Talking Love.. Life.. Pets.. Bollywood & Beyond with Jacqueline Fernandez

Interviewee:  Jacqueline Fernandez
Interviewed by: Aneesha Biag
Dated: 22nd Feb 2017
Location Courtesy : Olive resto bar, Bandra

So there are days when you spend your afternoon studying.. watching Television.. movies.. and then there are days when you are shooting for one with someone with whom one often associates terms such as ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Elegant’ or ‘Beautiful’!!..
But post you meet her in person you come out of that experience much more mesmerized than you thought you would end up being, and eventually you end up using adjectives like ‘goofy’, ‘bubbly’ or ‘giggly’!!

So we are at the shoot of NDTV Spotlight where the ever welcoming team led by Aneesha Baig is in action setting up the camera’s and checking sound and just then amidst bright sun-rays peeking through the trees arrives our guest for the day.. Miss Universe Sri Lanka Ms. Jacqueline Fernandez!!

I may try to romantisize her arrival with intelligent phrases but as soon as she came, she made it a point to greet all of us thus breaking the bubble of being one of the most famous contemporary actress’s, she became just like one of us!

The interview started and as expected she was giggles all over..  trust me the combination of Beauty and Goofiness is one of the most cherished combinations to have! She talked about her journey into Bollywood and how it was comparatively easier for her to land her first role but difficult sustaining a career in the film industry. She also talked about her family in Bahrain and in Sri Lanka where her aunts and uncles reside along with her 50 pets! Yes, you heard it right.. Cats Dogs Rabbits .. Turtles.. you name it and she has it as a pet! Off camera she also shared one anecdote with us where she seemed to have found a Rat which she found very cute and had got it home.. and how it became a matter of pride for her cats not to stay with him..but eventually all sorted the Rat stayed in Jacqueline’s dollhouse!

Jacqueline Fernandez with team ndtv spotlight

Talking about various aspects of the film industry from an outsiders perspective she said that you have to always be on your toes here! Learn new things.. embrace new hobbies and keep growing as an individual!.. But whilst saying something as straightforward as that she maintained her goofiness and kept everyone in splits!

Over coffee and cookies the conversation continued..

While it was declared before she arrived that no proposals should go her way a couple of boys managed wooing her with gifts.. she was very gracious and you could see the genuine happiness on receiving something as simple as a couple of roses.. she also declared that flowers were the best way to woo her to the amazement of the guy who was blushing in public view!
Later on when she was asked about her alleged link-up with Siddharth Malhotra she first turned around to that guy who had just proposed her with the flowers and said “Dude .. no this is all rubbish .. I am single.. you don’t worry!..” and everyone was in splits..

Jacqueline Fernandez with team ndtv spotlight

She is currently shooting for Reload which is supposed to be a sequel to Bang Bang for which she had something very “special and exclusive” to show us through her mobile phone.. It was a pole dance sequence which she had just shot for.. although she requested us not to shoot it.. but trust me her moves in the sequence just had us asking for more!!.. lets just say if you liked her dancing bit in ‘Jumme ki raat’ song from Kick, then you are going to love this pole dancing bit!

Jacqueline Fernandez signatureThe interview came to an end .. and she distributed the cookies to us which she had been doing in at interim intervals during the interview as well.. these we devoured upon! Now it was the time for group photoes, selfies and Autograph’s ..  I gave the selfies a miss this time but I just went upto her and asked her if she could use her ‘Chitiyaan Kalaiyan’ to sign an autograph for me over the Poster that I had.. she smiled and obliged with ‘Love Jacqueline J ‘ . I thanked her for being soo very real with her attitude and we bid adieu to the gorgeous Jacqueline!

Though this time I couldn’t ask a question to her(probably because I was overtly mesmerized by her and didn’t want to diverge my concentrate towards asking questions) but her goofiness won me over.. Although she denied when Aneesha ma’am asked if she was dating Siddharth.. I couldn’t help but notice the change in her body language which told otherwise.. Still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that shes single!
Coz ..who knows one day.. (height of optimism I know!.. but you know what I mean right! 😉 )

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