KYLIS: A class at your personal space!!!

kylis by hindware

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[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ike a man is known by the shoes he wears, a woman, by her well kempt hands and feet, a house is appreciated by its clean, hygienic and aesthetically done washrooms. A washroom is that corner of one’s house where one spends a though little time, yet it needs to be classy and tasteful like other parts of the house to be well complimented and to suit one’s aesthetic sensibility.

For me, my washroom is the most important place to discover my true self as whenever I need that ‘Me-Time’ amidst all the chaos and anarchy of life and family, I know where I have to head towards. If I have to cry alone, write my heart out, read the morning newspaper or sing the songs of my soul, my washroom is the only place I rush over. So, it needs to be well-furnished and aesthetically done with exuberant interiors and ostentatious fittings to add that extra-dose of luxury to my ‘Me-time’.

While searching for that optimum class, sophistication and grandeur for my home, where I landed upon is ‘Hindware’—a perfect place to endow your luxury homes with all the more luxurious fittings. Hindware is a brand name in India which amalgamates luxury with innovation in their products. Recently, they have come up with their new range of sanitary-ware called Kylis.

Kylis Sanitary-ware – a class apart! 

Kylis is the portrayal of class which is specially created for the people who have a keen eye for beauty, quality and exclusivity. The all new Kylis range speaks ‘The Mark of Quality with a Spark of Design’ launched recently by the top-notch sanitary-ware brands in India, Hindware and inaugurated by none other than the brand ambassador Shahrukh Khan.

kylis by hindware

Kylis range claims to quench the thirst of a quality conscious Indian who never wants to compromise when it comes to class. This exclusive sanitary-ware range is an amalgamation of illustrious looks and outstanding quality with elegant cut and gleaming finish. It is that edgy fashion for your bathroom which makes you stand apart from the mass and help you adapt sheer class. Kylis range is that everlasting impression which you would surely like to imprint on the mind of your social circuit.

Right from those chrome-finished faucets which are from virgin-brass for that regal touch to your washroom to those breathtakingly beauteous ceramic washbasins to those wall-mounted closets conceived in geometric designs with a neat and minimalistic approach and a thousand more options— you can find your best bathroom solutions with Kylis.

So Symphonites, it’s time to stand out from the crowd with that very choice you make. After all, it’s all about being classy and convenient, that too, without compromising on quality and value ad that is, adapting Kylis for your home— a home where you find your ‘Me-time’ like The Style Symphony.

  • Thank for sharing Kylis with symphonites Maitreni 🙂 Definitely will try this.

  • OMG! Stylish fittings! Thank you for showing.

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    Thanks for letting us know about Kylis.
    A well written article dear 🙂