Monsoons made Magical with Manners Magnificent!

monsoon mania

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Monsoons are come! And like every other girl, it revamps the mood of romance in me too. When it drizzles on my face, my spirits are simply rejuvenated and drenches my body, mind and soul. 🙂


Here’s a walk through the ways in which monsoons can be lived up to the core!

  •  When it’s raining outside then you have ample time to stir up an extra special treat. You can bake yourself up a whole bunch of treats or  sweets to munch on while you read. The blissful ambiance with that very fresh breeze of air peps up your cravings for those delicacies even more!
  • Monsoons are the kindest of the seasons to simply cuddle up with your teddy-bear in a snuggly warm blanket. Or, step out and play with your pet, relive your childhood and make the most of your monsoons. Remember, when it comes to relishing those limitless rain, age bounds no bar too.
  • Rain songs and rain dances, stuff you cannot resist during monsoons! Shake along the beats of your favorite rainy number and you are good to go! This can turn out to be quite a healthy way not only to make your body stay fit and fine but also a sound mind with optimum wellness of the soul.
  • Monsoons do carve one of the perfect opportunities to play the creator. You can be prepared by spending a rainy day creating homemade crafts. Then you can tuck your completed projects away till the special day comes around when you will give them away. Crafts are indeed a great way to play on a rainy day and the best leisure time to make the most out of your creative instincts.
  • You could read a whole lot of really good books. Cook books or intriguing novel are great to read during monsoons. Fix yourself a drink or a snack so you won’t have to get up later. Then snuggle into the choicest corner of your house and get reading. You can have an entire afternoon to just delve into that oh so wonderful land of imagination. This is your day!
  • Monsoon give the best chance to challenge as well as stimulate your minds. Sudoku, scrabble, wonder-cubes, etc. could be a wonderful treat! You can even research something that has been tickling your mind for a while. Monsoons could turn out to be great for solving riddles, playing with puzzles, testing theories, or researching concepts.
  • You can go online, visit your local library, or dig up one of your old research books to shuffle through. Just dive into all that information to discover the answer to the little curiosity that has been tickling the back of your mind. Monsoons are really amazing days to discover something new and it usually just takes a little research to do that but at the end, the fruit is innovation and exploration which is the ultimate bliss.
  • And how about beginning a daily journal or diary? Who knows probably one day the stuff that you write out now will wind up being a published book tomorrow! You could never analyze until you pen-down your thoughts now. Be it, your current happenings throughout the day or just about how you feel about things around you, some of the best books out there are about how people feel.


Here’s a glimpse of the monsoon mania I have dived into! 😉

monsoon mania iPhone 6 pics2 copy

Happy Monsoons! 🌂

  • Monsoon reminds me of a nice song “barsaat ka mausam hai, tanhai ka aalam hai, mein ghar se nikal aaya’ I too love monsoons. Nice tips Maitreni.

    • Indeed, a lovely song Sir. And thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it. 🙂 Cheers!

  • strangely enough , I love to go out in Monsoon Maitreni 🙂 All your tips are effective and fun ..its a good use of leisure hours …

    • Thank you so much Kokila 🙂 Monsoons are indeed the best to make the most of leisure hours!

  • Purba Chakraborty

    I love monsoons so much and I loved this post. Great to see you enjoying in the rain!
    Happy Monsoons, Maitreni 🙂

    • Glad to have you on board Purba. I love monsoons too.. thank you so much dear 🙂

  • Thanks a ton dear :*

  • I love monsoons and I love you… and have missed you awfully… happy to be back and landing on your blog first thing <3

    • Awww…. so did I miss you damn! But I’m so happy you’re back with a bang! :* Love you lots Archana <3

  • How about a cup of tea or coffee along with your favorite book?

  • I first get wet in rain. Then take proper bath. After that, with sip of coffee, watch it from my balcony. 🙂

  • Nice to see you enjoy rains! 🙂

  • Monsoon season is indeed the time for creativity 🙂
    Btw, is that the dog you were talking about earlier? 😀

    • True that Teny 🙂 Well yup! that’s my she German-Shepherd Bambie ^_^

      • She surely knows how to make an entry into a video 😉