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Music happens to be an art form that transcends language.”— Herbie Hancock rightly said.

Unlike other forms of art, music has no rules. It flows from one soul to the other and engrosses the whole universe in it. All the rules, limits and boundaries become frail in front of music. Music is an ethereal art yet it is a science but despite all, manmade myths fail when it comes to music.

Music the style symphony

Today, The Style Symphony explores how a bunch of original artists defied clichés and stereotypes on the Indian and international music scene.

Myth: Women playback singers stay in the shadows!


Who smashed it? SUNIDHI CHAUHAN

How? Married at 18 to Choreographer Bobby Khan, Sunidhi got divorced at 19 when she realized that they “wanted different things from life”. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she got back to work with a vengeance. The power house singer went from studio to studio, recording almost non-stop and frequently travelling out of the city for shows.

Did it work? Sunidhi’s throaty numbers and action packed concerts have changed the way female playback singers are perceived to act and sound.

Myth: Rockstars are scruffy, slashed-jeans, sporting, drug-trotting delusionals!  


Who smashed it? U2

How? The band comprising vocalists Bono, guitarist-keyboardist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen Jr., have mocked the excesses of rock ‘n’ roll with their squeaky clean image, clothes and songs since their debut in the mid ‘70s. What’s more, they relentlessly raise millions from their tours for human rights and social justice issues.

Did it work? Hell yeah! The inseparable U2 isn’t called ‘the best band in the world’ for nothing.

Myth: Singers are born not made!


Who smashed it? FARHAN AKHTAR

How? The director, who gave us the fully fun Dil Chahta Hai and remade Don has been playing the guitar and singing along for the past 18 years. When Rock On!! Director Abhishek Kapoor approached him for the role of the lead singer of fictional band ‘Magik’, he insisted Farhan should sing for it. So, after taking exercises under the guidance of singer-composer Shankar Mahadevan, Farhan entered the recording studio.

Did it work? His sound tracks’ success is proof of the husky-voiced director’s singing talent.

Myth: White guys can’t rap!


Who smashed it? EMINEM

How? A troubled childhood and poverty did not keep Eminem aka Marshall Mathers from becoming the first white artist to become truly successful in the rap world. His popularity continued to grow, despite protests over his crazy off-stage antics and controversial lyrics.

Did it work? Eminem has won Grammy Awards for the continuous 4 years. He has released 5 multi-platinum albums in a row, affirming that his brand is rhythmic, angry rapping remains unchallenged.

Myth: Rock needs a high cool quotient!


Who smashed it? BAPPI LAHIRI

How? The uncrowned king of Bollywood disco single-handedly popularized the genre in ‘80s Mithun-starers, all the while flaunting his dozen gold chains and unabashedly loud sense of fashion.

Did it work? The adorable music composer not only carved a niche with his unique look and international brand of music, he even made bling fashionable much before the hip-hop invasion.

Myth: Rockstars are playboys!


Who smashed it? JON BON JOVI

How? You never read stories about this good-looking singer and actor having a mistress or another family across town. He doesn’t have any regard for ‘that kind of lifestyle’, says the man devoted to his wife and family.

Did it work? While relationships imploded around him, Jon Bon Jovi’s marriage to high school sweetheart Dorothea Hurley has lasted for about 28 years till date and they have 4 children.

Myth: Three per studio is a crowd!


Who smashed it? SHANKAR-EHSAN-LOY

How? In an industry where fall-outs and temper, tantrums are the norm when more than two heads come together, this trio remains tight. They attribute it to ‘distance’ and strong individual lives that run parallel to the team.

Did it work? Egoistic industrywallahs could learn a thing or two from them. The three talented musicians use their diverse backgrounds to advantage in the music they make.


The Style Symphony salutes the spirit of these music maestros for their offbeat trendsetting ways of creating music as well as living life while breaking manmade music myths.

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  • Purba Chakraborty

    I am huge fan of Eminem. Lovely post dear. Enjoyed reading about these wonderful people 🙂

  • music comes from the hearts it has no rules , nice informative post

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  • Kala Ravi

    This was smashing! Amazing,how well you have analyzed the types and examples for each rule breaker! Loved the post!

  • Thanks for the informative post. Inspiring indeed! 🙂

  • Ranjana Shankar

    Each example you have quoted is perfect for breaking the rule.

  • Very true! Music is something that comes naturally and sees no boundaries. There are singers and musicians who, if we met in other circumstances, won’t even seem like one. Kailash Kher, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Jagjeet Singh, Usha Uthup, more addditions to your list.

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  • bushra

    WOW! I loved how breaking the myths part went. Very inspiring post dearie! 😀 I totally aspire to be as successful as Farhan Akhtar ^_^

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