5 Tips to Perfect your Makeup Routine If you have Dry Skin


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Dry skin is a bummer. No kidding. It lands us in such irritable situations that there were times when we were tempted to dump a litre of some facial oil directly on our faces. And yes, those times when we wistfully looked at those well-hydrated skins of other girls and felt unreasonably jealous. And then when it comes to makeup, gah, due to the skin being as dry as a barren land, it looks all cakey and really ugly, but then, we’re here to provide you with the makeup routine you need to follow so the makeup won’t look hideous like it always did!

  1. Prep your skin

Okay, most of us skip this step. But somehow, owing to the lazy inner goddess, we don’t think it’s that necessary but just think, how would anything work out without a proper basic lining? A proper foundation? So yeah, before you even start applying any makeup, prep your skin. And what is the first step in the process? Exfoliation. Scrub all the dead cells that make your skin look extra dry and dull. This will smooth your skin down and will help your makeup glide smoothly.


  1. Moisturize

People with dry skin can go days without food but without moisturizer, nope. No way, the skin gets extremely dry and becomes scaly. And when you buy one, make sure it is rich, cream or oil based. And use the moisturizer right after the shower, as it helps better absorption and helps the skin in retaining the moisture. Another pro tip, use facial oils. Nope, they won’t make your skin look greasy. One or two drops is enough, and they help in making your skin look well hydrated. You can also use serums, at night preferably, for better results and you have a whole range of moisturizing  products from various brands, and you can get them for a lower price online by using Nykaa offers and discounts! Pamper your skin now.


  1. Choose the right foundation

Right, addressing the main issue, this is where the makeup looks like we’re in Tim Burton’s movie! The foundation looks all cakey and patchy, and that’s just the most embarrassing thing in the world! And don’t curse the foundation, the poor thing did nothing wrong. It’s just not the right one for you. Choose one that’s cream based or oil based. And do not, I repeat, do not under any circumstances, use the matte foundation. They will just make your skin look even more drier and even more cakey. Specially at the area near nose and eyebrows tend to get scaly and cakey so beware!

  1. Pay attention to Lipsticks and Blushes

Again, the same formula applies here too. Don’t go for matte, as they will just dry and before even you go for the application of lipsticks, first take care of your lips too. The skin has pores that produce oil and yet your skin dries, and imagine about lips, where there is no oil secreting glands to hydrate and moisturize them. Therefore, treat them with utmost care. Use hydrating lip balms, exfoliate them properly, and take proper care of them! Now, the concern about creamy lipsticks is they don’t stay for long. Here is a pro trip, after the application of lipstick, place a tissue over lips and dust some setting powder on it! Ta da.


  1. Don’t ignore the eye makeup

And the skin around eyes, are devoid of the oil producing glands too. Hence, the skin there is so sensitive. And the eye makeup we use, mascara, eyeliner and kohl, keep track of their expiry date, because bacteria grows a lot in the damp and moist atmosphere. And apply serums that will help you smooth out and hydrate the area near your eyes. And the most important of all, remove the makeup before you go to sleep!


Last but not the least. Have a proper diet. Eat veggies, berries, tomatoes and other fruits and drink loads of water. Along with the external care, taking care of your body inside out is highly important too. Use homemade face packs and lotions, herbal beauty tips, use sunscreen and scarves and hats, treat your skin like a baby and you’ll be good to go!

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