Gift Ideas for Men during the Festive Season

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[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ifting doesn’t require much of seasons and more of reasons for a person with a benevolent heart. But when it comes to gifting men, it becomes a tedious task as we are often left in the dilemma of what to and what not to pick. And who says gifting is just a man’s cup of tea? We ladies ought to make our guys feel equally special as they do as for us gifting is an art! 🙂

With the essence of festivity infused in the atmosphere, how can we cease to amaze the important men in our lives? Here’s an array of options exclusively handpicked for women to make their gifting journey for men a bewitching one. Be it, a set of playing cards, a classy pair of shades, a seductive fragrance, a stylish wallet or a lavish laptop bag, your man deserves a gift that not only oozes out oomph but amalgamates your aesthetics.

However, apart from all of them, The Style Symphony strongly feels that a bottle of Scotch is that drool-worthy delight that calls for making quite a valuable and timeless gift for men in terms of its age and rarity. And for the love of their legacy, brand, origin and taste, these oh-so-expensive gifts should certainly play the prized possession for men! According to George Bernard Shaw, “[highlight]Whisky is liquid sunshine.[/highlight]”! 🙂

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Why so Whisky? Well, to Stay Sassy! 😉

  • For that sophisticated man in your life who spells sheer class, you need a gift not less than something from the Scotch Whiskey Collection that is equally oh-so-classy! And especially if your choosy man belongs to that typical genre of liquor connoisseurs, be rest assured he masters the art of perfection and definitely deserves a gift as exclusive as a bottle of Scotch to satiate his classy nerves.
  • For another fine reason, a bottle of Scotch is delectable enough to define a guy’s entire persona. It portrays his sky high spirits of never settling down or compromising for anything less than the bottle of sheer grandeur.
  • The Scotch Whiskey Collection is meant to fetch the men that bold admiration they owe the world to delve into their razzmatazz. Worldly, interesting, independent, strong, carefree and mysterious are some of the intriguing characters of men attributed to a Scotch bottle.
  • And who doesn’t want to gift a pack of sheer luxury transfused with longevity? A bottle of Scotch has a sustainability of as good as 100 years if left unopened and if did, still works good enough for 5 years. If your bond with him is as strong as the Scotch bottle itself, you ought to stun that ostentatious man in your life with the rare vintage exotica in his liquor cabinet.
  • Derived from the Gaelic word ‘Uisge Beatha’, Whisky symbolizes ‘Water Of life’, another worthy enough reason to indulge your man in a divine bottle of Scotch! James Joyce rightly said— “[highlight]The light music of whiskey falling into a glass—an agreeable interlude[/highlight]”; much like some solemn music your man is deemed to cherish that one peg for a lifetime.

Gone are the days when the Scotch Whiskey Collection was merely requisition of those jazzy bars and five stars, time to go out-of-the-box and gift your beloved that sensuous bottle of Scotch that makes him class apart. So, next time you think of buying the perfect gift, look out for Scotch Whisky Collection in a store nearby. ​For more ideas on gifts for men and Scotch as a gift, visit

Happy wine and dinning Symphonites! 🙂

Disclaimer: This blog post is exclusively meant for audience above 25 years.

  • Scotch is One of my fav gifting options 😊

  • Oh..
    I must give something to my uncle. 😛
    Thank you for helping me to make my choice.!

  • Nice idea, but I will prefer a few packets of variety tea – I wonder if it is possible 😀
    Vampires don’t believe in Scotch Whiskey 😀

    • But what Vampires believe in can’t be sacrificed by humans! 😛 For the time being, Vampis should settle for whiskey.. well, I’d suggest a better option for them, *red wine*, quite close to the things they believe in! 😀

  • Purba Chakraborty

    A very well written post dear. I loved the quotes of Shaw and Joyce that you have included in it 🙂

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    A new way of gifting for men. Nice post.

  • indeeed .. I would love the gift 🙂 he he he

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    • Thank you so much for the nomination Shilpa. 🙂
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  • Great idea!

  • This is a helpful post to those who are scratching their heads on what to gift to men. When coming to boys, there are lot of options to gift girls. But, for girls gifting to men is a challenging thing. Posts like this will really a good trouble shooters for such problems. Nice post Maitreni 🙂

    • Thank you so much Prasanna. Yes you said it absolutely right: it’s definitely a tedious task to gift men. I am really glad that you liked my ideas, hope it’s of use to your sister too sometime. 🙂 Cheers!

      • Yes it is a good post to share with my sister (that’s what i did after seeing your title here for this post ). She got an idea now 🙂