How to handle your precious handbags with heed!

A woman’s entire persona is portrayed through her handbag as it carries a woman in whole. However, most of the women just throw their handbags carelessly along with their shoes after returning home. But the shoes get to be polished frequently unlike the handbags which are the ones to be ignored and neglected. And thus, they begin to show the signs of aging such as cracks, tears, dryness and de-shaping in due course of time.

So, here are some useful tips to avoid these situations and enhance the longevity of your handbags.


The Do’s of Handbags!

  • Polish them right!

The first and foremost TLC you can give to your bags is the way you polish and clean them. Dip a cotton swab into an oil-base solution, rub and wipe off. It will not only help keeping the moisture intact, but also clean them to a gleaming new. You can even find leather balms in the market for the purpose or either can use petroleum jelly or Aloe-Vera gel for your genuine leather bags. Also, for your PU and faux leather ones, just wipe them with a damp cloth, air dry them in properly in shade and polish them with petroleum jelly. And voila! They will shine like and remain new for years!

handbags care

  •  Stuff them!

To keep your bags in perfect shape, always empty them after use and stuff them properly with scrambled newspaper balls. This will not only help them remain in shape but also absorb the moisture inside to keep them smell fresh when not in use for long. Always keep all your handbags in standing position and avoid piling them one over the other.  Insert appropriate sized cardboard pieces to all the compartments before storage.


  • Storing them right!

  • Avoid storing all your handbags in polythene. Genuine leather needs to breathe, so keep them airy and the same counts for your PU and faux leather bags too, as they tend to chip off with in-built moisture inside poly bags. The right way to store them is in muslin cloth bags or in paper bags.



  • For those expensive and exclusive metallic bags or metal-mesh bags, you need to be extra careful as if you’re protecting your jewelry. Keep them in air tight plastic bags with some pieces of chalks or silica gel sachets to keep their plating and shine intact.


  • And for your fur or faux fur trimmed bags, you need to store them with naphthalene balls as silk worms, moths and silver fish could destroy the fur.


  • Big handbags such as totes, hobos, knap-sacks, rucksacks, messenger bags and laptop bags need to be stored in hanging position to avoid their handles from being entangled and cracked.


  • Medium sized bags such as grab handles, satchels, mini totes and envelopes mostly have long belt straps or chain straps. You must detach and roll them before long time storage.


  • Small bags like clutches, minaudieres, coin purses, wallets and pouches should be kept in boxes in flat position.



The Don’ts of Handbags!

  • Avoid using all your genuine leather handbags in rainy season. But if you can’t, then carry them in poly bags to protect them from direct water contact.
  • Avoid spraying perfume after holding your handbags as the chemical may cause harm to the leather.
  • Don’t leave cosmetics inside your handbag for longer. Or better put them in a separate pouch rather than just throwing them inside carelessly. Also, keep them aside the moment you come back home.
  • Don’t keep pens in your handbags, specially when in aircraft in order to avoid the ink-leakage due to air pressure.

Your handbag may carry your world inside, but it’s you who can take care of your world. So, always pamper your exclusive handbag to enhance its longevity and relish its exclusivity.  Please do share your feedback whether any of these tips were helpful to you! 🙂 Cheers!

  • gunavathy ghun jain

    wow awesome tips .. thanks for sharing with us … sure will follow dear

    • Thanks a bunch dear. Hope any of these seem useful to you 🙂

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    nyc tips dear m gonna try them 4 sure . thank u so much .

    • Thank you so much. So glad that you liked it 🙂 Cheers!