Go Goa Gone… The #madeofgreat #Fantastico event from Zica by Tata Motors

zica #fantastico Goa

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[dropcap]Z[/dropcap]ica did call us and we rolled our hearts out to the #fantastico weekend in Goa! The Style Symphony got lucky enough to be shortlisted as one among the top 60 bloggers to attend the unveiling of Zica by Tata Motors in Goa. Thanks to IndiBlogger for this one-of-a-kind opportunity #madeofgreat that made us DRIVE through DESIGN and CONNECT. Here’s our share of rewinding memories from this super event that has not only made us go gaga over Zica but experience a world beyond virtual networking.

zica #fantastico Goa
Selfies are #madeofgreat when posed with Zica!
zica #fantastico Goa
The ambiance was #madeofgreat and made me feel #Fantatico

DAY 1 in Goa: #madeofgreat #Fantastico

Soon after reporting at the IB desk at Goa airport, we all were escorted to the Alila Diwa resort in south Goa. And guess what? We were shaken aback mesmerized with the breathtaking beauty of the ambiance. After registering at the desk, we were handed over the keys of our respective rooms and we were stumped yet again with the rooms that oozed out sheer luxury. All in one, it’s a marvelous place that is deemed to stun you if you plan to have it as your next holiday destination.

It’s all about grooving into glamour with Ganpati! 󾌪😇 Be spiritual in your style! 󾍇#thinkpink #prettyinpink #pinkprincess

Posted by Maitreni Mishra on Thursday, December 10, 2015

zica #fantastico Goa

zica #fantastico Goa

[highlight]The Green of Nature and the wooden architecture complimented each other and turned out to be #madeofgreat[/highlight]

zica #fantastico Goa zica #fantastico Goa

Post lunch, we were directed towards the nearby Gonsua beach, the heart of vocational spots. From ‘n’ number of selfies, sporty games, collecting shells, a little savoring and shopping and a multitude of other beach activities, we had innumerable fun that is still etched in my heart.

zica #fantastico Goa
Beyond the zenith, above the new horizon, there is a riddle of nature…
zica #fantastico Goa
Relaxing is the new calm and refreshing is the new cool. #GoGoa
zica #fantastico Goa
To feel the moment to its fullest, even the close-knit gangs departed at the Gonsua beach, alone but not lonely. :’)
zica #fantastico Goa
‘Twas the time to imprint my footsteps on the sands of time! Though it was transient, still transcendent! (The Style Symphony on the sands of Goa)
zica #fantastico Goa
A mouth full of sky, hands filled with aspirations, sky is the limit! I brought back Goa in my veins.
zica #fantastico Goa
The beaches brought out the bewitching ‘me’ that was indeed #madeofgreat!

Gazing In the #Gonsua beach, #GoGoa ☺️ #southgoa #beachlife #waterfront #skyisthelimit

Posted by Maitreni Mishra on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Followed by the outing, we had a hi-tea session in the evening after getting back from the beach. Fun questionnaire by Anoop made the networking round all the more exciting. We shared random thoughts and got to know each other pretty well. We even gotta create our team for the Zica drive that was supposed to happen on the next day. I was partners with fellow blogger Rajiv Verma and Shayoni and we were allotted the D-9 team with our captain cum driver Rajiv.

zica #fantastico Goa zica #fantastico Goa

We were then taken to another locker-room session that we actually wondered what it could be like. And we were amazed to discover separate personal lockers for all of us especially curated with our names that had super cool Tata Zica merchandise. This was followed by the most exciting part of the event, rolling out none other than Cyrus Sahukar for the briefing of the car along with esteemed members of the Tata Motors team.

zica #fantastico Goa
#SelfiewithCyrus : While he was the photographer, I played the muse! 😉
zica #fantastico Goa
What else I could get than a personalized wardrobe! ‘Twas indeed #madeofgreat

Abracadabra & Khul Ja Sim Sim!!! 😛

zica #fantastico Goa zica #fantastico Goa

The first day in Goa came to an end with a lovely cocktail evening and a sumptuous dinner. The cherry on the cake was the karaoke session; needless to say, I was also a part of it among singing talents like Rahul, Blogwati, etc. And what could be better than having performed on 3 karaoke tracks and getting applauded by Cyrus himself along with the audiences.  Here’s a glimpse of my live performance on the eve captured by fellow blogger Ankit Chugh. 🙂

