Iraya neem-based skincare to keep you radiant this monsoon!

Iraya neem based skin care

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With the heavy monsoon pours, keeping our skin healthy is in itself a challenge and that too, when the damp and humid monsoon air begins to play havoc with our skin. [highlight]Iraya’s neem-based skincare[/highlight] range in conceptualized to brush off our skin woes during monsoon by leaving our skin much refreshed and radiant throughout. Neem, the key ingredient used by Iraya is also referred to as “plant with a promise”. This miraculous herb is meant to provide you optimum relief from irritable skin conditions thereby imparting a flawless complexion.

The neem-based skincare range of Iraya has wondrous effects on your skin leaving it fresh and dewy throughout monsoons.Iraya neem based skin care range

  • [highlight]Iraya’s Neembadi Lepa and Purifying Neem and Basil Scrubbing Shower gel[/highlight] is created to restore a healthy glow to your skin by balancing it with its detoxifying properties.
  • [highlight]Iraya’s Neem Salve[/highlight] withstands antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that will prevent your skin from common irritation symptoms during rains.
  • The [highlight]Neem Shampoo[/highlight] is another healing skincare agent from Iraya that fights off the itchy scalp and dandruff problems thereby leaving your hair as gorgeous as ever.
  • While, the [highlight]Purifying Neem Foot Soak Fizzy[/highlight] from Iraya freshen ups your tired feet by thoroughly cleaning the grime getting over it with all the muck around.

So beauties buck up, for its time to soak your skin in the monsoon fervor with Iraya’s fresh natural skincare! 🙂

Iraya offerings and claims!

  • Nimbadi Lepa (Neem Face Pack)   50 gm   Rs.345

For normal to oily skin • neem, balhirda, organic rice

  • Neem Kriya (Neem Salve)   50 gm   Rs.345

For skin infections • neem oil, neem leaf extract

  • Purifying Neem & Basil Scrubbing Shower Gel   250 ml   Rs.395

For oily skin • basil, neem, lemon leaves & walnut shell

  • Neem Shampoo  150 ml   Rs.345

Anti dandruff • neem, clarysage, frankincense & lime

  • Neem & Basil Soap   100 gm   Rs.175

TSS’s take on Iraya neem-based skincare

The Style Symphony is totally in love with the entire Iraya neem-based skincare range. However we would like to highlight 2 of the 4 awesome products we were given a choice to review. 🙂


Iraya Neem Shampoo

The Neem shampoo bottle from Iraya arrives with a nice pump dispenser. Moss green in color, it has a gel texture with a mild neem fragrance. Lathering decently, the neem shampoo cleanses the hair thoroughly and even gets rinsed off easily without leaving any residue. It not only aids in removing dandruff but also prevents from it further to a great extent. It also reduces the itchiness of the scalp and adds a good volume to the hair. However, the use of a conditioner is highly recommended after using this neem shampoo, as it might cause your hair slight drying. Enriched with the goodness of Neem along with various other useful ingredients, this packaging is extremely comfortable to use.

Iraya Neem ShampooIraya Neem Shampoo Iraya Neem Shampoo

Nimbadi Lepa (Neem Face Pack)

Different from what’s showcased in the picture, the Nimbadi Lepa Neem face pack does not come in the jar full but in a clear zipper bag. However, it’s not that smooth powder and instead slightly grainy. Thus, to form a fine paste out of it while mixing it with a liquid might seem a little tedious. The best part with it is that it has no added harmful chemicals and is just like Grandma’s kitchen remedy for a glowing skin.

Iraya neem face packIraya neem face pack IMG_5040 copy

About Iraya

iraya logoLaunched in 2006, Iraya is a beauty and wellness product brand by [highlight]Sadatan Pure Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd[/highlight]. It’s been over 20 years ever since Sadatan has been the manufacturer and exporter of beauty and wellness products in highly evolved beauty markets like France, Italy, Russia and the US. Founded by Rahul Kale, Iraya is the culmination of ancient Indian knowledge and advanced international expertise- perfect synergies for the modern day consumer.

Currently, IRAYA has turned the choicest beauty and wellness brand of renowned Hotel and Spas groups in India along with International markets as well. IRAYA Spa products have gained popularity on the verge of administering therapies in Spa as well as retail through exclusive Spas around the globe.


Iraya neem-based skincare is available at [highlight]Headmasters Salon, Oxford Bookstore, Religare,,,,,[/highlight], and several other retail locations across India.

  • Very correctly said Somali. That should be the prime focus when it comes to herbal products. 🙂 Thank you so much!

  • I prefer using Neem based products. I use Himalaya neem face wash…these Iraya products look good…nice review Maitreni… 🙂

    • Thank you so much Mani. 🙂 You must give this a try, I’m sure you’d love them! 🙂 Cheers!

  • I love natural cosmetics ! But i have never tried neem based products and Iraya looks like worth giving a try ! Good review dear!

    • Thank you so much dear. Indeed Iraya is worth a try. I’m sure you’d love their range! 🙂