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hungama world water park

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Come summers and everyone needs a splash to relish the seasons! So, we, at The Style Symphony decided to hop on to the water park at Bihta because when it gets hotter and hotter, hungama to banta hai. 😀 We were given family passes before hand to attend the special DJ show on either of the days, 10th, 11th or 12th June. The Hungama World Water and Amusement Park has been conceptualized by [highlight]Dreamline Hospitality Private Limited[/highlight] at Danapur-Bihata Marg, Patna.

hungama world water park

We did make it for the last day, i.e. 12th June with a wonderful drive towards the destination. The management team there was so cordial that they had already prepared lip-smacking lunch for all 4 of us. After a tiresome journey of more than an hour, what was rejoicing was the warm welcome that we got as the media guests for their shows. After a delectable lunch (Indian and Chinese cuisines) we began preparation for the most awaited water activities.

hungama world water parkhungama world water park

From unlimited water park to amusement park, dance show to music show, rock band to female dj, family games to the best photography, they had multitude of exciting activities happening there for us to explore. The amusement park comprises of roller coaster ride, bungee jumping, bull riding, striking car, swing chair, pirate, cycling fun ride and much more.

hungama world water park

The water park section includes three slides. The tallest slide is approximately 150 ft high. This section also comprises of a play station and a base pool which is around 6ft deep. There is also a special section dedicated to kids known as the child corner, which includes a baby train and a frog jump. And the interesting part is the section for archery and shooting.

hungama world water park

The cherry on the cake was the live band performance cum rock show with skilled Dj’s. They were even giving chance to the audience to perform along with them. Being a singer, I too wanted to perform there but I spent so much time in the pool and danced in the artificial rain that by the time I changed and reached to the stage it actually started raining and the band had to call off for the day. Poor me! Missed the chance to sing! 🙁

hungama world water park hungama world water park

What we liked the most about Hungama World Water Park & Amusement Park, Bihta, Patna:-

    • We could witness the most courteous staff ever seen in Bihar. Not only in welcoming guests but also providing them about the little details and help, the staff there is worth accolades.
    • A team of well-trained and equipped personal security guards to provide extra care and protection to kids and women.
    • The food served there was not only sumptuous but also cooked in an hygienic atmosphere in front of our eyes in an open kitchen.

  • Despite Patna being the state capital and a crowded city, this water park has a spacious parking lot in front with a capacity of more than 100 cars and bikes.
  • Conceptualized in an open space, this water park has a fully functional rest room for injured and sick people with first aid and medical facilities.
  • To avoid any kind of brawls and unavoidable situations, Hungama World water park has an easy accessibility and coordination with the local police station.

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Indeed, it was a memorable day for The Style Symphony as we enjoyed a lot. A day filled with fun, frolic, food, adventure, amusement with lots of water activities and rain dance— we encountered real hungama! 😀

Pic Courtesy: Hungama World Website


— Sangeeta Mishra

  • Here I got good ideas to visit different different tourist spots. Really interested to visit Hungama world water park at coming December. Thanks @

  • Hii
    Wonderfully written, and amusement parks in India are flourishing (wrote a post on Wonderla Holidays few time back ) , till now India knew only Essel World and Ramoji and now these oldies are facing competition from Imagica, Wonderla and Hungama water parks – Whether more players or not – we have more option to have funn 🙂 , Great pics !!
    Thanks for sharing, and have a great day ahead 🙂

    • Yeah very well analyzed Bhavikk… amusement parks are remarkably growing in India. But what more could we peeps ask for than unlimited fun 😀 Cheers!

  • Hangama seems like an apt name for a water-theme park. 🙂
    And it looks like this is a well-planed park.

    And you guys seem to have had a lot of fun. 🙂

    • Bingo, you nailed it dear.. I too think the name seconds the park 🙂 And yes we had lots of fun 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    It must be so much fun! I am thinking to go to a water park soon. Haven’t gone to any for a long time. And the pictures and videos are awesome, dear. You and Anindhya have enjoyed a lot 🙂

    • Yeah it was too much fun dear and we really enjoyed a lot. 🙂 Yes, you must visit one in Kolkatta and enjoy too <3

  • had seen the pictures on FB and the write up is even a fun read 🙂

  • Wonderful place to beat the heat for Patna Peeps. Great post, Maitreni!

  • Nice rides, nice water park. Must be fun

  • Amazing

  • How much you enjoyed there is reflected in these words Maitreni. So glad to know about the Water world and the details of it. Amazing post :))

  • Nice fun for you folks. Enjoyed reading!