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My Good Mornings go #Colgate360GoldMornings

Old things pass away, new ones appear every day, but what matters is how you make thy mornings meaningful after those dark nights to begin your day on a wholesome note. Every day is a blessing in disguise and we should consider it a new beginning… And it is up to us how to make the most of that beginning to turn them into magical and magnificent mornings.

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”— William Arthur Ward has rightly said and it is those opportunities that grant us the wisdom to surpass every situation in life with a gleaming smile. And here’s how that sunrise is my new beginning giving birth to new thoughts, novice challenges, newer aspirations and newly built experiences that endows me with sheer confidence.

Ting tong! The doorbell rings, and the newspaper-boy throws the paper in my balcony. And there vibrates my bed along with my phone alarm to kick me off my sleep. Waking up to that cozy yawn and pandiculation, I raise the curtains of my room and step outside my balcony for those light stretches. While listening to the morning rhyme of the cuckoo and rhythm of duckling in the pond, I gaze at the glowing sun allowing the rays to settle down on my face for a while. There I ooze out solemn optimism with a vision to kick-start my day with a whole new zeal.

Brimming with optimum energy, I take my bicycle and step out for a ride in the reverie of my motivational thoughts. Riding, riding and riding on the bare grass, I sweat my heart out for the love of the fitness freak in me. Along with those earplugs hooked in with my favorite jazz music, I hum and take a round of my garden not with my legs but with my heart embraced.

good mornings into gold mornings

I take a break from my ride and go to each flower in my garden, close my eyes, smell them and feel their beauty and divinity in the atmosphere.

I take a break from my ride and go to each flower in my garden, close my eyes, smell them and feel their beauty and divinity in the atmosphere.

And when I come back to my washroom to freshen up, my mornings turns 24 carat gold when I see Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush instead of my regular toothbrush. 🙂 This multi-action toothbrush capable enough to rotate 360° ensures best oral health and turns my good mornings into #Colgate360GoldMornings.

Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush good mornings into gold mornings

Then is the time to delve into the healthy yet sumptuous breakfast prepared by my mom. Joy is when the entire family sits together around the dining table and enjoys the meal while sharing their plans before everyone gets busy with their happenings throughout the day. Phew! The day seems short and feels like ending up with the monotony of the mundane life but the positive vibes and chutzpah that I achieve in every little thing I do across the day makes my next good mornings again those gold mornings.

  • Saru

    I would love to cycle in the morning. What a fun and energetic way to start a day! The toothbrush is really fancy.

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