तिनकों के सहारे: A Woman on Women’s Day!

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A very happy Women’s Day to all of you! To all the daughters, sisters, mothers, my post is dedicated to all those women who are unsung, unheard. Hope you all have received wishes of Women’s Day from all over by now. 8th of March comes and goes every year. We receive appreciations, applause, wishes and gifts every year, celebrate the day like any other festival, and then go back to our shackled routine lives.

We feel great being women. We have evolved much to feel proud of our entities. But, does this scenario same for everyone? Are all women proud of themselves? Certainly not! I know HER. SHE is a woman, capable, educated and smart like you, and is sensible, emotional and matured like me as well. She can work hard to earn her bread and respect like a survivor. Similarly, she can even survive on that last, least and leftover bit of bread for her family’s survival. She is a multi-tasker like you and me, a homemaker and an office-goer concurrently. She drapes a saree, the quickest unlike me who takes half-an-hour to select one. She even wears jeans but, unlike you, hardly bothers its brand and fit. She operates a computer or a smartphone, but doesn’t have time for social media updates like us. Still she’s a bit like you and quite like me.

You can find her anywhere around…..working in a mall or in a grocery shop, or at a police station, bank, school,… anywhere…… She surrounds us and is surrounded by us. Like us, she is being taught to work and sacrifice for others, but unlike us, she’s unaware of her sacrifices. She doesn’t know her substance and yet to discover herself. She is a giver, but hardly gets returns of her share. She is quite like you, a lot like me, but a bit less fortunate and less privileged than all of us.

She is educated, but not liberated. My today’s Woman’s Day poem is dedicated to HER, the ‘BETA’ woman, somewhere hidden beneath me or perhaps inside you. On this Woman’s Day, let’s bring her out of her cocoon. Let’s wish her ‘A Very Happy Women’s Day’. Let’s begin and step ahead to empower her. If you find HER anywhere around you, dedicate my poem to HER.

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कुछ पल तिनकों के सहारे
तैरना, तिरना और जीवन जी लेना
भाग्य की प्रवंचना या नियति की विडम्बना
चाहे जो कह लो
जितनी भी व्यथा चाहे सहलो
तिनको के सहारे बस, जी भर जीलो !

लहराते केशों में उलझी आस
आँचल बन जाता कभी फाँस
सामंजस्य बिठाने के प्रयास में
चाहे लो शेष और अंतिम ग्रास !

कभी बहती जो सांसों सी
कभी अटक गयी फाँसों सी
अस्मिता तुम्हारी, तुमको प्यारी
पर क्यों है सबके लिए त्रास?
कितनी ही सदियाँ बीत गयीं
पर रह गयी है अनबुझी प्यास !

कुछ-कुछ तुम नयी-नयी सी
कुछ रह गयी ठेठ पुरानी
कुछ ढूँढा, कुछ पाया खुद को
और लिख गयी नयी कहानी|

पोंछो आईने धूल भरे अब
झांको और खोजो अक्स अपना
अनजान से पहचान की उहपोश
चटखे, टूटे, बिखरे शीशे की किरचें
बस उन टुकड़ों में झांको
और ढूंढो अपना टूटा सपना !

कभी तुम अपनी, कभी हो परायी
तुम्हें सोच, असमंजस से मैं भर आई
क्यों रह गयी मैं कुछ तुम जैसी
क्यों नहीं मैं तुमसे उबार पायी |

कभी तुम जैसी बनकर देखा
कभी तुमसे अलग हटकर सोचा
कि डूबने वालों के लिए
तिनके का सहारा काफी नहीं होता
और डूबने के बाद, कोई भी
तुम्हारे लिए नहीं रोता |


— संगीता मिश्रा

  • Amit Agarwal

    बहुत सुन्दर और अर्थगर्भित!

  • beautifully expressed

  • Very well written!!!

    Check out my blog also to experience my magic of letters!!!

    Hope you will like it:)

  • So beautifully expressed! The sad reality which is unaltered from centuries…

    • Thank you so much Kokila! Yes, sad but true. Wish this scenario changes with time.

  • Well said. Happy women’s day to you!

    • Thank you so much Ami ! Though it’s too late, and I’m really sorry for replying late, I think everyday is a woman’s day. So a very happy Women’s day to you too. 🙂

  • Trayee

    very nicely penned…deep thoughts.

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Beautiful poetry.

  • Very well written! Greetings to you too!