The King, Pixie and their Modern Day Fairy Tale!

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The day pixie was born, the king felt like the proudest dad of the universe. ‘Twas a celebration time for both her paternal and maternal families as she was the first baby of her generation. Declared the princess of the kingdom, she had got all the pampering, patronage and possessions a princess could get and was the ‘apple of the eyes’ of her parents.

Unlike other princesses, she was not fully dependent on the menials but was given proper attendance, attention and existence by the king himself. All her impossible dreams and demands were fulfilled by the king in his most possible manner.

“Daddy, I want those midnight stars in my lap. NOW…!!!”

my dad, my king

And, the very next hour, the king himself bought the most glittering dress available in the town in the midnight blue hue.

my dad, my kingPrincess pixie was in the prettiest most pursuit of life, then one fine day, king left his kingdom for a voyage of seven seas. He bought various doll from different countries for his princess but when he returned back after seven months, he felt that his doll was outgrown for those little dolls.

Gradually, he started finding it difficult to please his princess as she was turning out to be a Cinderella every next day. Her dreams were different than those of him as she grew new wings to fly in the sky of her own imagination.

She said

“Wish my life could be that fairy tale,

Where there was a prince charming,

to protect me from those howling gales”

The king replied—

“Your life was, is and will always be a fairy tale

Where blessings of all showered upon you 

And all the goodness of life would always prevail.

C’oz my princess is meant to rule the world and live in pride.

So, keep all those ‘Princes Charming’ or ‘Frog Princes’ aside.”

Yes, she was grown up into a charismatic teen all beautiful, but a little imbecile! Rather than being a responsible scion, she chose to be a siren. The king left again for the voyage when pixie met the prince charming of her Cinderella dreams. He was tall, fair, handsome like a prince and wooed and lured her to his optimum efforts to her feet fit into his glass shoes.

Cupid came in Pixie’s life that very day and struck her heart with his love arrows. On that very fateful day, the king returned back and found Pixie with the boy. He was shocked as he knew that there was a dark-devil hiding behind his handsome face. The king tried to convince his princess that his glass shoes were made up of sheer blasphemy and the promises he uttered were mere treachery. But Cinderella couldn’t see the reality hidden underneath the mist of her fairy tale dreams.

The blood boiled king then made Cinderella turn into Rapunzel, dragged her by her long thick braid towards the solitary tower, locked her into confinement and chopped her newly grown wings. Rapunzel cried and cried for years for her prince charming but he never returned back.

On that fateful day when she was singing her sweet song of sixpence while reminiscing her prince, she heard him giggling with joy, playing malicious and mischievous games with multitude of maidens. A shocked and shattered Pixie inhaled the entire negativity in the air and lost herself in the traumatic darkness.

Hidden behind those grey clouds of disgust and disrespect, she had lost all the gloss and glare of life as she was broken trust. She was a modern day Cinderella who was though, not an orphan yet orphaned herself by her choice. She lost the love for her family and traveled towards those loony isles of darkness with no hopes left.

Fairy Godmother was the silent spectator of this interlude throughout those years of agony and dismay. Though she tried to her best efforts to build the bridge between the king and the princess, but she remained mum ([highlight]pun intended[/highlight]) as she was the one who was affected the most out of this conflict. She consoled Pixie and told her to express her pain.

Pixie said—

“Thee gave me those wings to fly,

Then crushed them beneath feet thy.”

Mum said—

“Thy wings are meant to fly,

I’ll add flair to them till the day I die.

Fairy God mother then approached the king and said—

“The sun rises and sets,

A lamp lightens and fades,

Moments arise and die

 Year begins and ends

But life always sustains…

Let the light of life shine over sobs

And our spirit survive against all odds

Raise your hand towards hers,

And help her to set free of all tortures.”

The king then realized his fault and initiated towards bringing out his daughter from her guilt and traumas.

He said to Pixie—

“Brimming with nostalgia and reminiscing the priceless moments spent with you,

You are the one who makes me lively no matter how harsh I am with you.

My life kick-starts with and ends upon you,

My heart beats for and my eyes seek for only you.”

Her tearsome eyes started twinkling like a kid,

Dad’s princess was all set to pay heed.

She apologized for all her dares,

And thanked God for her unanswered prayers.

King said—

“When the sun is harsh upon you, I’ll turn into a tree.

When your path is dark, I’ll light it up with a glee.

I’ll be your strength, when you’ll face the world with a dare.

I’ll become your wings, when you’ll explore the world with a flair.”

Then, started a new modern day fairy-tale

Where there was no prince charming,

But happiness was there to prevail.

Daddy’s doll got her smile back without any clutter,

And they lived happily ever after! 😀

Pixie and King

This modern day fairy tale of a dad and daughter depicts the generation gap between the father-daughter duo in current social scenario where, despite all conflicts, a father’s love wins ultimately.

You hid your sufferings behind your grin,

And smiled always through thick and thin!

I love you Dad, Happy Father’s day! 🙂

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