Who says I’m a bad cook? I know my Food Fixes!

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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y food tales are indeed those horror stories where a health conscious ‘lady of the house’ imposes her diktats upon her family to eat right and everyone refuses. And there arises the chaotic situation where the clash of opinions turn into a tug of war and my family ends upon tagging me with the bad cook title.

Despite being a smart homemaker, I’m entitled as a bad cook and this tag of mine is the by-product of my being over-smart in initiating good eating habits in my kids. Yes, I admit that I’m not a great cook and spending the heck of a time in kitchen isn’t my cup of tea. But I am not a bad cook either which could be seen through my kids’ good health (though they never give me the credit). And how I outsmart them by manipulating their taste buds according to my wishes is my true forte as a mom, and the main reason behind my being called a bad cook.

My food fixes are my clever tricks to inculcate good eating habits into my kids by befooling them, though they’re quite smart. My younger one, a teenage girl is hard to resist when it comes to her irritating and irrational food habits. She’s that unique creature who has never ever shown me any signs of hunger in her life. I had to always feed her forcibly when she was an infant and a toddler, but her growing up years were kinda nightmare for me. It used to be genuinely the World War III look a-like situation in the house during her food time. That difficult tenure was my test of time which made me lose my hold over taste.

Feeding her anyhow became my first priority over pleasing her with sumptuous food as I could never ever please her. So, I started my food fix and that was to follow the rule of ‘less is more’ in my cooking skills. The served portion serves less in amount or quantity but serves more in terms of nutrition and value.  In a nutshell, I describe my food fix as— less time in kitchen, more nutritious food, cooked by an unskilled cook and result? The taste is at stake!

  • How I used my prowess into smart food fixes!

who says i'm a bad cook

My food fix 1: Blackmail them to eat right

My little girl refuses her breakfast as she has to go to school at 6:30 A.M. and she finds it too early to eat. What I do is simply blackmail her to have a big bowl full of porridge which she seriously hates. So, I trap my princess by using her long hair to my rescue. I simply offer a deal to her that if she finishes her bowl of porridge then only I would plait her hair. And since my little one doesn’t want to be late for school, she gets blackmailed easily and gulps the whole porridge right away.

My food fix 2: Befool them with tempting packaging

My yet another trick or better say food fix is to befool my family by adding their favorite elements to their food so that they could forego the taste over aesthetics. So, I garnish that big bowl of health with my personalized toppings. Sometimes I write ‘I love you baby’ with strawberry puree on the porridge, use heart-shaped moulds to cut sandwiches and cutlets, cover a bowl full of salad with thick layer of cheese spread, and even mix whipped curd with chocolate sauce, and play many more such tricks as my food fixes to befool my kids.

My food fix 3: Quick fix solutions for cooking

Since my first priority is to make my kids ‘eat well and eat right’, I have to spend a lot of time running after them and to convince them for the food I serve. So, I need to cut the cooking time to save my energy. Here I apply my smart culinary tricks or better say food fixes. For that yummy ‘gajar ka halwa’, I save hours just by boiling whole carrots in milk, mashing and roasting them in ghee rather than grating and roasting raw carrots for hours. So, my quick-fix recipes are my saviors in the savour safari.

There are a 100’s of such cool-cookery-tricks I play every day and it’s not an easy task to accommodate them into a single blog post and I’m not an owl going to even try it. Who are the real big owls in this pretty story are my poor kids who have no choice than a sweet yet super-smart mom who can even dominate their taste buds in the name of health. No doubt, those little owls need to be rescued.

Tiny Owl AppBut, who says I’m a bad cook? Rather I’m a self-proclaimed “culinary queen” who proudly flaunts her fit and healthy family in front of the world just to prove her expertise. But beneath my heart, there is a woman who knows the truth that she can’t cook drool-worthy, but she can cook stories, plan futures and download, install apps to make things better.

So what if my kids call me a bad cook and I make owls of them, but there is an app called Tiny Owl that can turn my big bowl of health into a sumptuous one. It’s as simple as that—install, surf, select, pay and relish the sumptuous food you have ordered.

Tiny Owl App

After installing the Tiny Owl App, my life is sorted now! All I need to do is to pick up my location on the app and Tiny Owl will fetch and curate promising nearby food joints of my area. The food services can be refined by the best of both worlds with ‘restaurants’ and ‘dishes’. Apart from these, there is also a fabulous search option which gives the finest of results by optimizing the keywords entered.

Tiny Owl AppAnd this is not all; every offering has got all essential details such as price, estimated time of delivery, and the proximity of those deadlines. These can be sorted by ‘Min order’, ‘Delivery time’, and ‘Rating’ filters. Also, the star ratings by customers are a cherry on the cake for analysis.

Tiny Owl AppApart from placing orders, I have my personal account manager that keeps a track of my ‘Past Orders’ and current ‘Order Status’, keeps me up-to-date with ‘Notifications’ as well. It also shows my Tiny Owl profile where I can store my address and cards.

Some other benefits like my very own wallet which could store my ‘Tiny Owl Money’ along with the ‘Free Meals’ that I can easily earn as a referral bonus, make my experience on the app all the more pleasurable. So, no more tugs-of-war, no more bad cook tags, no more compromising on taste and no more time and food to waste! 🙂

Today my life is quite cool with Tiny Owl as now taste is not at stake at my place, but taste along with health is on the plate. Now my kids are happy (though I don’t treat them very often) and I’m the coolest mom of the town.

Thanks to Tiny Owl for filling my big bowl with taste along with health— the drool-worthy and sumptuous food in minimum possible time.

The [highlight]Tiny Owl [/highlight]Application is available on both Android & iOS. 🙂

  • Loved the post absolutely ! I love the fun ways you tempt your children and befool them to eat ! All the best for the contest ..This definitely is a winning entry 😀 !!1

    • Thank you so much dear. Glad that you liked the post. Means a lot. 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    I really enjoyed reading this post. The stories of food fix are so funny, especially the blackmailing one. he he 😀 My granny also blackmails me in this manner, that eat this and i will oil your hair. lol 😀
    The fooling with tempting packaging is also another great idea. I loved the way you’ve written the post, in such an entertaining manner. It was a sheer treat to read it. And the App looks really interesting.
    Wishing you all the very best and lots of love <3

    • Thanks Purba. Glad that you enjoyed the read. And yes, all the moms & grannys become same dominating when it comes to the kids’ food & health. I can very well associate with your granny’s concern. Well, no need to mention, how direly I seek for your comments ! It’s my pleasure you liked my post. Love you. 🙂

  • Pankaj

    Hi. What you can do just pack some delicious food and send it to me because I know you are not a ”bad cook”.

    • Well, for that you have to ask my kids. They will surely tell you what a pathetic cook I am. By the thanks for stopping by. Team TSS welcomes you here. Keep visiting. Your presence means a lot. Thanks. 🙂

  • Ha ha, I like the blackmail part. It is kinda nice that there are so many apps coming up. The tiny owl seems interesting, it will be more interesting to see how it compares with similar ones in the market like food panda which is quite well established. But it is really nice that there is competition brewing which means more offers for an end customer and better quality of service :).. Great news for businesses and customers alike 🙂

    • Thank you so much Vinay. Glad that you liked that part of the post. Your awareness and apprehension on Apps and competitive marketing is really impressive. Glad that you put on such efforts in your comments and share your knowledge with all. 🙂