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If style is timeless then men style surely speaks up classic appeal to that unfading fad of fashion. In fact it’s only men style that has survived against the transience of trends or else its women’s fashion that changes with every single blow of breeze. We have seen Al Pachino and Pierce Brosnan wearing the similar tuxedos Leonardo Dicaprio wears today; and facsimiles of Devanand’s killer black suits adding oomph to Shahrukh Khan even today. Does this style quotient makes men style monotonous? No ways! You can sport latest trends in fashion without having to compromise on in-vogue trends.

When we talk about men style the first thing that comes to our mind after clothing is a watch. Though men, today, love to be accessorized, yet conventionally and classically— “Watches are the only jewellery men can wear, unless you are Mr. T”— Gordon Bethune. A watch adds that optimum dose of class and chutzpah to a man’s look and let him stand ahead of time while keeping in time.

The Style Symphony here guides all the men readers out there about the do’s and don’ts of how to sport right clothing according to occasion and what kind of watches to be adorned with that particular look. And the brand we’ll talk about today is Blackberrys, one of the leading men’s fashion brands that have shown their expertise in neatly textured and well-tailored outfits for men. Blackberrys have come up with in-trend fashion hacks for the new age man who loves to wear classic trends with a contemporary edge. Today, we are going to help you find your perfect pieces of trousers, shirts, jackets, suits, etc. along with ideas on how to compliment them with a well-coordinated watch to bring out the suave you.

Men Style: Perky Party Wear

Tuxedos have always been the perfect choice for a man with a keen eye for class. Tuxedos are more vintage yet voguish than a normal suit, so perfect for a cocktail evening or an office/corporate party. The satin or silk lapels on a tuxedo enhance a man’s grace and charisma and adds adequate dose of glam to the complete outfit. So, choosing a perfect watch for a tuxedo is indeed a daunting task. Any casual watch won’t go right with it. You should carefully pick a classic, either in a two-toned finish or with a ceramic chain bracelet watch with Swiss movements will do the justice. Since tuxedos have a neat and classy appeal about them, so be assured to avoid garish elements or the over-do of gold or steel. The finish should be matte or muted instead of a shiny one. If you love flaunting your globality, go for a chrono meter watch in either chrome finish or in dull-silver finish or a two-tone of both. A black ceramic bracelet watch would also be a good choice for the party men style.

perky party wear men style

Men Style: Fabulous Formal Wear

Well-tailored slim-fit trousers, neatly stitched, snug-fit shirts, black leather oxford shoes, snake-skin belts, everything seems quintessential for the new man on-the-go. But if he misses the exemplary time-piece, his charm definitely gets trivialized. Opt for a nice-leather belt watch in black, brown or tan with stainless steel finish Swiss movement watch. Watches with subtle two-toned finish bracelets with intricate gold hints are also apt for a formal office look or a brunch. Avoid those excessively chunky or gigantic dials as they boast clumsiness at workplace. Be subtle, sophisticated and classy! Avoid gold, it’s a strict No-No!

fabulous formals men style

Men Style: Chic Casual Wear

While choosing for your casual wear, you’ll find varied options in Blackberrys men’s wear collection. There are numerous choices in T-shirts, shirts, jackets, jeans, sweat-shirts, etc, in the range and you can find your freedom of choice there. Similarly, the choices for watches for casual wear are innumerable. Play with the variety of the materials of belts and bracelets like leather, raisin, PU, synthetic, ceramic, steel or even gold (though I personally don’t like gold watches for men). Do experiment with dials and sizes too but try to be chic and smart and avoid over-rated styles and excessively jarring elements. Keep it chic, stylish but understated.

chic casuals men style

So, go guys! Pick your favorite style on Myntra in men’s wear and watch section and sport style the very Style Symphony way! 🙂

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  • The thing I like best about this blog is that it accords equal respect to men’s fashion as women’s without discriminating.

    Its worth appreciating that a fashion blog of repute, authored by a female blogger , treats men’s fashion with such sincerity and professionalism.


    • Hehe, that’s indeed a good compliment. I guess, it’s because a woman can dictate style-statements on a man better than himself. May be that’s the reason behind our ‘Men’s Style post fetching us maximum visitors.

      Your appreciation is always a treat Saketji. Make me feel grateful. Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Great tips.:)
    Sriram & Krithiga

  • vidya
  • sunita

    How boring for men na? no variety…formals mean black trousers..:)But you have really made a statement with this post!

    • Thank you so much Sunita. Glad that you liked this. Who can dictate better style statements than a woman does for a man. 😉

  • Great tips. Watch adds to one’s personality, especially when matched to the attire.

    • Thank you so much Mr. Kishor. Rightly said! Watches add to one’s persona, apart from the functionality. 🙂