~ Life’s A Rainbow ~


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I was living in gloom until the day I found a giant rainbow and got enlightened with that vivacious aura of the Almighty! Life turned into sheer bliss and I tuned into that symphony! 🙂


I found a giant rainbow, 


Beyond the imagination, above the reality,

Riding on the chariot of dimmed sun,

With the 7 white horses of wet clouds 

In the overcast sky, I encountered blissful fun.


I found a giant rainbow, 


Below the zenith, above the horizon 

Where earth and sky eventually meet

Absolutely ecstatic was that vision

‘Twas truly an aesthetic visual treat.


I found a giant rainbow, 


The rainbow’s seven soft hues proceeded,

Towards the ultimate salvation of my soul

I gazed with wonder at its splendor

Exploring those vivid hues was my firm goal.


I found a giant rainbow, 


There were vibrant hues of promises,

There was sheen of a bright future ahead.

Full of pleasure in the reach of my dreams,

There was no room for those tears to shed.


I found a giant rainbow,


Beyond its luminescent hues, 

There was a vision for tomorrow

It lifted up my spirits, giving me 

Free verse and free wings like a sparrow

And made me vanish away all my sorrows!


I found a giant rainbow,


The magnificent spectrum bestowed a glow upon me

That enlightened my mind and illuminated my soul

It signaled a new life and beauty all around me,

With the Almighty’s impetuous dimensions and roles!


I found a giant rainbow,


After the portrayal of its magical tint,

I touched the brush of sublime emotions 

With sheer innocence but without any hint,

I painted my pristine canvas of imagination. 


I found a giant rainbow,


Vigor and Valiance, it aroused

In ignited minds of the youth of today.

With determination to serve for the country

We saw the array of its aura portrayed.


I found a giant rainbow,


It brought God’s promise to me in clear views

An embodiment of love after the flood had gone

It scattered shades of true realism on a virtual canvas

To express my concealed emotions in the light of the dawn.


I found a giant rainbow,


A rainbow that healed me and blessed me

It improvised in heaven, my Lord’s divine face

His rainbow of love, care and compassion,

Colored me with its utmost grace.


I found a giant rainbow,


Oh! My Dear Lord! Let your colors

Gaze again at me and glow

Your hallow remains in my prayers

When you make your warm sunshine flow!


I found a giant rainbow,


It’s Violet – the color of good judgement,

Helped me attain my spiritual fulfillment

Violet symbolizes that magic and mystery, 

That turned my simplicity into royalty!


I found a giant rainbow,


Indigo leaded me towards wisdom and self restrain

Its mystical qualities spell wisdom and sincerity 

It endowed me with control and self realization

With Indigo, I imbibed the power of humanity!


I found a giant rainbow,


Its color of truth and moderation,

Calming and soothing, was the cool blue

Color of the ocean, sleep and twilight 

In sky as well, one could see the true hue! 


I found a giant rainbow,


Green, the color of symmetry and harmony,

Its sheen facilitated growth and learning

I recognized it in the fertile nature and Mother Earth.

It bestowed me with dignity for my own well being.


I found a giant rainbow,


Yellow radiated the strength of knowledge.

Being the lightest hue of the spectrum,

Full of creative and intellectual energy

It offered me joy, hope, happiness and fun!


I found a giant rainbow,


It’s color of thoughtfulness and sincerity,

Portrayed vitality with optimism and endurance!

It stimulated immense enthusiasm and creativity.

My communication skills were spelled by Orange.


I found a giant rainbow,


The warmest of all colors in the sky,

Red symbolized immense love and passion. 

It signaled a pioneering spirit into me, 

Positively channelizing all my ambitions! 


I found a giant rainbow,

That day God displayed His colorful cargo

By spreading His gold over my meadow

Holding my arch in His palette

Until the giant rainbow was painted

He stood on His own curved beautifully solo,

With colors I found so beautiful to swallow!


                                                                                                — Sangeeta

  • Jayanthi Parthasarathy

    this must have taken quite some time to write….so many paras with so many layers of meaning……a pleasure to read

  • Beautiful use of words! 🙂 It has me looking out for a possible chance for a rainbow 😀

    • Thank you so much Teny. It’s my pleasure being appreciated by you. 🙂

  • You are truly a magician of words, Sangeeta Ji. Adjectives fall short for it. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Ravish. Your appreciation means a lot. 🙂

  • and how I love rainbows… 🙂
    beautiful composition Sangeetaji 🙂

  • A poem as colourful as the rainbow. Nice composition Sangeeta.

    • Thank you so much Somali. It’s my pleasure being appreciated by you. 🙂

  • Indrani

    Very sweet composition.

  • Purba Chakraborty

    “The rainbows seven soft hues proceeded…towards the ultimate salvation of my soul.”
    This line summarize the entire poem! Such a blissful and serene read. I especially loved the way the characteristics of every color is described. Really, God has painted this world with such lovely hues. We need to open our heart and soul to God’s creation to understand and value the gift of life.
    I loved this poem so much. In fact, it is more than a poem. It’s like a song of colors…the colors of life. You never fail to amaze me, Sangeeta Ma’am 🙂

    • Ah ! And how could I resist myself not being addicted to your appreciation Purba. Your comments make me literally go awe and flattered, as I think every time “Look who has praised me ! The magician of words herself”. I’m humbled. Thanks Baby ! 🙂