3 Simple Steps to investing in Luxury Dubai Properties

AYKON City DAMAC properties Dubai

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Dubai Real estate market got a huge popularity w.r.t. return and hence most of the expats has already started investing in Dubai to get good return out of their investments. Damac Properties is one of the leading real estate company in Dubai. They construct and offer luxury residential and commercial properties for sale in Dubai, UAE and other Gulf countries.

The famous projects by DAMAC include:

 – Akoya Oxygen

AKOYA Oxygen DAMAC properties

 – Akoya Imagine

AKOYA Imagine DAMAC properties Dubai

 – Aykon City

AYKON City DAMAC properties Dubai

The real estate market is a rewarding investment class, especially now that the industry is gearing for more growth. A property is especially valuable for building a diverse portfolio – one of the keys to wealth building – when you approach it with a long-term perspective. In the UAE today, the most attractive types of properties yielding the best returns include luxury units, high-rises, fashion condominiums, serviced villas, branded apartments and developments designed for retail and commercial use.

With all these impressive choices available, how do you know which one is the right one for you?

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind for investment in Dubai properties:

#1: Deal only with a trusted developer with a stellar track record

Your choice of developer can be the single most impactful factor that will determine the success (or failure) of your decision. When you’re looking into premium properties, go straight to a real estate company in the UAE that has a proven vision for luxury living, superior taste in building materials and a commitment to partnering with the finest employees, designers, architects and contractors. After all, luxury means no compromises.

#2: Zoom into the details

When you’re a high-end buyer, it’s expected that the features and amenities will be above standard. Does it have built-in laundry facilities or will cleaning and laundry services be provided? Is the gym within walking distance, or can you do yoga in a private, sunlit lounge? Is the closet space big enough? Part of the price you’re paying is to afford you a luxurious life so make sure to check all the details ensuring your daily comfort and productivity.

#3: Look beyond the address

They say location is important – more so when you’re interested in luxury living. In this case, you don’t settle for a property merely because it’s in a prime location. Remember that when buying a luxury home, you’re also buying into a lifestyle. So beyond the zip code, look into other elements of the location, such as who your neighbors are, what type of future developments are planned for the area and what the overall culture, vibe and scene in the district is like.

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  • Sunita Sharma

    The properties offered by Damac – apartments &
    villas for sale in Dubai
    are very lavish. Business tycoons and employees of higher ranks can only afford these I feel.
    The AYKON City is what I liked the most. The towers have flats and a very beautiful view.
    These homes can make anyone collect all their wealth and buy one flat to live in heaven every day.

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    good to know but i cant afford a single flat there probably in this birth.

  • Great guide made. Definitely useful to those who are thinking of investing there.

  • Very apt points, Maitreni

  • Thanks for the tips. Let me amass some loads of money before though…

  • Nice informative post.

  • Useful tips for buying properties….