Mortal Women: Immortal Jewellery with PNG Boutique


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Precious glittering nuggets

Throwing a glow of light,

Nay a care about their value,

But stirring in a woman’s deep emotions

About possessing it!

A woman’s love for jewellery is unparalleled. No matter what clothes she wears, she hardly could resist the temptation of wearing a fabulous jewel to her adornment. If all that glitters is real, it becomes all time favorite of a woman. And if that jewellery piece is an exquisitely crafted masterpiece which comes with optimum purity, it becomes more than a precious piece for a woman— that’s real possession.

A timeless pendant set studded with 3 Carat VVS diamonds in 18 Carat gold.

Like all other women, I am no exception. I am a die-hard jewelista who loves timeless and classic pieces to the core. I possess an extensive collection of jewellery in which some exquisite designs in diamonds are from my family heirloom.

These diamond studs and pendant are quite old classics yet contemporary which could be passed on to my generations to come. Crafted with perfection in 18 K gold in floral/constellation design, this pendant set adorns VVS1 quality diamonds which exhale sheer brilliance and would be in-vogue always despite changing trends.

If a jewellery lover like me doesn’t talk about Kundan, she’ll feel as if she is kept uncommunicative. And I can’t be mum when it comes to kundan polki jewellery. This gorgeous pair of genuine kundan polki chandelier earrings is crafted in 24 Carat gold, studded with real polkis (uncut diamonds), amethysts and hessonites. These are my prized possessions, about 100 years old and belong to my family heirloom. Why these earrings are so precious to me is because they have passed through three generations of my family and make me feel the blessings of my ancestors when I adorn them, and am sure I would pass them to my generations to come.

23 Carat gold authentic timeless kundan earrings with genuine polkis, amethysts and hessonites
A timeless solitaire ring studded with 0.50 VVS1 diamond.

But, as ‘A woman can never have too much of jewellery’, the jewelista in me never gets satisfied and I very well know where my thirst for fine precious jewellery could be quenched. PNG BOUTIQUE is a place where every woman can get a piece of jewellery which could suit her class and taste and would be passed to her upcoming generations as family heirloom. PNG BOUTIQUE is a step ahead of PNG Jewellers which caters the needs of a modern woman who is traditional in her taste with contemporary sensibility.

Recently, they have launched their newest collection in diamond jewellery— ‘Timeless by Madhuri Dixit’ at JW Marriott, Pune on 26th Feb, 2016. The timeless diva Madhuri, herself inaugurated the store, where some exquisite designs in diamond with traditional kundan polki jewellery were showcased. Studded with flawless diamonds, high quality polkis, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and more, this enthralling collection is crafted with platinum and gold of optimum quality.


So Symphonites, if you’re a hard-core jewellery lover like me, do not forget to visit the PNG BOUTIQUE as they claim to elevate class and quality in jewellery craftsmanship a level ahead what PNG Jewellers are serving since years. It’s not just a normal jewellery store but a celebration of the rare, the exquisite and the finest pieces that never fail to stand out in a world of shine and glitter.

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