Fushcia by vKare Women’s Day Giveaway

fushcia by vkare contest

Congratulations to Nishika Manira, Sumita Kapoor & Priyanka Aggarwal for winning this Giveaway! 🙂 Kindly send across your details to our Facebook page to claim your hampers.


Hola ladies! As you know women’s day is round the corner and it’s the time to celebrate the essence of womanhood to the core. On this eve, what could be better than an association with India’s top of the line skincare brand Fushcia by vKare biosciences to come up with an exciting Giveaway for you divas out there! We have been reviewing vKare products for quite a long time and this has reinforced our belief in the brand offerings.

fushcia by vkare contest

To those who are not much aware of the brand, chemical free without any harmful ingredients are the prime characteristics of it and one out of the many reasons to love fuschia by Vkare. In 2013, Fuschia has been born out of its parent company Vkare Bio Sciences. Ever since its inception, Fuschia has evolved as a noteworthy brand offering natural, handmade skincare products. These products are free from SLS and paraben.

Well, in order to qualify as a valid participant of this Giveaway, you must enter the Rafflecopter below, answer the contest question in the comments section below and share the Giveaway once across facebook or twitter (whichever you are most active on) tagging 3 of your friends. 3 winners with the best answers would be chosen and gratified with a fushcia beauty hamper each. The contest is valid till 10th March, 2016 and open for Indian residents only.

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Good luck Symphonites! 🙂

  • Priyanka Aggarwal

    Congratulations TSS for this grand Giveaway! 🙂 Well, womanhood is all about congeniality and totality. It is said in our Mythology that when God created a man, he got dissatisfied. So, he created a woman by correcting all the imperfections of the man and then got satisfied of creating a complete human being. That’s why a woman is considered the perfect creation of God with an amalgam of all masculine and feminine qualities.

    Womanhood is a stature when a woman exhales all the goodness of life and inhales all that is negative and bad. This is the concept of ‘Shiva’ & ‘Shakti’ described in our scriptures. Lord Shiva is called incomplete without ‘Shakti’, the woman power. Their combination is called ‘Ardhanarishwar’ in Shiva puran— that is the essence of womanhood. In short, womanhood is the completion of oneself. It makes a woman complete in herself, who can take care of her family and possesses a power to change the society for better.

  • Felicia Nazareth

    To me being a woman is an amazing feeling. We have the powers that no man can have. The power to give life. Womanhood means strength, power, sensitivity, love, care, boldness, courage, support, sacrifice and so much more. While some of us may grumble because they are a woman, I feel very blessed. Womanhood is loving your own self for who you are and doing the impossible. It means breaking all the barriers and restrictions and climbing ladders of success. Womanhood is a wonderful adventure.

  • Renu lalwani

    For Me Womanhood refers As no differenciation bt male n female ..Your gender does not determine your worth, capabilities, or strength. You are powerful, u urself Are capable of getting anything done in this world …Dont b afraid of wht u believe in , n Dont let AnyOne put u down ..Being a Mother i would let my daughter Believe that She can achieve anything she sets her mind on ..I want her , not to feel limitation in her vision for life because of her gender #BeBold #Strong #Positive #Womanhood

  • Kavita Nayak

    Womanhood to me is nothing but what my mom to me who has been there for me & what she has taught me through out my life. For me the person who has most inspired me all my life is no one other then my dearest mom. She is one person whom I have seen who is most caring and truly giving in her nature to everyone. Her nature is so friendly and helpful that she is loved by one and all, young and old. When somebody approaches her for help she will go out of her way to help that person who is in need. I don’t know how and will never understand how she does it. She will never get angry or upset on any one even if the other person has been rude or has never appreciated her in-spite of her helping that person in need. She is one compassionate person. Her understanding and saying of “If one has done something wrong or has been rude to her then the mighty god is up there to punish the person & it’s not her who should and also if she reacts in the same manner in return then what would be the difference between her and the other person” This thought of hers has helped me a lot in my life to make me a better person that I am today. I truly describe her as the “Mother India” without a second thought. I don’t know how she does it but she is simply the best. And I respect her & love her a lot. As I can attempt to be like her but can’t be one like her. Her nature truly has taught me a lot in my life. The joy of having such a mother always makes me happy & it makes me feel proud to be her daughter. My friends say I am lucky to have her in my life as my mom and I totally agree with them. Couldn’t have been luckier then this. She brought me in to this beautiful world but she is the most beautiful mom I could ever have asked for. So, yes that’s my mom & that’s all what Womanhood to me is!

