Garnier Triple Nutrition Happy Hair Challenge: Rapunzel Story Revealed

Rapunzel Hair

This post was among the top 10 winning posts in #HappyHairChallenge by Garnier India!

Garnier happy hair challenge winner

Garnier, Take care — And, I was taken care of! It was a month long journey of care, concern, pampering and nourishment and the Rapunzel in me was sorted. Garnier Triple Nutrition range was that fairy God mother who bestowed upon me a problem-free flair in my dark-lustrous hair. Mine was a Rapunzel story where my prince-charming begged to grab my braid [Though, in my imagination].

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel; let down your hair,
So that I may climb the golden stair”

But the twist in the tale was that I refused him (my dream prince charming). How could I allow someone to touch my mane, I couldn’t dare to damage them. It’s only allowed by someone who can take care and that’s Garnier.

Rapunzel Hair

Neither I needed the ‘[highlight]Goldie locks[/highlight]’, nor I wished for those ‘[highlight]Medusa curls[/highlight]’; all I wanted was problem-free healthy hair with a happy-go-lucky feel and a flawless flair.

My 1 month long Happy Hair Challenge with Garnier Triple Nutrition Range:-

When I had begun with my Happy Hair Challenge, those were the winter winds to be blamed as my hair concerns were quite season centric. Dandruff, flaky scalp, tangling issues and hair loss due to lazy hair wash schedules because of cold were some of the issues I was facing a month back.

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition

How Garnier Triple Nutrition range has taken care of my Rapunzel hair?

Garnier Take Care My regular hair care regime included a twice-a-week hair wash with Garnier Triple Nutrition shampoo followed by deep conditioning with Garnier Triple Nutrition conditioner.

How my hair concerns turned into a fairy-hair-tale with Garnier Triple Nutrition range!

In the very first week of my happy hair challenge, I started noticing changes. After completing a month of using Garnier Triple Nutrition range, my hair concerns are answered and my problems have become concise.

  1. Dandruff & flaky scalp:-
  2. Tangling issues
  3. Hair loss due to winters
  4. Changes in hair structure
  5. Hair growth
  6. Quality of my hair

Dandruff & flaky scalp:-

Garnier Triple Nutrition

The mild dandruff I was facing during winters has now reduced a lot, and the freshness of spring could be seen in my hair. The ample cleansing properties of Garnier Triple Nutrition shampoo are able enough to wash them away from my scalp resulting in squeaky clean scalp without any trace of those white flakes.

Tangling issues:-

Due to the length, my hair gets tangled easily. It really gets difficult to detangle them after a hair wash no matter they are wet or semi-dry, so the role of a nourishing and impactful conditioner is really vital for my hair. While using for the first time only, Garnier Triple Nutrition conditioner served the purpose at its best. It melts over my hair like warm butter and gives the impact as if it has penetrated into the shafts of my hair. My hair feels ultra-soft and silky after conditioning.

Garnier Triple Nutrition

Hair loss during winters:-

Hair fall control A month back when north India was shivering with cold waves, a new wave from the house of Garnier entered into my washroom and took over my hair care regimen. Though I have quite strong hair that hardly tend to fall, yet extreme winters lead to minor hair fall— reason? My lazy hair-wash schedules! Dirt, grime, and sebaceous oil formation on scalp always bothered me. Thanks to Garnier Triple Nutrition range that I had easy hair-wash sessions leading to less hair fall tensions.

Changes in hair structure:-

The very first day I applied Garnier Triple Nutrition shampoo, it felt as if my hair was a little brittle and dry. The touch of my wet hair felt alike dead locks, it was quite worrying for me but the problem lasted no longer than minutes as the moment I applied Garnier Triple Nutrition conditioner, I was sorted. My fingers were gliding through silk and all my hair concerns were washed away.

Garnier Triple Nutrition

Hair growth:-

It is merely a month of use so it’s difficult to figure out the growth in my hair after taking the happy hair challenge with Garnier Triple Nutrition range. A month back, I’d even clicked a picture of my entire hair length and after a month, I again got clicked with a pic of my current hair length. And viola! You can yourself see find the difference of about a half centimeter.

Garnier Triple Nutrition

Quality of my hair:-

As I mentioned in my previous blog-post of my happy hair challenge a month back, my biggest hair concern was to maintain the quality of my long, black lustrous hair. As I’m blessed with gorgeous hair genetically, retaining its luster is in my top priority list. Despite using for the first time, Garnier triple nutrition range proved to be my best hair buddy in distress and helped to enhance my shine to outshine the world.

healthy happy hair


The Gift of the Magi Wish Garnier was formulated in the times of ‘O. Henry’. He must have had taken this Happy Hair challenge like me. Then his short story, “The Gift of the Magi” would have ended on a different note. Della never would have opted for a hair cut to buy a gift for Jim.

Rapunzel used her long braid to peek-a-boo with the world and to meet her prince charming. But I style my hair to live in glory! Thanks Garnier for taking care! 🙂