Happy Baby Dry Baby and No more a Cry Baby!

happy baby

She was a happy baby, always loved to be drenched. Whether it was everyone’s love for her or the showers for hours long, then only she was quenched. A few days back I shared my baby’s bedtime rituals with you, now is the time to go with happy baby moments! 😀

Yes! Most of the babies love their shower time but no one likes that moist feel of those all the more wet diapers. And, the biggest after-effect— Cry baby time! Mine one was a happy baby throughout, but her play time turned into a cry-baby after her pee-time.

happy baby

Through it was not a difficult task, but a happy baby needs your pampering as well as your smart abilities of reading her mind. Here are some tips how I was able to make a happy baby!

  1. My happy baby and her playtime!

She used to be most happy baby during her playtime. Her favorite toys, her ‘baby time with me’, her tantrums and my pampering transformed her into the most “happy baby” and the “happiest mom” was the ‘me’. Her favorite fun time was to play with my hair. She enjoyed pulling my long plaits so much that her “happy baby syndrome” gradually ended with my hair loss. 😛 But I was still happy as she used to get maximum enjoyment by this fun-act of hers.

happy baby

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  1. My happy baby and her bathing time!

It was a fun-filled activity for both baby and me. She enjoyed those water-patting acts and laughed while patting over water and giggling over those claps-like sounds that are ecstatic acts for most of the babies. And mine was no behind! She enjoyed bathing time the most only if the water temperature was appropriate and according to the seasons. Every mother wants to make her baby’s bathing time pleasant with all and the right essentials such as a convenient bath tub, good quality soaps and shampoos, bath-toys and lots of mother love and care.


  1. My happy baby and her feed time!

A contented baby with her tummy full with all the vital nutrients along with a cheerful smile on her face is the biggest challenge for a mother. No matter how much efforts a mother puts in, she never gets satisfied when it comes to feeding her. Every mom’s biggest concern is baby’s nagging attitude while eating. My baby was not at all a happy baby when it came to eating habits. Nor was I a content mom. Whatever I used to feed, I was fed up of the way she used to vomit it or would take hours to finish it. So, neither I was a contented mom, nor she was a happy baby in this front. 🙁

happy baby

happy baby

  1. My happy baby— the dry baby at her sleep time!

My baby’s infant days happened years back. Both my girl’s are grown-ups now! One is in her early twenties and the other in her teens. Those were the days when diapers in India were not that developed. They were the voluminous ones with more than half kg weight and looked diaphanous. 🙁 The only benefit the mother of that era were getting was that we were dry, not the babies. That indeed belonged to the ‘happy baby genre’, but not that happy after a couple of hours of putting on those diapers.

bedtime rituals

happy holi

Today, when I see these new age convenient, baby friendly and all the more functional diapers like Pampers, I simple envy the moms of today. How easy their lives have become! But the best thing I encounter is that the modern era babies are more dry and happier. Thanks to Pampers for transforming a cry baby into a dry baby. That’s the baby of today— a happy baby! 🙂

This post is exclusively written with reference to Indiblogger Happy Hours in association with Pampers