  • Kejal Dalwadi

    Done all wish to be lucky here….

  • All the best to participants.

  • Meena Mehta

    Thank you.
    The most important job in the world was to be a mother.Mothers have been the glue that holds a family together because it is up to them to provide the loving care and support needed by growing children.Motherhood is the greatest gift God gave to womankind.Motherhood means giving life to a life unlived, it means dreaming of things yet undreamed, and sustaining hope in a hopeless world. Motherhood is life, and hopes, and dreams.

  • Archana

    Womanhood is about having the freedom to follow your own dreams fearlessly and being independent to lead your own life without being judged by others…

  • Sumita Kapoor

    Thank you for giving us a chance dear to win and express our feelings.
    womenhood is strong word, strong persona ..beautiful creation of good is women. Born as a girl child is like blessing women are strong , positive women has power to turn any house into home. She plays so many roles in life perfectly from daughter to dauther in law from loving wife to a caring mom .. when I was child I Always complaint god why you made me girl being a girl child I was not allowed to do so many things in compare to my brother. When I become mom I felt happy for being a woman. Woman in me started enjoying her womanhood.

    Love being woman

  • shilpaguddy

    Women aren’t created to do everything a man can do. Women are created to do everything a man can’t do. Thus, womanhood is the distinguishing character or qualities of a woman or of womankind. Let us celebrate this womens day by keeping this in mind.

  • Ghazala Naseem

    Womanhood is not just Looking beautiful and great , its about How strong a woman is to handle tough situations and emerge as a winner . Womanhood is related to Being Pillar of support for your family , Being selfless , Being beautiful from inside and tough from outside .
    Womanhood is about spreading Smile and Happiness everywhere as a daughter , sister , wife and mother .Happy Women’s Day 🙂

  • Sarah Jane Arrell

    being a woman is a gift, we get to be powerful, elegant and independent and look beautiful doing it! <3

  • Samridhi Chaurasia

    Being a women is a gift not everyone get. Being a mother, daughter, wife etc at the same time is a wonderful feeling.

  • Being Anki….!!!!

    Womenhood is the greatest gift of god…

    As we have the power to make a home or destroy a home…
    We have the power to bring a new life in earth…
    We are the ones who keep our family bonded forever…
    Without us,, this world is nthing…

    Womens are the mixture of love,, care,, patience,, integrity and boldness…

    If a women can be durga,, she also can be kali…
    So never underestimate her,, but always respect her…:)

    Thanks for the superb giveaway..
    wish to win…:)

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Womanhood is the beautiful blend of compassion, strength, unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, resilience, tenacity, patience, perseverance, faith and kindness. The best thing about womanhood is the ability to empathize and emotionally connect with everyone without feeling scared of being labeled as vulnerable. Cheers to womanhood and a very happy woman’s day TSS 🙂 <3

  • Nishika Manira

    Womanhood? the state or condition of being a woman. Being a woman doesn’t mean you’re a female of late 20s and above. A true woman loves, cares and is patient throughout her journey. Somebody who would stand up for a woman or any kind of misjudgment. Womanhood if a collective of true women. Every woman needs to be treated with respect and it’s one day 8th March that they can feel special. A home isn’t a home without the housewife. They work hard for their living and everybody. A woman is a female who wakes her kids up by love and kisses. Who knows what pain is. Who has suffered the most for their family. Womanhood is known for good women in the society.

    Thank you for this opportunity 😀 Happy Women’s Day in Advance 🙂

  • Women’s day is for all the women out there who work hard and make this world a better place.

  • Seema Hasan

    Awesome giveaway dear 🙂 WOMANHOOD is being a WOMAN who has patience and is forgiving and extends UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. A woman, who juggles tasks, takes care of everything, makes the world a perfect place to live in and while doing so many tasks each day; doesn’t ever forget to shower her special HUGS & KISSES for her kids!

  • Anjali Sengar

    Awesome giveaway dear 🙂

  • Fantastic giveaway..and super gift. All the best Symphonites! …and a Happy Women’s Day too 🙂

  • Hello wishing you happy womens day in Advance
    Have a beautiful week end ahead 🙂

  • wow… lovely 🙂

  • Happy Women’s Day in advance 🙂