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Inveda Products: Dare to care the natural way! Part 1

Gone are the days when the secrets of great beauty resided in our kitchen shelves and developed by Granny’s handy hints. It’s the era of Ayurvedic products created out of quality natural ingredients and developed in the state of the art labs with optimum care. Inveda products belong to the same genre of natural cosmetics that are produced to suit the sensitive Indians skin.

inveda products

The day I received this Inveda products hamper, I was quite curious to know whether it works on me or not. However, my biggest concern was that their claim to be formulated naturally is genuine or not.

The Inveda products hamper contains,

  1. Inveda BB Cream
  2. Inveda Glow Face Pack
  3. Inveda Face Wash
  4. Vedic Line Lip Salve

1. Inveda BB Cream

Speaking aloud the brand’s ethos, Inveda BB cream claims to amalgamate Indian and Vedic elements into one. The saffron and mocha color tube topped with a gold cap looks quite vibrant and the content inside is equally rich.

inveda bb cream

Pros of Inveda BB Cream

Inveda BB cream has an SPF 20 that gives good coverage and sun protection. This 8-in-1 cream contains Magnolia and Almond essence that are considered to be soothing and enriching towards skin. Meant for all skin types, it spreads smoothly, blends well and leaves soft, smooth and flawless skin that is indeed lovable.

inveda bb cream

Cons of Inveda BB Cream

Despite all claims of the brand of using all the natural ingredients, I found a strong smell in Inveda BB cream which whispers the hidden secrets of chemicals being used in abundance. Also it claims to be Paraban-free so the shelf life of Inveda BB Cream is on stake.

inveda bb cream

Overall impact and results of Inveda BB Cream

In short, I’m quite satisfied with the results of Inveda BB Cream as it gives proper coverage with flawless looking skin with adequate sun protection. Though the chemical content is still questionable, my rating for Inveda BB Cream is 3.5 /5.

The 15 ml tube priced at Rs. 140/-, Inveda BB Cream is a good deal quite economic and worth buying.

inveda bb cream

2. Inveda Glow face pack

Inveda Glow face pack is the infusion of ayurvedic elements into a pot to bring that glow on your face. It’s a creamy white facepack which contains goodness of natural ingredients at its par. It speaks of clear, firm and taut skin with retained hydration with apricot and orange extracts along with humectant feature.

inveda glow face pack

Pros of Inveda Glow face pack

As per their claim, the Inveda beauty products are quite effective when it comes to the results. The same positive results I could find in this Inveda Glow face pack. It felt cool and relaxing while application and my skin looked hydrated and soft afterwards. It was up to my expectations as a result, I was left with a happy-go-lucky kinda skin.

inveda glow face pack

Cons of Inveda Glow face pack

Like other Inveda products, the biggest drawback of Inveda Glow face pack is its foul smell. When it comes to natural and Ayurvedic products, the first thing that comes to our mind is that organic smell. But Inveda glow face pack lacks in that fresh, fruity fragrance which neither reminds of almonds nor of oranges rather it smells as strong as chlorine bleach or ammonia. Also, I discovered that if applied over dry skin, it makes your skin even dryer. So, it’s advisable to apply it over wet skin.

inveda glow face pack

 Overall impact and results of Inveda Glow face pack

Despite all the foul chemical smell, I’m quite satisfied with the results of Inveda glow face pack as what’s more important in skin care is the final impact. After 10 regular applications, I’m not at all dissatisfied with the results. My skin looks fairer blemish-free and firm, so my final rating for Inveda Glow face pack is 3/5.

The 100 ml pot priced at Rs 250/-,  Inveda glow face pack is not at all pricey seeing its positive after-effects.

inveda products

Wait for the next series of Inveda products which contains reviews of the Inveda face wash and Vedic Line Lip Salve. 🙂

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