Hair Color: Enega Brilliance Crème Review

Enega Brilliance Crème hair color

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Time passes by and leaves its mark upon you, be it your wisdom or your beauty! While your wisdom gets enhanced, beauty deteriorates, and there comes the stress to balance them and the brain does the job. It really becomes annoying when you see the first strand of grey in your hair and feel prehistoric about your looks, which craves for a hair color.

So, the best way to fight the grim of grey is to color them right with a hair colorant that is effective, effortless yet safe. But, the problem remains the same, finding a hair color that is functional as well a economical. There are numerous options available in the market. Some really gigantic brands with heavy price tags: good on hair but heavy on pockets! And the others: good on pocket but your hair pays the price.

There is a new hair color brand, Enega Brilliance Crème hair color which claims to balance the quality with economy. This formula contains hair protective nutrients sans harmful chemicals. Enega Brilliance Crème hair color is a no ammonia crème formula which is enriched with Argan oil and green tea extracts to give you the optimum grey coverage while protecting your hair follicles and shafts with its natural ingredients.

Enega Brilliance Crème hair color

About Enega Brilliance Crème hair color:

Formulated by a newly launched brand called Prem Henna, which has entered into cosmetic and hair care industry to change the scenario where people live in a misconception that good quality comes with a price. Prem Henna is a brand which caters quality products for the masses who deserves a class.

Enega Brilliance Crème hair color

Apart from so many other hair colors by Prem Henna, Enega Brilliance Crème range is developed to target both men and women who are looking for a permanent hair color which stays longer, gives optimum grey coverage while protecting them with its natural ingredients and no ammonia feature.

Enega Brilliance Crème hair color

As per Prem Henna claims:-

Enega Brilliance arrives in a do-it-yourself kit compromising of a hair color crème tube, developer bottle, brush, gloves and instruction leaflet to endow users with a hassle-free experience. And the cherry on the cake is that this product is available with an Enega color protecting conditioner that ensures that the hair color stays on your tresses for longer. Enega conditioner is formulated to add sheen to your hair, while making them look glossy and silky.

Enega Brilliance Crème hair color

We were given three shades of Enega Brilliance Crème Hair Color for review.

  • SHADE 1: Natural black
  • SHADE 3: Dark brown
  • SHADE 3.5: Chocolate brown

I have tried Shade no. 3, Dark Brown on my waist long hair and got quite satisfactory results. The 20 gm + 30 ml bottle was not sufficient for my hair, so I had to use 2 bottles of it. The color developed really fast in about 30 minutes and it left my hair soft and shiny after the use of conditioner which comes with it. It gave me proper grey coverage and the color lasted really long, for more than a month all over the length except at the root level where I needed the touch-ups. It neither made my hair dry and rough, nor did it harm my hair follicles. So, in short, I can say that I am quite satisfied with Enega Brilliance Crème Hair Color.

Enega Brilliance Crème hair color

TSS🌟Rating: 3.5/5

  • Nice review… 🙂

  • Nice, a very detailed review Sangeeta 🙂

  • Thanks for introducing. Will check it out.

  • Purba Chakraborty

    A detailed and honest review 🙂
    Thanks for sharing TSS <3

  • Anjali Sengar

    Lovely review 🙂

  • Worries of grey hair increased in girls very much in these days, since grey hair appear irrespective of age. I heard many times from my sister inquiring about the hair colour, which is safe to use and must be effective. When she reached me for suggestion, i named some brands which I’ve seen on TVCs. But, they’re not what they advertise. I wondered to see the involvement of those chemicals which may cause permanent blindness. This review seems very fair, as it came from TSS 🙂 I will recommend this to those who are still looking somewhere for the best & safe hair color. Thank you for sharing this Maitreni :))

    • Thanks Mr. Dasari. This is indeed a genuine review and I’ve tried and tested the product myself. You can surely advice your sister to use this, as it has proven completely safe for my hair. But please do tell her to perform a patch test for skin sensitivity prior to use ( for any hair color ). She might be young and a new user, so a patch test ( applying color behind the ear) should be a must for her.
      Or else it’s completely safe according to me.
      Thanks for keeping the trust in TSS. 🙂