#MaxFreshMove to Tame the Medusa Mane towards Fame!


‘Twas neither morning nor evening, neither day nor night, neither dawn nor dusk, as there couldn’t be any. For it was a place beyond time-zone and above gravity! She was getting absolutely bored and extremely jaded. After a tiresome hour of juggling and struggling with her hair, she got fed up of as she couldn’t manage them well.

It was neither her fault nor it was a bad hair day but the atmosphere was culpable. Aah! No no… I can’t blame even the atmosphere as there wasn’t any! Yes, it was space and Sunita was trying to detangle her hair in that little corner of the spacecraft which was even more congested than a starlet’s vanity.

She was getting ready for her first ramp walk (oops! Space walk 😛 ) and wanted to look like a ‘suave astronaut’ and not like a uncanny pop-star. But, all her efforts with numerous lotions and potions, oils and serums went in vain as no hair brush was meant to tame Sunita’s medusa mane there at space.

Quite perturbed, she tried to get in contact with Nasa but failed in her efforts. Rolling in the spacecraft, an agitated Sunita screamed—“I need a [highlight]#MaxFreshMove[/highlight]”. But, her urge couldn’t get transmitted to the scientists of NASA as space shuttle ‘Discovery’ had some serious technical broadcasting issues. So, she used her spiritual powers and tried to connect someone on earth through telepathy to broadcast her message.


And guess what, whom she got connected with? Our very own Rajni Sir! Yes! Her tele-pathetic (oops! Telepathic) message was received by the high frequency transformers of ‘Chitti’, the robot and broadcasted over both Bollywood ad Tollywood. The message was as follows—

“The pride of our nation— our very own Sunita and her not-so-lustrous locks seriously need to be energized. Any aide with high voltage energy and drama can apply. All you need to do is to board the space shuttle and add some #MaxFreshMove to a dull and bored Sunita.

There came a thousands of applications but Rajni Sir got settled over no less than the ’bests of both the worlds’ each.

From [highlight]Tollywood Tamasha[/highlight], it was Allu Arjun for his deadly dance moves!

From [highlight]Bollywood Brouhaha[/highlight], it was Aushka Manchanda for her volcanic voice!

Both of them boarded the space shuttle named ABCD2 and moved towards space. Sunita was eating her samosas (brought from home) as like us she too used to bump towards binging on junk in her boredom. Suddenly, space-shuttle [highlight]ABCD2[/highlight] collided with ‘[highlight]Discovery[/highlight]’ and both the spacecrafts got connected. And then began the real fun! 😀

With the magical voice of Anushka along with the sensational moves of Arjun, the entire atmosphere was filled with freshness and variety (oops! Again I forgot that there wasn’t any atmosphere 😉 ). Sunita started shaking her legs, though she was not able to because of the lack of gravity. ‘Discovery’ got its fuel and Sunita her spice (which even her samosas couldn’t provide)! 😛


Enjoying Anushka’s and Allu Arjun’s performance, Sunita was speechless. [You know why? Because they were performing on ‘[highlight]Bezubaan Fir Se[/highlight]’ 😉 ] She forgot to tame her Medusa mane as even Anushka’s locks were more weird than that of hers. Then, there came the podcast from Rajni Sir— “Don’t worry Sunita, this is the very-in-hair-trend. Even I sport the same”. The whole world is following your hairstyle only! Spiky, Fizzy or Messy— these hair trends are reigning the fashion circuit just because of you.”


And, Sunita was sorted! Her mundane life was filled with music and masti, dance and dhamal. She was energized with her #MaxFreshMove and was ramp-ready for her next spacewalk with new zeal and vigor. Allu and Anushka got back to their space-shuttle ABCD2 to make India fresh with some nouveau music and dance with loads of novelty.

PS: This blog post is purely a work of fiction and is NOT at all intended to hurt anyone’s emotions. All the characters are created are fictional just to entertain our readers. We, at The Style Symphony duly respect our astronauts as well as film-stars. 

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