Impact of Tooth sensitivity and its Cures

impact of tooth sensitivity

Gone are the days when tooth sensitivity was considered to be the problem associated with kids and elderly people. But today, the scenario has been changed and people of all groups are found being suffering with the problem, blame it to the impact of our poor diet, improper snacking or unhealthy lifestyles.

Tooth sensitivity is a complication that is beyond aching, decaying teeth due to cavity, plaque and tarter. Rather, it’s a condition where your teeth seem squeaky clean and healthy yet they trouble you a lot with some kind of reactivity and responsiveness towards superficial factors and conditions such as food and temperature.

Tooth sensitivity is a common occurrence these days with impact on people who are carefree about their diet and lifestyle. Ignorance towards oral hygiene, compulsive snacking and poor habits such as smoking and drinking are some of the vital reasons that cause tooth sensitivity among people. So, before we offer any suggestions, its better we find the impact of tooth sensitivity at the root level.

impact of tooth sensitivity

Food that cause Tooth Sensitivity!

  • Carbonated drinks— the most vital reason behind tooth sensitivity is the excessive usage of soft drinks (cola, lemon fizz, soda, etc) by people. These drinks contain high sugar level and carbon dioxide which result in enamel decay which is the biggest impact of tooth sensitivity on sensitive teeth.
  • Acidic food— citrus fruits, pickles, vinegar and other sour food have a common proneness towards enamel corrosion, thereby tending you to tooth sensitivity.
  • Excessive hot food and beverages— like tea, coffee, etc. turn create a hazardous impact on your teeth as they disturb the temperature level of your mouth and cause tooth sensitivity, the moment they come in contact with your teeth.
  • Similarly, cold food and beverages— like ice creams, chilled drinks, etc, equally take a toll on your teeth.
  • Sugar and sweets have drastic effect on teeth and lead to tooth sensitivity immediately after consumption.
  • Complex carbohydrates turn into acid if remained for longer in your mouth. This results in tooth sensitivity if your teeth are not brushed immediately.

Apart from all these food articles, tooth sensitivity creates a drastic impact from just about anywhere!

  • Extremely hot and cold temperatures
  • Ailing tooth because of cavities and plaque and tarter
  • Teeth treatments such as fillings, artificial whitening and shaping of the teeth
  • Wrong brushing— one of the main reasons of tooth sensitivity happens to be the wrong style of brushing. Normally people don’t pay heed towards their toothbrushes and toothpastes and unknowingly harm their teeth. If your tooth brush contains hard bristles and you brush your teeth for longer than necessary, it not only damages your enamel, but also causes ‘exposed root surfaces’ resulting in tooth sensitivity, no doubt.
  • Also, people with sleep disorders and excessive anger have a tendency to bite and grind their teeth during sleep or in anger and that results the same— tooth sensitivity. This nerve-ending process leads you towards shooting pain and your teeth become easily exposed developing a lower tolerance for varying food.

Last, but not the least, your toothpaste— which plays the vital-most role in your tooth sensitivity as it can either corrode your enamel if it is not properly suited for your sensitive teeth or else you can switch over to a suitable toothpaste that has the best impact on your teeth which is a perfect oral care for you. Made up of soothing and repairing ingredients, such toothpastes with great impact not only protect your enamel from further damages but also repair it and enhances a protective layer over your teeth, thus, the best ever available care for tooth sensitivity.

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  • Nice informative post about tooth sensitivity and the reasons for tooth decay Maitreni. One point i am surprised to know is that anger causes a similar damage to teeth like the foodies does. I learnt a new thing today, not to dream of the situations where am fully filled with anger :)). Nice post Maitreni 🙂 Happy Blogging.

    • Thank you so much Prasanna. I’m glad that you find the post informative. Your appreciation means much to TSS. Happy Blogging. 🙂 🙂