balm as substitute for lip gloss. I thought it to be gender neutral. Is it exclusively for female or otherwise?

    • Thanks Ravish. Well, lip balms are always NOT substitutes for lip glosses. However, this one is slightly tinted and gives a blush pink hue which men might avoid. Even my toddler bro (cousin) applied it while going to school and was teased by the entire class. 😛

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