Kose Meet: How Indiblogger made it an event par excellence!

kose meet

It was an evening full of fun, frolic, & food along with dance, dhamal, & discussions and loads of serious things. That evening at [highlight]Hyatt Regency, Delhi[/highlight], renowned Japanese cosmetic brand Kose launched their complete skincare range, Spawake in India. Without much Hullabaloo but with loads of amusement and some significant skin-akin sessions, Indiblogger brought numerous fashion and lifestyle bloggers under one roof for that one-of-a-kind experience.

kose meet

  1. The beginning of an evening with a difference and Kose!

Kose meet started with a hi-tea followed by an ice-breaking session where Team The Style Symphony caught the limelight the first. We introduced ourselves as the youngest blog among the Veterans being just 6 months old and Maitreni belonging to the young brigade of fashionistas present there. No. 1 was indeed lucky as Kose Meet being the first Indiblogger meet in Delhi and for The Style Symphony, too, it was the very first experience. We were the first to be introduced and Maitreni even chose No. 1 (her Birthdate) in the ice-breaker game. And Viola! She got fortunate to be awarded among just 3 lucky bloggers.

kose meet

kose meet

  1. The interaction session at the Kose meet!

After the introduction, host, the jovial [highlight]Johnson, Anoop[/highlight], announced a 15 minutes break for the bloggers to interact and collect personal stuff from each other for reminiscence. Flanked by the fellow bloggers, the attention and appreciation we received, was mesmerizing. ‘Twas a blushing moment when we were complimented as the most glamorous family of the indiblogger and those selfies with fellas are worth cherishing.

kose meet

  1. The real show of the Kose Meet!

The new wave of skincare range was introduced then by Mr. Takashi Nomura, Director and CEO, Kose Corporation India. He stated “[highlight]KOSÉ has always stood up for ‘Wisdom and Beauty for people and the earth’ and the decision to enter India is just an extension of that philosophy. We are extremely delighted in having the opportunity to bring spa like indulgence at home. Spawake is an expression of KOSÉ commitment to bring sea deep beauty to every Indian woman and we look forward to receiving tremendous response.[/highlight]”

kose meet

He praised the beauty of Indian women and advised us to follow the skincare regime tried and tested by Japanese woman for their flawless, near perfect skin, which is according to him, incorporated in Spawake along with the dominant ingredient, sea minerals.

  1. Aditi Rao Hyadri, the brand ambassador of Kose!

She came, she shone and she sprinkled her spark. The beautiful Bollywood star was the star attraction of the show as the brand ambassador of the newly launched show, Spawake by Kose. Dressed on a pastel sequined gown, she perfectly complimented the theme of the event that was sea and aqua. She shared her beauty secrets with us and very diplomatically avoided the questions of those bloggers who wanted her real beauty secrets. How she gave credits to kitchen ingredients and Granny’s tips for her flawless skin was really smart.

kose meet

She even vouched to stay true towards ‘Spawake’ and shown her trust for sea minerals, the key component of Spawake. Everyone wanted a selfie with Aditi, but seeing the crowd, it was impossible. But the bloggers were given a chance to share the stage with her and be clicked along with the Kose Team. Thanks to fellow blogger, [highlight]Gaurab Mukherjee[/highlight] and the Indi camera Team for those priceless snapshots.

kose meet

  1. The dance performance at the Kose meet

As the theme of the entire show was sea and aqua, even the dance performance was based on it. It was a sheer visual delight to see the sea-waves quiver over the stage and everyone was spellbound.

  1. The feel-good factor of the food at Kose meet

It was a complete culinary delight! The array of mouth-watering platters was worth drooling but we were full as the hi-tea was itself satisfying for the little eaters of TSS. So, the bon appetites ended just on deserts. Those vanilla cream sizzlers along with our very own desi kulfis, and we were done.

kose meet

  1. A box full of awakening for your senses with Spa experience and Kose!

Last but not the least, the biggest surprise for the bloggers was a box full of complete skincare range from Kose. It was the whole skincare regime range of Spawake which contains:-

Spawake Fairness miracle

1. Spawake Fairness Gel Cream
2. Spawake Moisturising Fairness Cream for Day
3. Spawake Moisturising Fairness Cream for Night
4. Spawake Moisturising Cold Cream

Spawake Facewash delight

1. Spawake Whitening Scrub face Wash
2. Spawake Moisturising Face Wash
3. Spawake Moisturising Deep Purity Mask

kose meet spawake

Along with a pendrive, hand mirror and face towel nicely packed in a wooden gift box. It’s a sheer bliss as the range has already started casting it’s spell on our skin and is really worth appreciation. Especially, the day cream with SPF 25 works wonders with its complete sun protection and the results are really visible.

kose meet spawake

It was the end of a beautiful evening from where an enriching story began— the story of a new beginning. It’s an experience of the emergence of a woman from the lap of luxury— that’s a pot full of sea-minerals, ‘Spawake’. Kudos to convener [highlight]Karthik[/highlight] for organizing the event so very well and thanks to Kose and Indiblogger for that wonderful evening par excellence!

  • Wonderful post. You have covered all the aspects of the meet really well. I missed out on the selfies and the food 😛 The collage of selfies is really amazing. 🙂

    PS – It is after years I am using Disqus to comment 😉

    • Thank you so much Gaurab. Means a lot when it comes from you! 🙂 Cheers!

  • The Avinash Mishra

    It seems you enjoyed a lot. Great going Maitreni. (Y) Happy for you. Keep this zeal up. You are always the best fashion blogger. Hard work always pays off. I see DA & PA have also improved. Keep working. :’)

    Happy Blogging
    Happy Sharing


    • Thanks Avinash. Coming from you after long. Stay in touch. Cheers! Happy Blogging! 🙂