God, Love, Music and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony……

Beethoven music

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“I want to crawl to her feet, whimper to be forgiven for needing her more than my own life… for belonging to her more than my own soul”

— Emily Bronte (Wuthering Heights)

Beethoven music
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I do not wish that he crawls to my feet like Heathcliffe does in Wuthering Heights, in search of immortal love. Instead, I wish he whispered into my ears, the ‘fifth symphony of Beethoven’ and utters the ode of true love that dwelt in our hearts! The [highlight]music[/highlight] which travels from ‘treble’ to ‘bass’ and is considered to be the true portrayal of love; these tunes are that very symphony which I would adorn as a symbol of my eternal love.

God’s love is the treble ( 🎼 ) which is a musical note that signifies high pitch! I just wish that He sings the highest note of the ‘song of love’ that touches the zenith’s height and dives into the deep sea of solemn [highlight]music[/highlight], in which my soul is drenched. Since, for me God’s love seems to be derived from the musical ‘treble clef’, which I think is meant for me, as my name ‘Sangeeta’ itself means [highlight]music[/highlight]!

A piece of me was left behind when I was evolving with time growing gracefully. Music is that forgotten part of my persona which was lost in my transition from a romantic girl to responsible woman. The reason why I felt I’d lost the love of God! The subtle trembling notes of Beethoven’s fifth symphony remind me of my journey from a coy girl to a grown up woman with added responsibilities and grey-grown-hair. What I wish from Him is to bring that romance back in my life as my wisdom has taught me to rise in platonic love rather than falling for those trivial passions, just like the treble clef which stays upright and shows the rise of love!

The more I explore Beethoven’s fifth symphony, the better it reminds me of my connection with God and His love. It also connects me to my soul and helps me explore the culture and tradition which the fifth symphony emits by its journey from treble to bass. With the [highlight]music[/highlight] of Beethoven, I even feel an inclination towards my roots, as despite being western classical music, it somewhere reminds me of our Indian classical [highlight]music[/highlight] that is driven towards eternity! Furthermore, the trembling notes of this fifth symphony, even resembles ‘HEART’ ( 💔 ) separated into two, treble & bass (high & low notes), which is indeed the —

 “Treble reason for loving as well as working while it is day” — George Eliot.

And this pretty piece of [highlight]music[/highlight] is that triple reason for me to receive the love of God, with and for the purpose being ‘Him, ‘me’ & ‘my [highlight]music[/highlight]’.

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  • I agree with you Mr. Vinayak. It’s not common at all but since it’s my personal view so I thought of writing it my way. And yes, the symphony is indeed powerful.
    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    This is such an extraordinary piece of writing. Loved reading it 🙂 <3

    • Thanks Purba. Glad that you liked it dear kid. Much love. 🙂 <3

  • Ilakshee Nath

    The symphonies or even the Indian ragas very evocative

  • I have listened to this music but I cannot analyze so well.

  • The relationship between you & God with music as a medium is seen here in your words Sangeeta ji. There is no need of any further proof to understand the love for music in your heart, your name says it all. And living the life with the name we have, preaching to the world how much that name suits your personality in real life is important. That name after the divine music suits you best because of your divine nature. And am sure, you will be back to that same glory, dwelling in the music with love. God will definitely place it back into your life, since you are the best one before and after becoming a responsible woman. This is not just a write up, i consider this as a prayer to God with a sincere hear, a psalm with pure heart. Loved this much Sangeeta ji, thank you for sharing :))

    • I’m simply elated while going through your comment. It’s really heart-warming the way you have read, imbibed and expressed your views in this post. your deep insight has amazed me and I can’t tell you how gladdening this feeling is !

      Your comments always make me feel special about my write-ups and I’m indeed privileged being read and appreciated by you.

      Thank you so much Prasanna. Keep shining, keep writing and God bless you. 🙂