Cause All of Me loves whole of #madeofgreat 😀 

Loved it for it’s perfection, Zica’s curves & sophistication

DAY 2 in Goa: #madeofgreat #Fantastico

The next morning in Goa was another refreshing one where we had a delicious breakfast after checking out of the hotel. And the moment arrived that we were actually longing for, the ultimate Zica drive. Geared up for another great day ahead in Goa, our share of awesomeness began with a long drive in Zica accompanied by our captain Rajiv.

zica #fantastico Goa
And he drove me crazy on the drive day while I direly needed that long drive 😛

The espresso Brown and charcoal Grey of Zica stood out against the greenery and added oodles of aplomb to my persona as I got a perfect background to showcase my charm and perfect partners (Zica) to meet up my spark! 🙂

zica #fantastico Goa zica #fantastico Goazica #fantastico Goa

Available in two spectacular shades (the peppy tangerine [diesel] and subtle charcoal grey [petrol] ), we were super excited for our test drive in Zica. Having provided the itinerary, Rajiv drove us to a lane where we came across some breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. All the bloggers were given interesting challenges by fellow bloggers and influencers on Twitter where there were prizes for them if their assigned team. However, due to poor internet connectivity, despite having completed the challenges, we couldn’t tweet our entries in time and thus decided to drop the idea and rather enjoy the ride rather after those unsuccessful trials.

zica #fantastico Goa
Team D9 rocked with the Dark Lady: the charcoal diva, Zica!
zica #fantastico Goa
Horizon of dreams and my plight from Nadir to touch the zenith!
zica #fantastico Goa
The dark lady and the lady blue, both rested there tired wings on the hay.

The feel good factor about Zica by Tata Motors!

zica #fantastico GoaWe found the drive quality to be aptly stable despite the bumpy surface. Having a lot of insights gone into setting the interiors, some of the coolest features attributed to the Zica are, the gear shift indicator, music system, parking ticket holder, iPad/tab holder, chilled glove box, the driver seat-belt reminder, and the dual driving modes of the car. Tata Zica is extremely feature-laden one with its feel far better than its earlier brethren and would surely delight the younger audiences. Also acknowledged as the Zippy car, this model is deemed to turn into a compelling choice for buyers, provided that it is genuinely priced.

The ride of Rapunzel on her chariot of dreams 😉

Right after the drive, we went back to the hotel, had our lunch and headed towards the airport.

One of the best parts of this trip was meeting some of those awesome bloggers who had been my best buddies virtually. Couldn’t get better than hanging out with those oldies as well as some new friends including Shilpa, Ragini, Divisha, Rajiv and many more. However, knowing Indi forum’s most noteworthy personality, Uttpal K, aka, UK baba was sheer elation. 🙂

zica #fantastico Goa
Selfie with sophisticated Shilpa, delightful Divisha & ravishing Ragini!
zica #fantastico Goa
A picture-perfect click with U.K. to be cherished forever!

We, at The Style Symphony extend our warmest regards to Team IB & Tata for giving us the golden opportunity to interact with fellow bloggers from various parts of the country joining hands together to have an experience that was par excellence. 🙂

zica #fantastico Goa
With 59 awesome people, where sky was the roof and sands under feet…
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  • Saru

    Forget the post, picture and the experience. Boy, how well you sing! I am floored! I can never ever forget it. Respect, love and loads of love again.

    • Awww thank you so much dearie. Your appreciation means the world to me <3 Hugs

  • anindya sundar basu

    Superb post Maitreni . Thanks for the rendition of the beautiful song and those wonderful memories . It was pleasure meeting you .

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  • Delivered in style! Nice one, Maitreni 🙂
    Here’s to more blogger meets!

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      • I believe that they understood that when I sent an application 😛

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    Looks like you had loads of fun! Awesome pics 🙂

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    • No worries, there would be many more opportunities at a later stage, you can always apply and gradually get noticed 🙂

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    Loved your Karaoke performances & our Zica experience. Nice to meet you 🙂

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    • Thank you so much UK. I’m so glad you liked the post yes I too wish to have some other opportunity where I can meet you again and spend some quality time with you. 🙂

      • UK

        🙂 let’s hope it sooner than we think.. 🙂

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