How life becomes worthwhile with UC Cricket!

In his theory of evolution, Charles Darwin has proved that “in the struggle for a man’s existence, one who survives is the fittest of them all.” Every household has those survival issues and the person who rules in the family is the one who is the smartest and strongest of them all.

In my family too, there was a struggle for existence when it used to come to win over the idiot-box! When I was a kid, there was a big box kept in the living room which was though the common property of all, but used to become the personal one for the man of the house when there was the cricket season.

cricket obsession

Impact of Dad’s cricket obsession…

Yes! Dad was the winner in that struggle to get the remote because he was the owner of that T.V. ad there were lots of mishaps occurring in the house. He had no work, no office, no commitment for the day when there was a cricket match being telecasted. He even used to forget the family as he was too fascinated towards cricket.

Years have passed and all of us have grown up except him as he’s still a kid when it comes to cricket. He simply sits on the couch, watches cricket the whole day and spills food there only without even thinking of the wastage of time. His boss’s calls are avoided, daily chores are denied, we the kids are neglected and mom is kept deprived of watching her tear-filled daily soaps and not-so-real reality shows.

Dad keeps himself captivated in the cage called cricket and the entire world is left at stake. He seriously needs a revolution so that he could stay connected to his first love cricket without even having to sacrifice any of his responsibilities and commitments towards his work.

Convenience redefined with UC Cricket…

Have been using UC Browser for quite some time and recently I heard about one of its features, UC Cricket, a kind space dedicated for all cricket fanatics like my Dad. I am sure to introduce him with this super-smart attribute of his smarter than the smartest Smartphone that shall finally connect him to the match no matter where he is.

He can now[highlight] Surf it All, Surf it Fast with UC Browser[/highlight], such a quick and easy-to-use interface with seamless transitions. Now he can be on-the-move all-the-way on-the-go with just about a pocket-friendly platform where his crazy cricket quest is satiated in the sole reach of his finger tips.

Be it, on his way to office, during a theatre intermission, after a break from meetings or even in those family get together and functions, live updates on the match can jazz him up anytime anywhere. Thanks to UC Cricket. And voila! The happy family is fully contented as no Dad’s work is neglected and Mom is indeed happy throwing her tear-dipped tissues in front of her big enough 3D HD LED T.V. 😛

  • Hmm…Cricket really does that to some people doesn’t it?!

    Your writing is very entertaining. I enjoyed every bit of it, Maitreni. 🙂

    • Very true that dear! And thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the read! 🙂 🙂

  • Beautifully written, Maitreni. It kept me smiling through out reading from Darwin to Dad not grown. Loved your style. 🙂

    • Aww…How beautifully you defined the post in one sentence.. honestly I keep waiting for your valuable comments… even those comments have something worthy to learn apart from your soulful posts. Cheers 🙂