A Rejuvenating holiday to Leonia Holistic Destinations, Hyderabad

Leonia Resort holiday

Life gets mundane no matter how hard you try to make it fascinating, if you practice all work and no play. But it was my life and I believed in work, work and work only as I was not used to enjoy holidays then. All I felt holidaying was a waste of time and that resulted in a complete void in my mind as well as in my life. So, I planned a rejuvenating vacation to bring back that avidity to my run-of-the-mill life. It was my first ever wellness journey which I planned without kids to restore my physical, mental and spiritual parity. And, Leonia Holistic Destinations, Hyderabad was indeed the best place for that perfect equilibrium of my body, mind and soul.

We (my husband and me) boarded our flight from Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Airport, Patna to Indira Gandhi International Airport, T3, Delhi and from there we flew to Hyderabad. The journey was quite hectic as we got delayed at about 2 hours in Delhi because of bad weathers.

Delhi Airportairport

I simply hate waiting at Airports as it seems endless. Thank God, my sister-in-law, a senior air hostess with Air India was there to make us at home and that prosaic time turned poetic with her presence. She helped us in boarding and even managed our Y-class tickets upgraded into J-class ones (that’s the benefit of having an air hostess in your family). The journey then on wards had become a memorable one, thanks to Air India Airlines for that great hosting and finger-licking food. That 2 hr 10 min journey from Delhi to Hyderabad is still fresh in my mind. By the time we reached Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad, it was 10 p.m.

Air India flight

Leonia people had sent a pick-up at the airport. It was a radio cab with a driver, quite a chatter-box. He started giving all the info about the roadways and even the buildings. I asked him, “Are you a part-time guide by the way?” My husband stopped him by telling that it was not the first time we had visited Hyderabad. An hour long drive and the grand Leonia Resort was all there to welcome us with its wide open arms spread across multi-acres of land.

Leonia Resort, HyderabadLeonia Resort, Hyderabad

Green, lush and lavish— that was Leonia, an experience par grandeur, I never ever had in my life! Since we arrived quite late, so the kitchen and dinner room were closed, yet the manager somehow arranged dinner for us along with room service. A delicious platter full of delectable Hyderabadi Biryani (vegetarian of course) was carried by a boy who promised me to help in exploring the whole resort next day with ease.

Leonia Resort, HyderabadLeonia resort jungle

Those 3 days at Leonia were no less than discovering paradise. That place is quite far from the main Hyderabad city and placed amidst natural habitat. Standing proud between the greens of jungles and the blues of fresh water— that’s the Leonia, as if the Lion king is roaring and proclaiming his royalty amongst God’s own vicinity. In fact, you can find effigies of lions all around the resort. While roaming there, I found quite a many such lion-statuettes and missed my leon daughters a lot (they behave like fearless lionesses at home 😛 ).

Leonia Resort holiday

We stayed at ‘Leo Lagoon Bay’, one of their exclusive Villa style resorts, which was though quite expensive to my husband’s pocket, still it was not a luxury suit. There were 3 well-maintained pools in asymmetrical design, just before my balcony, tempting me with their crystal clear serene blue color. But, I was reluctant to leave the room. It was so cozy after all and I got my ‘Me’ time after so long without kids and husband (he had left the room for his seminar in Leobiz, the convention hall).

Leonia Resort holiday

And the doorbell rang— Mr. cute boy, the room service was at the door to my rescue. He reminded me that I had to explore a lot of unrevealed extravaganza in such a short span of time. And he was so right! They run open cars throughout the resort for our service, we can pick anyone, anywhere at any point of time for free and that’s why the resort was accessible for a lazy person like me who complains for a leg-pain even while walking a few steps. There was a theatre which ran 3 movie shows everyday (again free service) but sadly there was a Telegu film showing over there, that day which seemed like Spanish to me (I don’t know Spanish though).

Leonia Resort holiday

The most beautiful thing about Leonia is their rejuvenating spa experience—  Leo Juventa. Though I don’t like having spa and beauty indulgences as I find them waste of time and money, yet I couldn’t resist a foot spa (after all it was for free). They even insisted me, a nail buff and French Manicure which was really wow. Food was par excellence and so was their banquet hall.

Leonia Resort, Hyderabad

But, the gala dinner we had to attend was organized in open. The host for the evening was my husband’s boss Mr. Atley Bergshaw from Norway. There was a live laser-show specially arranged for the guests, followed by a dance-performance by a troop from the show India’s Got Talent. I still regret not clicking pictures of the dinner served there. Mughlai, South-Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental, Thai, you name it, and everything was there– beyond lip-smacking or better say, simply soul-savoring.

Leonia Resort holidayLeonia Resort, Hyderabadstage performance

To concise a fulfilling experience in a mere blog post seems a herculean task for me. In short, it was an Ideal Yatra which not only rejuvenated my soul but also endowed me with an experience worth cherishing for a lifetime. The 3-days wellness journey extended to a local shopping spree of pearl jewellery and ended up in a bus ride towards the airport.

bus ride Hyderabad

While returning from Rajiv Gandhi International airport, Hyderabad to Indira Gandhi International airport, Delhi, we boarded to Indigo Airlines and I luckily got a window seat too. Way back home, I collected experiences, restored peace and calm; explored, celebrated, relaxed, rejuvenated and discovered the true me. All set with physical, mental and spiritual balance to face the 2 Leons (daughters) and a Scorpion (husband) at home. Yet the poor crab (Cancerian, me) still craves for calm. 😛 😀