70th Independence Day Celebrations with Coolpad Mega Phone!

Independence Day Celebrations with Coolpad Mega Phone

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On this 15th August, we commemorated our 70th Independence Day, and it’s indeed the proudest moment for we, the Indians. I celebrated the day to the core with optimum zeal and fervor for many reasons. The first and foremost being it’s a remarkable day, as we have completed 7 decades of being free of all fears. But the second reason is also the similar, yet personal as, I have set myself free of all fears when it comes to my gadgets, especially of my phone. Today, I have inaugurated my new phone Coolpad Mega Phone which has given me freedom from many obstacles of my old phone.

The new wave of freedom for me is the newest budget Smartphone launched in the market recently named Coolpad Mega ‘Selfie Maker’.

Independence Day Celebrations the style symphony

Freedom from the shackles of my old phone!

Shackles! Oh! Shackles! Please set me free from this limitatious life! I want to roam free in my virtual world. I want a Dual-SIM phone which allows me to access both my numbers without any disturbances from one another. I want my varied personas, not to violate each other’s personal space.

IMG_20160815_200258 copy

And Ah! My wish is fulfilled by Coolpad Mega which endows me with all the features I wished into a Mega Selfie Phone. This is the IT device, fully feature-loaded with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Now I need not carry two separate phones for my requirements. And the cherry on the cake! I can even access two WhatsApp accounts in a single device. If I wish, I can manage my social media too, the very double way. Though, I hate doing that, but I think my personal Facebook and Twitter handles are getting too much exposure causing commotion. So, with Coolpad Mega Phone, I won’t mind creating another social media handle to stay connected with my family and close friends. 😛

Thanks to its unique Dual-SIM feature (hybrid slot), it allows me two 4G SIMs together if I wish. And how could I multi-task all these without its 1 GHz Quad core Mediatek MT6735P processor that comes with 3 GB of RAM? This power-packed feature ensures that the Coolpad Mega Phone runs smoothly with multiple applications open simultaneously. Indeed a multi-tasker and perfectionist unlike my old one, isn’t it? So with Coolpad Mega, I’ve got the freedom from the restrictions my previous phone implemented upon me.

Freedom from blurred and distorted images!

Coolpad Mega offers a walloping wide 5.5″ HD IPS Display so that I could flawlessly look into each intricate details of the pics I clicked. Also, 8 MP front cam satiates the cravings of those awe-strucking selfies of me which make me look no less than a diva. Till date, I was so proud of my selfies clicked with my old phone with a 5 MP front cam. But, Mega Selfie is something too much! 😀 A whopping 8 MP front cam after all, and I didn’t have a clue before? :-O What a steal deal! ^_^ Duh! I’m on cloud 8 posing like a super star! 😛

To celebrate the freedom from my old and shackled cell phone, I celebrated the 70th Independence day with my new Coolpad Mega, and clicking the décor with its 8 MP back cam is no less than a bliss. I have clicked many such beautiful pics from Delhi & NCR Malls in which you can find the grandeur of the occasion superbly captured my Coolpad Mega’s Shutterbug with optimum clarity and efficiency.

IMG_20160815_220147 copy


Freedom from running battery and memory!

Clicking pictures, talking with friends, updating social media the whole day and still your phone’s battery is working file? I’m I kidding? No I’m not! 😉 I did all the above and much more with my Coolpad Mega Selfie Phone so much that I got completely drained and exhausted. But my phone was breathing absolutely fine! Kudos to its 2500mAh battery capacity that delivers 8 hours of talk time or 150 hours of standby time!

And top of all that, I’m not in a hurry to transfer my stuff in another device like I used to do with my previous phone! I was restricted to a mere 16 GB earlier despite having an expensive iOS device. But, Coolpad Mega offers me an expandable memory of up to 32 GB to get me sorted for those extra-stuffs, I always put-on over my phone.

IMG_20160815_221232 copy

Freedom from unaesthetic, bulky phones!

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful from head to toe to create that everlasting impression? With your French-manicured tips and toes, couture clothes, designer bags, sky-high stilettos, well-made face and a perfectly groomed persona, who would like to carry a gigantic phone! It’s a strict No-No! Coolpad Mega phone is indeed a class-apart in terms of looks. It serves an Art D’nox to the aesthetic you! Curvaceous, flirtatious, elegance par-excellence is what you call Coolpad Mega.

So Symphonites, that’s how I celebrated my 70th Independence day with liberation from lack of functionality, freedom from frivolous cell phone issues and clenched a piece of new revolution in this competitive era of Smartphones. Coolpad Mega Selfie Maker Phone is indeed my retaliation from the sky-high priced cell phones that speak majesty but serve mockery! 🙂

You can register for the Coolpad Mega Phone [highlight]here[/highlight]!

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Nicely presented through lovely pics.

  • Looks like a cool device .Thanks for the review.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  • Cool pics. This phone seems to be too good. Congrats for the new phone.

  • seems to be a good device 🙂


  • The pics are too good. Happy clicking!

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Sounds like a great phone! Very well reviewed dear.
    Enjoy with your new phone 🙂